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Posted 29 March 2017 - 10:06 AM

As you can see guys, we have a new and updated arrangement for the events section.


Here are the up and coming FilmSim events.  more will get added as we go.


FILMSIM AIRSOFT EVENTS – Bookings now open here www.gunmanairsoft.co.uk/events


We run weekend and daylong airsoft FilmSim experiences with a focus on quality props and settings as well as the very tried and tested FilmSim airsoft rules.


All booking information will be updated here www.gunmanforum.com and come join our forum community for updates and banter.




WW1 Raging Empires

Airsoft battles set during WW1 with a social aspect in the evenings and a jolly good laugh throughout the day.  Bolt actions, gas and spring only unless it’s an MG.  We have a huge amount of German, French and British uniforms we can lend out for free as well as rental weapons to hire.


Next event is MAY 27-28 at MAW Airsoft site nr Melton Mowbray



Come join our awesome community on FB



WW2 Airsoft

We have been running high quality WW2 events since 2007 and have hundreds of FREE to lend out uniforms.  We also have 20 period rental rifles too.

Organic airsoft battles across large sites with key objectives for both sides to complete. 


Next event is Aril 1st 2017 at Gunman Eversley site in Hampshire.



Come join our amazing FB community




Cold War Airsoft events

We run lots of cold war period events set in fictional conflicts or based around real ones all over the UK.  Like WW2 we have over hundred uniforms we can lend out for FREE if needed and loads of period rifles to make you look like you fell out of a James Bond movie;)  We have a few events that are one offs, but most have an unfolding story for you to buy into.


Next event is CONGO Sep 23-24 at Gunman Eversley in Hampshire



Come join our Epic community on FB here





Vietnam Airsoft

We love FilmSim and nothing plays out quite like ‘NAM’.  What with so many films to inspire us and all the cheese in the world, these games just fall together.

Set during the Vietnam conflict, this FilmSim is all about the experience.  Platoons of soldiers surrounded by an unseen enemy, again we have all the FREE loan kit and period weapons to get lost in its immersion.


Next event is AGENT ORANGE June 24-25 at Gunman Eversley in Hampshire.



Come join our most incredible community of FB.




1990s Airsoft

Black Hawk Down, Generation Kill and Tears of the Sun to name a few really give us the look and feel for awesome style of FilmSim.  The movement of technology and tactics in warfare change during tis period and so our FilmSim experience has done the same.  We have chosen totally fictional stories with a real world backdrop.  Once again we can provide a large amount of uniforms and costumes to help bring the experience alive.   


Our first event is Black Gold 1990 ‘ The Delta of Sahud’ Aug 12-13 at Gunman Eversley, Hampshire.



We have a stupendous new community on FB so come and get involved.





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