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GMA Newsletter - Week 12 2019

20 March 2019 - 01:24 PM

It was once again, another outstanding weekend at Eversley, with loads of people getting involved with the theme of the event.  Many thanks to all for another hugely well supported open weekend.
This weekend we have no open days running at our sites, so please don't turn up expecting a game, as they are booked out to 3rd parties.
Next weekend is the end of the month, so we will be at Tuddenham for a couple of days worth of high-quality airsoft.
The weekend after, we are back at Camp Bravo for a skirmish event there.
Don't forget that we have a few special themed weekends on the horizon - check the website for details and to book onto them.
Ticket sales are open for the GI weekender in Hertfordshire, this year all booking is to be done via our website.

GMA Newsletter - Week 11 2019

13 March 2019 - 12:16 PM

Tuddenham’s FilmSim event was very well supported with several people dressing up as either agents or Rikers.  Thanks everyone for braving the horrendous winds and the hail on Saturday.


This weekend, we are at Eversley continuing with the Division inspired game.  We have plenty of orange jumpsuits for people to wear, so come along and get involved.


Tuddenham’s end-of month skirmish will be taking place on 30th & 31st.  Please don’t turn up next weekend as the site has been privately hired.


Tickets are now on sale for this year’s massive GI weekend event at the end of August.  Deposits can be paid on our website to secure your place.


GMA Newsletter - Week 10 2019

06 March 2019 - 03:59 PM

We had another awesome weekend at Camp Bravo with loads of people coming along and joining in.  Thank you so much for the support, we’ll have another skirmish on April 6th & 7th.  See you all there!


This weekend we are back at Tuddenham for another FilmSim open event inspired by the Division videogame.  Players can choose to be agents trying to retrieve and extract precious resources from the contaminated zone, or to play as the opposition forces in the form of escaped convicts from a nearby prison or members of a militia group, both of whom will be trying to frustrate the agents’ efforts.


We have a number of orange boiler suits to borrow if you want to get into the role of escaped convicts, or you can bring your own costume.  Either way, role-play is highly encouraged.  The majority of this game will be played in and around the CQB village, so make sure you bring suitable weapons.


Next weekend we will be taking the same game scenario to our main Eversley site and doing it all again in the woods!  Once again, feel free to dress up for this one if you can.


It’s a five weekend month again, so we have no open days running on the 23rd & 24th.  Please do not turn up at our sites on this weekend as they will be in use for private hires.


Tuddenham’s end of month skirmish weekend will be on 30th & 31st March. 


Please don’t forget that we have now removed the deposit system for open weekends, and have replaced it with a free-of-charge registration option instead.  If you are coming to an open day or weekend, please register on the website if possible, it will really help us to gauge numbers and write the best possible game scenarios for you.


The GI August bank holiday weekender will be running again this year - the dates are 23-25th August and this year booking will be done through our website - tickets should be available next week!

GMA Newsletter - Week 9 2019

27 February 2019 - 12:17 PM

We had another spectacular weekend at Tuddenham, thank you so much to everybody who came along and joined in.


This weekend we are back at Camp Bravo (Eversley) for another skirmish event, please make sure you book for rental equipment.


March’s FilmSim open weekends at Tuddenham and Eversley will be inspired by the Division videogame once again.  Players will be agents trying to extract precious resources from the contaminated zone, or will be escaped prisoners intent on keeping the resources for their own use.  We will have a quantity of orange boiler suits (or bring your own) for those who want to get involved as the escaped prisoners.


We have begun serious efforts to make much needed improvements to our Tuddenham site, which will continue this year.  We have a large quantity of IBC water containers coming as well as oil tanks to add much needed cover and features to the game zone as well as more cabins and shipping containers.


We have been fighting rising costs over the past year or two and have made every effort to retain our ticket and shop pricing without making any increases.  Cost are continuing to rise, but we are still committed to keeping our current ticket pricing going forward.  In order to achieve this, we are sadly going to have to withdraw the loyalty discount system which has been in place at Tuddenham.  Any valid discount vouchers will be accepted as per usual, but no new ones will be issued.  We hope you understand why we have had to do this, but it’s the only way we can keep our existing prices.


We will also be removing the deposit system from open weekends at Tuddenham.  Going forward, you can either pay full price for your ticket in advance or we will be adding a “registration” option on the booking page.  The registration option will allow you to book a walk-on ticket and pay on arrival while giving us an idea of how many players we can expect at a game.  This will help us greatly when it comes to planning games, so we would really appreciate it if people use this option.


GMA Newsletter - Week 8 2019

20 February 2019 - 03:22 AM

We had another awesome event at Eversley at the weekend, huge thanks to everyone who came along and joined in – keep your eyes open on the Facebook page for next month’s theme.


This weekend, we are back at Tuddenham for another end-of-month skirmish event.  Featuring shorter games with simple objectives as well as no ammo limits, skirmish events are perfect for you to come along and have some fun and unwind at the end of a hard month.  With an onsite shop selling airsoft guns, accessories, ammo, and of course, loads of pyro, we have everything here to make it a great weekend.


We were expecting to have breakfast and lunch catering every month at Tuddenham starting this weekend, but the catering company has pulled out at the last minute.  Please plan accordingly as we will have no food on site.


Next weekend we are back to Eversley for a skirmish weekend at the Camp Bravo site.  These games haven’t been running long and are already well attended, so come along and get involved with some shorter, more fast-paced gaming.


Doug will be back in the office next Wednesday, and will be attempting to wade through three weeks worth of UKARA and general enquiries.  If you need anything in the meantime, please either ring the normal number (not text), email enquiries or contact us via any of our Facebook pages and Josh will help you out.  Any messages sent to Doug via text, email or Facebook will join the pile next week…