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Flying Lead Rules

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Posted 07 June 2017 - 11:52 AM




All Dudes start with 1 bandage/ 2 hits, Its consider all first hits ‘Just winged ya’ and a bandage is enough. On the second hit the dude needs to be seen by a Doc (red Bandage put on) or taken back to the ‘camp/HQ’ for a card draw to see if they’re gonna die/KIA from their wounds. Any player can heal the first hit by tying the injured player’s bandage to their arm. For in game reasons some players may get more bandages to use before a bead draw is needed.


• When shot the player calls out ‘I’M HIT’ and must fall to the ground. If they call for ‘HELP’ They must not be targeted and have surrendered out of the fight until healed (bandaged). Please try to re-act to location hits for effect.

• A shot player shouldn’t be targeted UNLESS they have called ‘I AINT DONE YET’ or try to crawl to safety. If shot whilst crawling you must call it, slump and stay on the ground for 10 seconds, then move off calling KIA. There is no limit to how far you can crawl however; you will bleed out in 5mins!

If they call out ‘I AINT DONE YET’ they may fire whilst prone or propped up next to a tree. If shot again, they will need a card draw and considered out of the game.  You cant call this if its your last hit!

• Any dude can return to the camp or visit a Doc to be fully restored to full hits (all bandages taken off) but that will be at a cost.

• Dead players cannot give in game information to other players.

• If things are a bit you may take an immediate KIA! Just put your hand in the air and call ‘DEAD MAN WALKING’ and go get a card draw.

Getting back in the action

• If a dude can get to you they must tie one of your bandages to you wrist to make you live again.  Moving wounded. One man with two hands or two men with one hand each can drag a wounded soldier to safety! (Docs have their own rule)

• All bandaging must be stationery and if either player is hit during the Medic or during the move, both must take another wound.

• A hit is anywhere on the body or the gun and ricochet must also be taken.

Explosive Pyro Affects – wounds ya!
• Small structures 5m x5m Whole building is cleared – inside only
• Large buildings – 5m hard cover has affect including floor to floor stair wells and corridors.
• 5m away – hard cover has affect – outside only

All wounded players have five minutes for a fellow dude to get to them before they bleed out and need a card draw or can crawl!


THE CAMP – Shingle Springs


This is the hub of every in Flying Lead and is where the game breaths from.  Here you will find eatin and drinkin houses, offices, the bank and many more in game plot threads such as the wanted board.  The camp cannot be attacked and it is classed as a safe zone unless ‘THE CAMP IS IN DANGER’ in which case, it will be goggles on until otherwise stated.  All guns must be emptied or left outside camp in the shack whilst the camp is ‘AT PEACE’



If your reduced to zero hits and would die, you get a chance to pull a card from the deck at the bank.  Red your dead, Black your back.  Back still means you need to role play being shot the hell out of or stabbed, but you don’t loose everything and need to take it easy for the rest of the event.

If you wish to murder someone, meaning forgo his or her option to take a card pull, it must be done right and have a point.  Anyone found making pointless murder would not be playing in the spirit of the game!!! 

It takes 10 seconds of ‘murdering time’ to kill another Player character.  If this is broken they still get to take a card pull.  Get em alone and end em!! 


If you DIE the bank secures all your wealth and you need to start again with a new dude.





Starting Load outs

1. Gunslinger
Starts with 2 Pistol permits.
Start with $100

2. Sharp Shooter – Cowboy/Rancher
Starts with a Rifle permit.
Starts with $100

3. Soldier - Serving
Starts with a rifle Permit
Gets an extra bandage/hit as their tough as nails.
Stars with $50

4. Lawman – Badge wearer/ Government officials.
Starts with a rifle and pistol permit.
Can form a posse – whilst in a posse all members can ignore the first bead draw if it ain’t perty!
Starts with $50

5. Doc
Doc can carry red bandages on them in their medic bad; these bandages represent 1 healed wound. To heal a wound the medic takes off the white bandage of an injured Dude and hands it back to them, then replaces it with 1 of the red ones. Only a visit the Sutlers Store can replenish bandages at the cost of $5 each. By all means charge for your healin!
Starts with $50 and three red bandages.  ONLY DOCS CAN TAKE BANDAGES OFF.


