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Related post: Date: Sun, 28 Apr 2002 19:26:29 -0700 (PDT)From: D.Z. Subject: Boys in School 14DAVID & TRISTAN-BOYS IN SCHOOL is a continuation of the story, Boys on theFarm, about two teen boys named David and Tristan. It is a story ofdiscovery...what the boys learn about life, about themselves, and what itmeans to be gay. If sex between male teenagers is offensive to you or ifyou are underage then you should move on to something else.DAVID & TRISTAN--BOYS IN SCHOOL is a work of pure fiction -- the charactersand the events do not represent any person or situation. Copyright ©2001by D.Z., all rights reserved. You may contact me by emailingndman72yahoo.com.PREFACE:This time I want to share with you a portion of an email I received from anAussie who goes by the name of Josiah Matthew Taylor. I know of many menwho have taken years to come to an acceptance of their sexuality and Josiahtalked about his journey of self discovery in a recent email. As I alwaysdo with the people's emails I include in this space, I have obtained thepermission of Josiah before sharing this with you:"As someone who has a genuine caring for young people, my heartparticularly aches for all the teenagers who are discovering they are gayand are trying to understand who they are amongst the negative stereotypesand bigoted attitudes at home, school and church. Whatever lays ahead forme in the future, I forbidden porn underage hope I can help these people who would at times be hurtand confused.So, where to from here? If I just come out as gay, a lot of people would behurt and offended (of course, it would be their own bigoted fault, notmine, but....) because of the trust and respect they have for me.Therefore, a quiet exit to another place and job, telling few people whereI've gone, and building a new honest life seems to be the best way togo. I'm comfortable with that option, as I don't think I underage cp pedo could be botheredtrying to handle the fuss at my job, with my friends or in my former churchwhere I still know too many people.Of course, it could be that some good could come from me being open toeveryone. The attitudes of some people have certainly changed when lovedones have opened their eyes by being honest about themselves. Maybe one dayI'll have the guts to show a lot of people that their concerns abouthomosexuals are ill-founded and based on prejudice, not "Biblical truth."But I have a long way to go before I think I could do that!"Building a new honest life is a key idea here I would say. Josiah is readyto start out on a new road in his life after discovering for himself thatthere are valid doubts to the common interpretations of Biblical versesused to condemn gays. Many of us, such as Josiah and myself, have a genuinedesire to help others find and accept themselves sooner so that they mayhave an easier time than we did with all of the issues connected with beinggay.Both Josiah and I are in our 40's in case you were wondering and it tookboth of us that long to fully accept the fact that we were gay and tounderstand that is the way we have been, that we are now, and will continueto be. Now, what happens next? Only time will tell.So many guys have written to tell underage sex moviess me that they see themselves in one of mycharacters or that they have a favorite. Besides being underage girls tits a source ofentertainment and a window into the feelings of guys who happen to loveother guys, I hope this story of mine is helping accomplish my goal ofpromoting self understanding and self acceptance for gay guys of any age.Without further ado, here's more on the story of David and Tristan.CHAPTER 14. AFTER THE GAME"Well, OK. You better come home with me then," Randy asserted.Tristan looked over at David and saw the look of disappointment flashacross David's face. "No," Tristan flatly refused. "I'm staying withDavid.""Tristan," his dad warned."Daaad," Tristan almost whined, "There's a dance and stuff afterwards and Idon't want to miss it. David will take care of me, won't ya David?" Tristanturned to him for confirmation."Yup, you know I will," David answered with all seriousness."How will you get home?" Randy asked. "You can't walk that far on your badankle now, can you?""I bet Brad Mills would give us a ride. He does that lots of days afterfootball practice. He's the varsity team quarterback and David's sister'sboyfriend. You know who he is, Dad," Tristan pled his case. "And if myankle really underage photos sex starts to bother we can always call for a ride home, can'twe?""Well...." Randy drawled