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Announcement: Welcome to Gunman - Please read if you're new

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Welcome to Gunman Airsoft

A Welcome to all

Hi and welcome to the world of Gunman Airsoft and Filmsim Events. We are a professional premier Airsoft company spanning the country and providing exciting mission and scenario based Airsoft. We hire exotic sites for your events and provide the very best in marshalling and game co-ordination which when all pulled together leaves an unforgettable experience.

Our bespoke style of event has changed the face of Airsoft in the UK. Spanning from Wild West to modern and beyond, our continued dedication and enthusiasm to come up with new ideas means we are at the top of our game and leading the market.

Our inspirations and imagination are coupled with other Medias such as the Films, TV and video games, which as well as the Airsoft brings many likeminded enthusiast together to help build up networks of friends across the country and even from abroad. It’s this social aspect that Gunman thrives on as we as individuals have had many years experience of hosting events and know how to put on a show.

What is Airsoft?
Airsoft is the new experience. Advancement from its Paintball cousin, Airsoft uses realistic equipment and features Magazine change and no messy paint splats. It’s a trust based game that uses 6mm plastic BBs and a whole lot of Movie style action. Our sites prices can include Gun hire, camo clothing, goggles and full-face masks, with free tea and coffee throughout. It’s the less painful and cleaner way to enjoy a day or weekends tactical action gaming.

We provide a top quality mission based Airsoft experience that spans all levels from the simple open day skirmish game, to the detailed ordnance and mission based 12hr game. We have both Urban and Woodland sites available and for certain weekends, military and civilian vehicles will also be featured. We try to give the Experience of Airsoft rather than just its game value and to do this we take inspiration from films and computer/console games.

Themed Airsoft
We also run a number of extremely realistic scenarios that require all the participants to dress in the correct kit and use the right weapons. Second World War, Vietnam and Cold War are few to mention. Inspired by history and the movies all these games have a great attention to detail, which makes for an unforgettable experience. We call this style of game Film simulation or just Filmsim for short.

Here is a list of our game style.

Open days
These weekend days are open to anyone to join in, be them enthusiasts or just one times that fancy giving Airsoft a go. Prices are fixed at £26 for the day, £45 for the weekend and gun hire is £20 per day.

Private hire
For those that wish to hire the site for their own game we charge £500 for the site which includes a GMA official on site, generator (fuel must be paid for by the renter) and a toilet. Extras can be added with prior notice, just ask when making a booking.
Catering can be arranged.

Special theme events
Gunman has specialised in special theme events spanning many theatres and periods of war. Starting with WW2 we have included Vietnam, Cold War, Enforcer (Special Forces) and modern themes. These events are specialised and embraced the Filmsim style of game play for its epic feel. These events are priced accordingly.

Stag/Hen do’s and parties
Groups of 10 or more mates can battle across our playing field in short fast passed action.
Catering can be arranged. Prices start at £450 for 10 then £45 per head there after.

Week day bookings are also available for all corporate days

Corporate training days – Team building in tight groups
Using our own mix of real world/Airsoft tactics and skill, we can train you and your colleagues to work in small groups of up to 8 men and take down terrorist situations, diffuse bombs and a host of other scenarios. These are a great team building exercise and we’re able to leave you feed back on each participant’s performance.
Catering can be arranged. Prices are around £45 per head with a minimum of £450

Corporate blow out – fast paced missions
A day of faced paced skirmishing for the office to shoot the boss and blow off steam, these days include light hearted scenarios with the emphasis being a day out with guns rather than the more military set up of the other styles of game day.
Catering can be arranged. Prices are around £45 per head with a minimum of £450

New from gunman - Event management
Want to run your own Airsoft event and don’t know where to start or do you just need help on the day? Our experienced, professional refs and marshals are always only a phone call away. We can help from start to finish and on any level you need including insurance for the site you want to use, Airsoft insurance and all your Airsoft site and game protocols. We have an arsenal of hire equipment and props we can supply you with as well. All you need to do is get bums on seats, advertise your event and hire the site. We can even help write the scenario for you but believe me that is the fun part and we only get involved if you want us too.