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1990s - The Hacku San Mountains

03 October 2018 - 10:24 AM

FilmSim events is proud to present...

Deltas of Suhud.  1990s

The Hacku San Mountain

December 22-23 2018

Gunman Eversley, Hampshire

£65 for the weekend, only 30 players and 20 free CREW.

All bookings MUST be done on the website: http://www.gunmanair...ltas-hacku-san/


October 16th1992.

Location: The Suhudian mountain range of the Hacku San on the Israeli Suhud border in the Zunglola regions eastern bulge.


With military action now taking place between Suhud and the NATO forces of the UK and US, military targets are being located and tagged by covert recon units and the intelligence agencies.  There is still no concrete proof that the Suhad Dictator, General Waqqas has WMD’s (weapons of mass destruction) however the rescue of the Pro Government regimes leader and anti Waqqas freedom fighter, Ali Waddi, has confirmed that the Suhud oil being bought by a conglomerate arm, linked to the Russian government is not just exchanging money.  This two-way relationship also includes weapons, military hardware and training.  


NATO command has no choice but to take notice of this new intelligence and has put together a team from units used in earlier recon operations. These units are from both the UK and the US forces and have in field experience of the Suhudian culture.  


The highest point of Suhud is in a large stretch of mountains called the Hacku San mountain range on the eatern border with Israel.  Situated in a huge bulge, the mountains have peaks over 6000ft in some places but also have a number of huge plateaus dotted around it. Some are open and flat, others are richly covered in forests.  It’s the concern of NATO command that this remote plateaus could be used to conceal long-range missile systems.  The mountains are impassable from Israel and stretch across the entire bulge.  Only one road, the Eastbound highway 1, that runs from the Suez into Israel through Suhud and past its capitol of Carrack links Suhud to Israel.  No surprise, this potion of the road has been closed since the independence of Suhud in 1964 and is one of the most highly secured roads in the world.  


The two units of UK and US will be dropped via helicopter into their drop locations and have 12 hours to get into the mountains, gather Intel and get out again.  This is a black ops.


WELCOME to FilmSim…

Welcome to FilmSim events and Gunman Airsoft’s 1990s series of airsoft experiences. Rather than choose a historical setting, we have chosen to make up a country in the Middle East and will introduce many others as we go. To give the game a small pedigree, we have chosen a few real world things of the 1990s to help bring our fictional country to life. This is an airsoft game using equipment and period looking kit of the 1990s without it being factual.



30 x NATO – any Arid/desert period clothing from any NATO country. However, we don’t want 1 or 2 guys in the same clothing, better to have at least a small unit of 4 or more. 

Mixed green and desert or all desert/Arid only! No pure green.

Weapons - NATO issue only (NO AK)


20 CREW PLACES – FREE role play roles to help bring the game together.

x Suhudian Army – OG top and bottom or soviet Flora BDU uniform. All must be complete top and bottom matching, no mixed OG and Camo. 

Webbing, OG or Black.

AK variants only.

Suhud tribesmen - Anti NATO. Arab clothing, any pre 1980s weapons.




Arrival Friday night for a social.

Saturday – 08.00am registration.

09.30am Briefings and out.  This game will end 27 hours later at 1300hrs, 1pm Sunday.



We will have a huge pile of FREE loan uniforms and period correct rifles available for £20 for the weekend. A small shop will be provided too.


Tickets are nonrefundable but you can sell them on if you can’t make the game.

Red Mist 27 Booking list

03 October 2018 - 09:16 AM

Hi guys, as you money comes in, you will get added to the list.






Brit - Union Rifles

Jake Brown

james Caddy

Gareth Rhys-Thomas

Nicholas Ronin

Alex Doughterty 

Ben Manicom 

Andy Manicom




Andy Tough

Andy Ewan

Nick Lloyd




Ali Bennett

Josh Fodaen

Sam Taylor

Laurence Dougherty

Robert ashman

Neil Sinclair D

Callum Wilsom

Chris Stevenson





2ic. Matt Buckley

Callum Thomas

Marley Shaman

Andrew Crowley

Daniel Cheetham

Callum Thomas

George Chapman

Matt Munro-dodds

Pepe Ellis-Diaz

Domonic Purcell-Davies

Daniel Bradley

Daniel Bradley +1

Lee Covell

Ryan Scales


Soviet - Motor rifles/VDV mixed

Pete Dunn

Jacob West

Bradley Oak

William Stone

Matt Buckley

Alex Beletskiy 1DAY

William Godfrey

Anthony Rooney

Theodore A-M

Red Mist 27 ' Operation Yellow Bear '

03 October 2018 - 09:02 AM

FilmSim events is proud to present...

RED MIST 27 ‘Operation Yellow Bear’

November 9-11 2018

Gunman Eversley, Hampshire

£65 for the weekend or £35 for the day or £85 on the gate

All bookings MUST be done through the www.gunmanairsoft.co.ukwebsite.


Red Mist 27 – ‘Operation Yellow Bear’


Location: The beaches of Anzio, Italy


Its 1984 and world war three rages across the globs.  So far no nuclear weapons have been deployed but a number of nerve agent chemical weapons have been and to deadly affect.  The Communist might has grown and with the new treaty between the Communist parties of the USSR and China the red army has been given its desperately need bolster from the East.  Across most of Europe, communist parties have rises up and either challenged the lawful democratic government or take up arms and begun their own coups. One suck country is Italy.  A large number of German DDR and USSR VDV have moved across the Adriatic sea from Yugoslavia and been adding the Italian Communist party, the Partito Comunista Italiano, or PCI to seize control of Rome from the Christian Democracy party, whose near loss of the 1983 elections gave the PCI its foothold and just under majority.


