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Descent pt 3 - Hidden Enemy

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Posted 06 September 2017 - 09:50 AM

Gunman Airsoft present a new modern combat weekend…

24hr Milsim - ‘Descent’ pt3 ‘Hidden Enemy’.
November 11-12 2017
The MAW (Midlands Airsoft Wargames)
£65 for the weekend - FULL PAYMENT ONLY
Payment link www.gunmanairsoft.co.uk
This event will be capped at 50 players, 25 a side and be fully immersive for the whole 24 hrs. HQs will be closed for 6 hours during the night but operations will continue.

Bookings are now open.

November 12th 2016 
0500hrs – power across the entire UK is disrupted emergency investigation shows that all of the UK’s power grid has been victim to a state sponsored cyber attack. The UK has gone dark, other than any civil or military installations that have their own power source.

0516hrs – All the major mobile networks and Wifi and zeroed across the UK.

0530hrs – Hundreds of unidentified ships land on the East coast of Anglia.

0537hrs – More unidentified ships land on the West coast of Liverpool. Southport and Blackpool.

0600hrs – All UK and US air support is tangled up in immediate dogfights when scrambled and AA missile systems set up on the ground have made a web of death around many of the airfields. The fog of war is making it very difficult to mobilize the UK military and street-to-street firefights are now commonplace across most major cities. The armed Police have been utterly overwhelmed and are unable to retaliate in any sizeable number.

0700hrs – Paratroopers and helicopters have touched down after being launched from fleets off the North coast of Scotland. Agents have also stunned the British Navy with a virus that has corrupted their software and made the hardware reboot on a loop.

0710hrs – The UK has been paralyzed in just over 2hrs with over a 100,000 unknown troops landed and more are landing with every minute. Europe is unreachable, falling victim to strategic missile attacks on major military installations. At this time the UK has no idea if a ground war has begun.

0727hrs — It is rumored that the troops appearing across the UK have been seen with Russian flags.

0750hrs – The UK Military finally get over the initial shock and begins organizing itself through its Bowman communications and Skynet 5 is not operational at this time. It is officially announced that the UK has been invaded by Russia.

This story takes us away from the first two installments set in Epping Forest relocates the story to an abandoned and disused military asset just outside Melton Mowbray in the midlands. This UK forces area has become a main link to other resistance cells dotted all over the region and if discovered will be a vital target for the Russian units operating in the area as the resistance is very organized.

Two days ago a small Russian recce team came across the compound by chance and observed a number civilian vehicles entering the area riding low and then leaving clearly lighter. At this point the Russians have no idea what is being moved there but its been decided the area is now a priority target and forces are moving in. Caution is however paramount, as the enemy is very cunning and own their own soil.

The rest of the game info will be in small private chat areas on the gunman forum. When you have bought your ticket you will be given the URL and password to get in.

Russian troops will operate from a major FOB and it will be out of game.
Red force is made up of units in Gorka VDV and EMR conscripts.

UK troops will operate from a fixed HQ and have a number of CPs in the field.
Blue force is made up of 2 UK troops MTP or MULTICAM only! And Civilian unit – Civilian clothing or any DPM version. NO MERCS PLEASE. 

This kit guide MUST be adhered too. If you turn up looking like a Blackwater PMC or an Afgan Warfighter, you will not be allowed to take the field.

Facilities on site
Please bring all your water with you.

We use porta loos onsite and they are for SITTING only. Anyone caught standing and peeing all over the loo seats will be handed cleaning stuff!!!!!!

Ticket price is £65. To secure your place we ask for the non-refundable payment of £65 to be paid. 

On the gate ticket price will be the full ticket price + £20 hopefully this will give guys an incentive to pay up early. 

Prices for events will always differ depending on location and the type of event so make sure you have read the booking information before sending any money.

All tickets and deposits paid are NON-REFUNDABLE but you can sell the tickets on to recuperate your ticket. Full details of the new ticket owner must be sent to sales@gunmanairsoft.co.uk along with the name of the event and any other important booking information.

All pre-booking and payments should be made via the ticket URL.
Please state the events and side and unit you would like to join. This will all be done on a first come first served basis.

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    Mr Gunman

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Posted 03 November 2017 - 08:56 AM

Arrival at Descent.


You can arrive any time after 2pm on Friday but no later than 8am Saturday morning.


We kick off at 10am and finish 10am Sunday morning.


They will be an area for camping out of game as well as in game.

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