as he stalled. What was he to say now? Usually hewould be home and available at underage kiddy pedo the phone, but he had this 'date' with Craigand what about their hoped-for rendezvous after the game? "Well, if youcall underage childporn movies and I'm not at home I'll be at Craig's. Can the boys call your houseif need be?" Randy asked Craig."Of course. All of you are welcome any time to call on me for anything Ican help you with," bondage sex underage Craig said seriously, double meanings and all.With mixed feelings Randy gave in. "OK, but only if you check with me afterthe varsity football game and you are home by.....midnight.""Dad," Tristan began."No arguing Tristan."Dad, I wasn't gonna argue. I just wanted to ask if David could stay overthen." Tristan always did know how to negotiate. He seldom gave in toRandy's wishes without asking for something in return.Despite his misgivings Randy made one last effort at keeping Tristan offhis feet so his body could begin to repair itself. "If I say yes thatdoesn't mean you can stay up all night. It means you guys can underage lola sex be togetherand sleep." "Yeah, whatever Dad," Tristan said as he made a face."OK, see you after the varsity game is over. If your ankle isn't too badthen you can stay for the dance. Otherwise you come home with me," Randymade his parental pronouncement."Let's go David," Tristan said as he attempted to turn and walk gingerlyaway. "Ouch, ouch, ouch," he complained as quietly as he could when heattempted to step on his injured ankle. "Davie, I need your help," Tristansaid louder.David moved up to his man and took Tristan's right arm around his shouldersso he could help Tristan keep his weight off his injured ankle. They movedslowly away to the student section of the bleachers in order to join theirclassmates watching the varsity game already in progress. As David andTristan approached the kids voluntarily made room for the two boys in thecenter bottom row and called out congratulations on their win. Andnaturally Tristan received extra attention as the result of hisinjury. Life was good. Here, under these circumstances, David and Tristanwere able to act as a couple with the full support and sympathy of theirpeers. They were able to touch each other, albeit under the guise ofTristan's need for help to walk, and David was able to be properlysolicitous towards his boyfriend. Supremely content, they watched the gametogether, David leaving only to go buy them sodas while Tristan stayedseated.In the adult's section of the stands Randy and Craig enjoyed being togetherat the game as well. Having each other's company at the sporting event wasa treat for both single men while at the same time they socialized with theother team member's parents. Adding to their enjoyment was an undercurrentof anticipation of getting together after the game. There was that specialtingle in their male parts as both men hoped for another type of liaisononce they retired to more private surroundings.The varsity game was underage sexy abuse also a hard fought battle producing see-sawscoring. The two men took note of the leadership Brad Mills was providingas varsity quarterback now that they knew he was connected with Tristan andDavid. At the end it was a another victory for the Saints. "I'd bettercatch Tristan and see how his ankle is doing before he disappears on us,"Randy half apologized to Craig before heading over to where Tristan hadbeen nude teen underage seated."Mind if I tag along?" Craig asked."Don't mind at all," Randy said with a smile. "I appreciate the support,truth to be told." Randy turned and lead the way through the departingcrowd over towards the student underage lil hottie section. There was Tristan, hobbling slowlydown the walkway with his arm around David's shoulders. Randy moved overtowards them and asked, "So how's your ankle Tristan?""It's OK Dad," Tristan tried to act unconcerned as he stood there with hisarm still around David's shoulders."You sure you don't want to go home?" Randy double-checked."Yes, I'm sure I don't want to go home," Tristan said with a hint ofanxiousness in his voice."Well what?" Randy asked. "Something isn't right here." He could readTristan like a book and he knew something wasn't exactly right."Dad, I have to take a monster piss and you are making me stand here withall your questions. David will take care of me, won't you?" Tristan saidhurriedly and then looked over at David."Yup, I sure will," David said with a grin."You have a way to get home?" Randy asked one last question."We'll find one, don't worry. And if we don't we