6. Miners – Must have 1 miner to take ore out of the ground.
Starts with a Permit to use Dynamite
Starts with a Permit for a Spade/Pick Axe
Starts with $50 - $100 dollars depending on the pull of a card, black is unlucky$50, red is lucky $100.

7.Injuns ‘Braves’
Permit to use bow and arrows
War Paint – When wearing war paint Injuns can ignore the first bead draw if it ain’t perty!
$15 worth of trade goods

8.Medicine man
Can only use a knife or tomahawk.
Life giver - by blowing smoke (needs a pipe) and chanting over a brave that has had a BAD bead draw, ignore the bead draw (this can only be done once per wound and takes 2 mins).
Starts with $20 worth of trade

All Injun chiefs will be played by crew.

Starts with a permit for a shotgun
Starts with $150 worth of goods and $30 personal cash

1 stick of Dynamite will injure (cause 1 wound) anyone within 5m of it. Mk5s only and they need to look like Dynamite!
For blowing stuff up a value will be allocated to how much Dynamite is needed, only a Miner can assess this ability.
Weapon Permits – you cannot carry a weapon unless you have a permit for it! RULE!! But can use one momentarily if in a fight (picked up melee weapon ONLY). See the Banker for permits.
Weapon Permits costs
Pistol - $30
Rifle - $50
Shotgun - $50
Bow - $25
Melee - Knife/Tommahawk FREE up to 12inches
Melee - up to 2ft - £15
Melee - up to 3ft - £20
Melee - over 3ft - £25

Larp weapons must look period, will be checked for safety and MUST NOT target the head! When hit with a larp weapon it is the same as being hit with a bullet and the dude ‘spang’d with a spade’ falls to the ground calling for help or will need help back to the camp.

How do you make Cash!!
All dudes start with some money and can use it for personnel gain or invest it with other dudes, for success and a win when a dude reaches $10,000 in wealth via cash or deeds they are made.







The Bank – If there is an in game bank!
Cash is made through doing Jobs, working strikes, trade, deeds and of course gambling. All of these will be made available in the game for the taking. When you’re ready to cash up, the bank is always safe. The bank can’t be robbed as it’s a game mechanic, but that don’t mean other banks are safe from the clutches of Law Breakers.  The bank has ledgers that can be used to OPEN accounts, this makes moving large sums of money a lot easier and also means we can keep an eye on the money in the game. 


Keeping your money safe/if there is no Bank.

The only way to keep your money safe is to stuff it in pillows (hide it) and then get it sent to the main bank in Clarkston (out of game).  To do this the money must be couriered or escorted out of game via IC methods.

All players except Injuns have upkeep to meet every event (cost of living), which is only $25 per event, but if they spend all their money and can’t pay it at the end of the event they will be run out of town. This upkeep MUST be paid to the town clerk or bank.  If the game is set in a camp, the money must be paid to the Camp office.


Prospector’s office.

This out of game office will be IC and is where the gold is exchanged for cash. 


Telegraph office.

Charges may vary, but a telegram is normally $2-5 each way.  The telegraph office is a way to deliver plot and IC story.  Some characters have ways to influence the game from off map resources or NPC (Non player characters played by crew).

Strike Deeds are purchased or rented from the deed holder and then must be worked to produce.  At least one IC player miner is required to oversee the operation and at least 4 labourers need to be employed to work it.  The workers can either be IC players or hired from a labour exchange (crew).  As long as the site has security it can’t be claim jumped.  All mines produce no more than 4 loads in a day.


There is a wooden box ‘The gold crate’ with OC gold bags in it at every strike.  These cannot be touched by anyone other than a Miner.!  Each mine has its own yield and you can only take X bags = to the mines yield.  If you claim jump, you can only take 1 bag per hour you jump it and MUST be a miner by trade. 

unless you have sorted out protection for yourself it can be a very long and dangerous journey to the prospectors office to exchange your gold for cash..


Too in crease your yield from your Mine you can get an extra by using tools, hiring in specialists or using dynamite.

Miner costs $50 a day – allows you take out the colour

Dynamite $50 a stick – 200% yield but can damage the mine. Card draw an ace and see your mine collapse.  No more yield can be made until next event.

Tools add 10% extra and cost $10 per day. Pick Axe, Spade and Hammer each produce an extra 10%.


Pan– Cost 50% of what your panning area costs, like mining you must spend an hour there before returning to the bank and then make a card draw to see if you got anything. Red, ya got nothing, Black you get 10x the card value you pulled – 50% to the bank. Red flag to show a panning area and a 60 minute Egg timer.


