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Dead forest Mission Brief

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Posted 24 January 2018 - 11:23 AM

Mission Brief.

Both sides will be battling over key locations (Tunnel entrances) and attempting to control the surrounding area.  These will be in the form of flagged objectives and a stop clocks.


For the NATO troops, this means an opening has been created and NATO forces can attempt to escape the trap via the controlled service tunnels. Every hour a tunnel entrance is controlled by NATO a battalion can be evacuated.  400-1000 troops.


For Warpac, the control of these tunnels means the continued arrival of fresh troops (regen) into the region and a larger group of NATO surrounded and captured by the end of the day. 


All the tunnels will start in the control of Warpac. 


Mission Brief – NATO Objectives.


·      Open up and exploits holes in the Warpac lines to create confusion and space for other units to control Tunnel entrances.

·      Take control of Tunnel systems for as long as you can hold them.  This will be a cumulative time and all the stop clocks will be added up at the end of the Saturday operation to calculate the amount of troops saved from the trap.

·      Use land and trip mines to slow down the advance of Warpac.


Mission Brief – WARPAC Objectives


·      Keep control of the Entrance tunnels.

·      Look for NATO Officers and capture them (this will be done via an orange Armband rather targeting a single person) for each one captured will have an effect on Sunday’s operations. They just need to be escorted to a Warpac controlled Tunnel of HQ.

·      Keep paths and roads clear of Mines as this will slow down the re-enforcements and could damage the very high morale of the troops.


Both sides will have a fully operational HQ that cannot be attacked or surrounded.  We have chosen Viking and Wild West so both are close to the car park and toilets, both can have power and this will also give us more site to play rather than loosing 20 acres to HQs in the field.  The track between the two will be closed off and unusable by both sides.



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