call, OK?" Tristan saidthrough the growing strain of holding his bladder. "Dad, I gotta go!"Randy snickered a little and then answered, "OK, OK. If I'm not home I'llbe at Craig's, right Craig?""Yes, I invited your dad into my place for a drink before he heads forhome, Tristan. And remember, you can call me anytime even if your dad isn'tvisiting.""Yeah, thanks. Come David, let's head for the rest rooms," and Tristanbegan hobbling away as quickly as he could with David's help. Tristan wasbarely able to hold himself long enough to get there, he had to take a pissso bad after that large soda David bought him. They steered for the nearesturinal and David parked Tristan in front of it."There you go," David murmured. "Now you can let it all hang out," and hegiggled some."No I can't!" Tristan's voice had risen in his frustration. I can't step onmy foot so I either hold myself up or fall over unzipping myself.""So what do you want me to do?" David asked quietly."Unzip me and take it out, Davie.""You're kidding.""No, I'm not! I'm dying here to take a piss. Do it, puh-lease?" Tristanbegged earnestly."Good God, what if someone comes in?" David worried out loud."They won't. Everyone has left. Just do it now!" Tristan demanded as heheld himself up with both hands against the wall.David stepped behind Tristan and unzipped his lover's fly for the firsttime without sex being the direct object. It felt kinda strange for thatreason but it certainly wasn't the first time David had undone Tristan'szipper, not by a long shot! Then came the more interesting part which wasreaching inside and pulling out Tristan's one-eyed monster and aimingit. It laid heavily in David's fingers while Tristan sighed a huge sigh ofrelief as he began to let his strained bladder empty. It wasn't the easiestthing in the world for David underage erection to do since he wanted to be able to relievehis bladder too. And it was taking Tristan forever! "Tris, I gotta go realbad too. You just stay there and finish while I take a piss too, OK?""Yeah, no prob now Davie," Tristan said as his torrential stream died downto weak pulses. Tristan looked over to see David hurriedly pull his cockout and let his stream jet. It never failed to fascinate Tristan to underage intercouse pictures seeDavid piss since David was uncut. It was just different and in Tristan'seyes a never failing turn-on."Oh man, that's much better, right Tris?" David sighed as he slipped hisdick back in his pants and zipped up."Yeah, but now you have to put me back in," Tristan prompted.David rolled his eyes which Tristan saw."What? You can't do that for me?" Tristan asked."You know if we were at your house this would not be a problem," Davidretorted. "I'm gonna do it, it just makes me nervous is all." And so oncemore David moved behind Tristan to take care of putting Tristan's cock backin his pants."Don't forget to give it a little shake first," very underage nudes Tristan giggled."Just you wait till later and then you'll see what I'm gonna do with it,"David teased quietly as he gave Tristan's meat a few jiggles to shake offany remaining droplets."Yeah, I can hardly wait," Tristan agreed eagerly as his dick began toswell with David's touching and the thought of the sex they both werewaiting for.David tucked Tristan's meat back into his pants quickly and gave it alittle pat before zipping Tristan's pants for him. "There, now be a goodboy until we get home," David murmured in Tristan's ear."I don't wanna be good, I want to be BAD!" Tristan complained and hepivoted on his good foot into David's arms and rested his hands on David'sshoulders."Nope, underage child pornography you gotta be good cuz we have xxx underage childporn lots to do yet tonight," David allowedas he looked into Tristan's warm brown eyes."Like what?" Tristan asked, his curiosity piqued."Like going to the dance and like maybe something else afterwards," Davidsaid mysteriously, arching his eyebrows."Like with my clothes on or off?" Tristan asked, only half teasing."Maybe," was David's cryptic reply."Come on David, you gotta tell me!" Tristan insisted."Nope, go with the flow here, OK?" David asked. "You'll like it, Ipromise. We better get going over to the dance, don't you think and findthe others? We looks underage pussy said we would meet Drew and Anthony there you know. Time togo Hop-a-Long."It was a long walk over the school cafeteria where the dance was beingheld, David supporting Tristan as he hopped his way across the footballfield and into the school. Once again their peers saw them enter as acouple, joined together with arms around each other. It