Hunting – you get an area to hunt for skins $15 a skin per hour.  Green flag for hunting area and a 30-minute egg timer.


Lumber Jack - - you have a permit to harvest wood.  Cost $50 a day and you get $50 for every 60 minutes your cut wood.  You can get an extra 10% if you buy a quality axe and saw $10 each.

Saloons/gambling houses/whore houses.

These fixed business have many ways of making money but the key one is drink.  At $1 a shot or $2 a beer, then there is gambling which is down to the house what profits it makes and then whore’s for sex (not actual!!) they must buy/lease their trading area, pay its upkeep and purchase the goods to sell.  But the most important thing is to secure themselves permits and licenses from the town clerk or bank.

All Gambling must be done with in-game money, be it cards, dice or casino.

Players working together.
Groups will naturally form from mates and like-minded dudes, however everyone needs a slice and no one works for nothing. Posse’s can be made and broken but don’t make a habit of it of you’ll find no one will work with you.


Whiskey takes 3 events to make and is worth $1000 dollars a barrel and costs 50% up front to make. 

Beer can be produced every game and makes $300 a barrel with $60 costs.


Moonshiners and illegal beer makers only have 20% costs but if caught can be hanged.

All costs for Brewing MUST go through the town or blavck market.


This section is for items that players bring into the game that we decided to keep and need clarification.


This will get added too very soon as I collect all the info on what we have already and decide what stays;)



Update 2016

Fixed Business upkeeps are all payable to the town after every game.

Booze - $100

Gambling - $100

Dancing Girls - $100

Opium - $100

Shops $50

Ranches $100

Livery/blacksmith $50




Docs Charges

$5 for a bandage

$20 to heal a wound


Opium $10 effect (may become addicted) = Effect

Sex $10 a go = Effect


Freight runs take place at 10am, 1pm and 4pm.

$1 per kilo or 6” Cubed = 1 unit.  Max 200 units.


Ammo $10 for 24.  50% cost if brought in and 25% cost if made on site but other costs will be incurred.


Art work.  If art work is bought and displayed, each item will produce X extra income per event.



If ranchers are playing, there is a Cattle action at 2pm every Saturday.  The actions start at $10 an animal.



Wages for officials – No upkeep needs to be paid.

Sherriff - $150

Marshal $50 + any bounties.

Federal Agent - $80 + funding

Mayor – $50 or What ever they think fit.

Town Clerk - $25 Administrative role, part time.



In the game labour can be hire if no players want the role.  These prices like everything fluctuate depending on supply and demand.

Standard labour $10 per hour or negotiated day rate.

Skilled Miner $20 per hour or negotiated day rate.

Forman - $25 per hour or or negotiated day rate.


Other professions that make money through camp/town official businesses.

Assay - $50 per claim or negotiated day rate.

You MUST have a piece of land assayed to no its worth and its cost.  Land goes from around $3000 for 10x10 plot in town to $1000 for a 10x10 plot out of town.


Real world stuff.
There may be themed saloons and kitchens being run off the backs of those doing it so please make sure you support them as much as poss. The food will be out of this world and booze will be served in keeping...yeeehaw. Real world money will be needed for this in the manor of honesty jars…DON’T TAKE THE PISS!!

All pistols must be holstered and rifles put in a safe place outside of shooting times.
No heavy drinking during shooting time and anyone out of order or out of hand will go home and not be allowed back so be sensible guys!

All Airsoft guns must be unloaded and put away during the social nights. I for one will replace my Airsoft pistol with an unloaded blank firing revolver.

Every man starts the game with 20 shots – Bullets/shells for shotgun etc...

Weapons allowed.
Realistic Larp melee weapons are fine but need permits, the cost is based on size of the weapon.
Any period revolver, repeating rifle, bolt action rifle or shotgun (not pump) is fine. All must fire under 350fps! We would prefer under 300fps if poss!
Extended to this list is also any revolver that can look in place.
Sadly most of the guns for this period suck on price so we are trying to help as much as poss. Any Qs just ask.

Ammo restrictions. REAL STEAL! Means if your gun would only hold 6rnds then that’s all they can hold. NO speed loaders push the rounds in by thumb only.

Most importantly, have a bloody good time!!!








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