NATO command has been watching the Italian situation after Italy was unable to produce its NATO pledges after the 1993 elections.

Since early January, a counterforce has being trained and prepared for a mass amphibious landing of mainland Italy.  Both NATO and the Soviet air forces have been unable to get control of the sky’s over Europe and both have taken huge casualties in pilots and airsoft. Neither can provide aggressive air support at this time.


Units of British and American infantry, lead in by UK commandoes will begin landing at the Anzio beach on 2ndMarch 1984.  With the plan to land over 40,000 soldiers a day for 2 weeks, the mission is to mobilise over half a million troops and push deep into Italy and secure Rome and the countries Lawful government.  The Italian armies position is unknown and seems to be undecided at this time.


Operation Yellow Bear had begun, route out the stinging wasps in the countries sweet spots and seize all vital utilities so the government can rally its people and retake control of this member of NATO.  Right now, NATO needs all its allies producing assets for the war machine against the communist wave sweeping across its members.



Hi all and welcome to the next incredible and awesome Cold War story, set in our fictional WW3 Cold War setting.

If this is your first RED MIST, welcome to the FilmSIm experience. FilmSim is all about the story and how people react to situations in game. Its very role-play and the action (using airsoft) is normally fast and furious. We will be using the full FilmSim rules and 300 rounds loaded in mags.


To all the regular players, a huge thanks for your continued support of these games and we need your help to continue to grown the Cold War scene.


Bookings are now open! part payment deposits are non refundable but can be sold on if you cant make it. Please ONLY pay the deposit, not the full amount.


For pics of our epic events check out www.wyvernlarp.com


To grab a ticket just head over to www.gunmanairsoft.co.uk


The sides.

NATO – US and UK uniforms from Infantry.

Warpac – DDR and Soviet VDV

June 2018 Black Ops mission brief

13 June 2018 - 01:34 PM



ARVN and US overall operation.

Saigon is on the verge of collapsing.  If the CIA have any chance of getting the US military to ‘get their hands dirty’ they need to find proof and evidence that the North has mobilized and is a serious threat to US interests in South Vietnam.  At this time the CIA have claimed the PAVN has mobilized from 176000 troops to over 300000 and are being equipped by soviet and Chinese weapons dealers.  They have not provided any evidence at this time.


Black Ops – Leave no man behind.

To find and destroy 5 rebel camps, gather intel and any evidence they find and get it to an extraction point.  

Possible via air or riverboat.


Its believed the camps are being used to train and equip a new kind of soldier in the form of a massive civilian army.  Highly trained, organized and can blend into the rest of the population.  More evidence of this also needs to be found.


ARVN are in direct control by their Commanding Officer (Co)

US Green Beret are in support and will be operating as a single unit under the Co.  Both Co have a job to do.

Both this units are tasked with the preporations and ecacutions of these ‘training camps’ Any Intel found MUST be handed over to the CIA Recon team.


CIA Recon.  A small team of Recon specialists have been deployed to observe and get photographic evidence and gather intel packages to send back to CIA HQ.


The Australian SAS have been in-country for years now observing and gathering most of the intelligence the CIA have presented. They are looking for high value targets ‘HVT’ to kill.  They are also looking for evidence of Tunnel systems they believe are being dug out and used to move troops.  


PAVN and VC trainees 

PAVN command have been tasked with recruiting, training and deploying 200000 new troops by the end of 1964.  At this time theuy have of 1000 training camps dotted all over the country and in neighboring Loas and Cambodia.  

Hanoi is now looking for a swift end to the conflict and the removal of foreign military interests throughput Vietnam.  


After a conflict in the Tonkin Gulf proved a US involvement was now clearly established and they were operating across the demarcation line, the order to ramp up has been a welcome one.  


PAVN will be operation as a large single unit and have a make shift ‘camp’ that MUST be set up for 30 minutes at a time before it can be moved.  Whilst its set up it may come under contact from ARVN.  At this time there is NO proof that the US are involved in the operation.


When the 30 minutes is up they must move the camp and re-establish it.  They cannot ever return to the same camp place twice, so must be cleaver and precise in their planning.  Every time a camp is completed and it finishes its 30 minutes, another 300 soldiers have completed their training.  


The PAVN will be given three matching camp setups, but only one of them will be the actual camp set up.  The other two will be decoys.  This should improve the chances of getting re-established.


There will be more a more in depth mission brief on the day for each side and additional objectives if needed.


Sunday will be written depending on the outcome of the Saturday.


We need to get started promptly Saturday at 10am, as we MUST be finished no later than 4pm.  Then its tools down and social.

Sunday will start at 10am and finished no later than 1pm.


Set up and camping.

23 May 2018 - 09:54 AM

US Green beret forces will be deployed via a beach landing craft so will need to carry all their kit for the game day.  They can sleep in the usual spots however,


AUS SAS will be deployed in country on a mission list style scenario if there is enough of them, otherwise they will be attached to the US command.


ARVN will be arriving via a long walk through the jungle into the AO and will work from a labour area (fixed HQ) 


The whole site will be in control by the PAVN until fighting breaks out.


PAVN can camp in Wild west or Viking.


If US players camp in these areas too, they must make sure all their kit is stowed away and covered up for kick off.


The camping area will be free for all to use.