was a bittersweetmoment in a way because one of them had to be hurt in order for them to beable to be lil underage sluts holding the other in public. Tristan sunk into a chair near Drewand Anthony with a sigh of relief. Hopping that far was more strenuous thanhe ever thought it would be. "Whoa, am I ever glad that wasn't anyfurther," Tristan admitted to David before turning to greet Drew andAnth. "Hey guys, did we miss anything?" Tristan asked."Yeah, same here," David quickly agreed and flipped a casual wave at theother two."Nah, nothing yet. The music should start pretty soon though I think,"Anthony bubbled as he hung out with Drew. Anthony was hopelessly infatuatedwith Drew's stunning good looks. Drew's light brown skin, striking blueeyes, and tightly curled dark hair made him irresistible to Anthony, and toevery woman hentai underage incest in town for that matter. Anthony knew he was the lucky one tohave Drew's attention and his world was complete anytime he was with hisDrew."Yeah, we were hoping you guys would show. We saw you talking with your dadTristan and wondered if you would be able to be here. I just said to Anththat it looked like you had to go home," Drew acknowledged that theirfriendship mattered by those words."Nah, I had to take a piss and with my bad ankle it took us a little longerto get things handled, right David?" Tristan asked with a wicked gleam inhis eye as he looked over at his boyfriend.David's mouth dropped open automatically before he caught himself and wasable to find the words to answer Tristan's teasing. "Yeah, we got ithandled all right," David all but stammered in reply.Both Anthony and Drew caught the vibes from David and glanced at each otherbefore refocusing their attention on David. "So you gonna do some dancingtonight David?" Anthony asked to fill the sudden silence that followedDavid's look of awkwardness."Uh, probably not. Tristan can't do any dancing with his ankle like thisand I don't want to leave him here by himself," David said loyally. "I canalways dance with the babes another time."Tristan snorted. "Yeah, with the babes." David just stared at him,silently telling him to be quiet and stop teasing him like that. David'sface was getting hotter by the minute.Drew noticed David's red face. "Is it hot in here?" he asked with a laugh."You need some punch or something?"David was ready for any excuse to remove himself from Tristan's teasingwhen he couldn't say anything back. "Yeah, punch would be good right now.I'll get you some too Tristan," and David was heading across the floor tofind his composure and to incidentally get some punch."It sucks that you injured your ankle," Anthony said sympathetically toTristan. "Does it hurt a lot?""It hurt like hell when it first happened but now it just kinda aches andthrobs some," Tristan admitted. "As long as I'm not putting any weight onit I'm fine," he added."Why do you suppose David went rushing off like that?" Anthony changed thesubject to the next item of underage sexy boys curiosity in his overactive littlebrain. "Didn't you say teens underage fucking that you guys just came from the bathroom out on thefootball field?""Yeah, I thought I was gonna bust if I didn't get to a bathroom.""Huh, musta been kinda tricky taking a piss on one foot," Drew observeddryly.Now it was Tristan's turn to blush. "Yeah, it was. Like I said, we got ithandled," Tristan said cryptically.Drew and Anthony traded glances again. "Well, guess we should go dance orsomething huh Anthony?" Drew said to break the pregnant pause thatfollowed."Yeah, Drew, let's go freak!" Anthony exclaimed as he swayed his hips tosome imaginary music.Drew just smiled at his overly enthusiastic 'date' and after draping hisarm around Anthony's shoulders in their by-now characteristic stance, movedover to the crowd of kids in front of the DJ waiting to dance. As theywalked away Anthony said to Drew in a low voice, "Are you wondering whatI'm wondering?""Well that'd depend on what it is you're wondering" with a chuckle knowingfull well what Anthony was talking about.Anthony raised his eyebrows and looked off to the side before answering,"youuuu know...about David and Tristan *handling* the situation, and howthey're always together."Drew threw a glance of pure love at the smaller boy and said, "You meanlike us?"Anthony beamed up at Drew and then said softly, "Yeah, like us."Drew reflected on what Anthony said. "Maybe. It could be, I guess. Theydo spend a LOT of time together, don't they?"Anthony nodded vigorously. "Uh huh, and look at how close they sit atlunch time and how they always know what the other one is doing. Have youever noticed that?" The words came pouring out of Anthony as the entirepicture of David and Tristan's friendship began to make sense to him."Well maybe they are more than just friends. We'll just keep it toourselves and see what happens, right?" Drew said quietly before theyreached the crowd standing around the DJ."Yeah, but I'm gonna be keeping my eye on them really close now," Anthonyslipped in the last word.Tristan sat by himself at the table waiting for David to come back. Heknew now that he really embarrassed David that time with his teasing. Andhe also could tell that Drew and Anthony were picking up some vibes.Tonight more than ever he needed David to be there for him, to help himwith his injured ankle and to make up for the teasing. After a few moreminutes of waiting Tristan saw David coming back with a pair of punch cupsin his hands. Tristan gave David a tentative smile as he accepted a cup ofpunch from David. "Hey Davie, I'm sorry I teased ya like that. My mouthwas getting ahead of my brain again," he confessed. "I hope you're not allpissed at me now," he finished before meeting David's eyes."Nope, I'm not mad at ya Tris, but you gotta be more careful. What if itgot out and my parents found out? You know how bad I think they would beabout it, especially my dad.""Yeah, I know. I can't understand it though. Look at my dad and how helets us be together.""Cuz he's not my queer-hating dad, that's why," David said quietly. "Let'sjust forget about that and watch everyone dance for a little while. Iasked Brad Mills to give us a ride over to the Corner Cafe in about forum tgp underage half anhour or so. You up for that?" David asked."I guess, but I don't have much money with me," Tristan temporized."Aw, don't worry about the money," David quickly said. "I'm buyingtonight. It's on me," he grinned then and winked.That more than anything let Tristan know he was forgiven and so he settledback to watch everyone dance. Drew and Anthony were out on the dance floornow. David sat next to him and they traded comments about what they saw. Atop hit song was being played by the DJ and the floor was crowded withstudents dancing. It was one of those dances where everyone was dancing enmasse and not strictly as couples. Out in the middle were Drew and Anthonydancing away and no one could casually tell they were out there together.Drew danced gracefully, every move flowing in a natural response to therhythms, and his arms and legs seemed to know exactly what to do to expressthe music. Anthony tried hard to dance the same as Drew and was mostlysuccessful at it albeit less controlled and graceful. A few times Drewstopped and showed Anthony how to do a particular move by eitherdemonstrating the move again or once even by holding Anthony in front ofhim as they moved together. By the underage pics xxx end of the set of songs, quite a numberof underage kiddie models girls and boys were doing the same as Anthony, learning the dance movesthat Drew made look so good out on the dance floor."Look at those two dance out there," Tristan remarked to David. "They'redancing together just like a couple on a date.""Nooooo, they are not!" David didn't believe him."They are too!" Tristan insisted. "Those two are only watching each otherand are dancing almost exactly the same. That Anthony could be Drew'sshadow.""Naw, you don't think..., well...you know...that they are..." Davidcouldn't say it out loud but his eyes did. They looked like two luminousquestion marks in the dim light as he struggled to believe what his eyeshad seen watching Drew and Anthony dance out there.Tristan leaned in close and murmured in David's ear, "You mean to say thatthey are gay? Like us?"David swallowed and then said, "Yeah, boyfriends like you and me."Tristan's next comment just about floored David. "Hey, wouldn't it be coolto do a double date?""Ummm, you'd better wait on that until you are sure about them," Davidstrongly cautioned."Yeah, yeah, I'll be careful. I just gotta watch them really close now soI'm sure," Tristan underage fucks said gleefully.*************In the meantime, Randy and Craig had made their way from the football fieldto Randy's Bronco, then Randy drove over to Craig's house. Randy drovesilently which made Craig nervous."You're being very quiet," Craig observed, "what's on your mind?""Well, I'm worried about Tristan I guess. I feel funny about leaving himback there with his ankle being sprained and coming over to your house tofool around." Hastily Randy answered, "It's not that I don't want to, Ijust feel guilty about it right now.""You're a good parent Randy," Craig said reassuringly. "It's not like youare abandoning your son to follow your own desires. I heard him tell youtwice that he didn't want to come home with you tonight and you wereprepared to sacrifice your own plans to take care of him. You have nothingto feel guilty about when it comes to loving your son and wanting to takecare of him. And, if I might add, it looks as though Tristan has reachedthe stage in his life where he wants someone else, David, to be the specialperson he turns to for his needs.Randy snorted. "Yeah, I sure as hell am not going to take care of the kindof needs David and he take care of in his bedroom. They have no idea howmuch I hear without wanting to.""Does that bother you?" Craig slipped into his professional mode ofthinking effortlessly."No, not that it really bothers me like you might think. Ummmm, it's kindalike watching a porno flick with your eyes closed," Randy said with a lowlaugh. "There is absolutely no doubt that they are in love with each otherand enjoy the physical side of expressing it," nude underage modeling Randy concluded with a wrysmile directed over at Craig."And what about Tristan fulfilling his needs as compared to your needsRandy?" Craig asked Randy continued to drive. "How are you feeling aboutyour son having that kind of relationship?""A little of everything," Randy admitted after a moment of silence spentthinking. "I'm glad for him most of the time. He's really been happysince he and David have become boyfriends except that time you saw them atodds with each other. But at times I'm a little saddened to think that hewon't have kids of his own. And yeah, I'm a little jealous too since hehas found someone to love the way he loves David." As Randy finishedtalking he pulled his Bronco into the driveway of Craig's home. "We'rehere," Randy stated the obvious but not saying the "now what" that was onhis mind."Let's talk out here for another moment if you don't mind," Craig saidwhile he was still in his professional mode."OK, if you want to," Randy agreed, dropping his hands from the steeringwheel and turned off the engine.The two men sat quietly in the dark before Craig spoke again. "That was apretty honest answer you gave me a minute ago. Now let me ask you this.So why haven't you found someone to share your life with after yourdivorce?""Wow, you like to ask tough questions, don't you?" Randy remarked."If rusas underage xxx I'm being too personal you don't have to answer," Craig replied."It's just that I have never had to put it into words before," Randy saidas he looked out into the darkness. "Ummmm, at first I was too busyraising Tristan. voyeur illegal underage He took so much of my time while he was underage teen photos in grade school,you know?""Yes, I understand. Many single parents have said as much to me before.So after grade school when Tristan was becoming less dependent on you whydidn't you start looking?""A underage creme pies couple of reasons I guess. First, I was used to being alone by then andI wasn't sure if Tristan would like having a step parent. You know youhear all those horror stories of second marriages and the fights with thekids who won't accept it.""Yes, that does happen. But you don't hear about the blended families whoadjust and become a new family because it doesn't get talked about as much.So far this has all been about Tristan. But what about you? Why haven'tyou wanted a partner?""That's the other reason I was gonna mention," Randy turned to look atCraig. "I was scared. Scared about getting into another relationship underage bondage pics thatwouldn't work like the first one didn't. Scared of being hurt. Scared ofbeing able to know who the right person would be. And most of all, Iwasn't sure about which way I wanted to go. I wasn't so sure I wanted todate angels porn underage a woman again and I've been too scared to try to find a man.""Are you still scared?" Craig asked softly."Yeah, kinda. But all too soon Tristan will be leaving home and I'll beall alone. So I figure it's time to do something, especially when I seehow good things can be when two people really love each other.""Yes, I can see your reasoning. So are you ready to come inside for adrink or would you prefer not to?" Craig felt it was time to test Randy'sintentions regarding going further with their new found friendship."Sure, if you're still offering," Randy readily."Then let's go in and we can continue things inside," Craig said and openedhis door and lead the way through the darkened yard while fumbling with hiskeys. After a bit more fumbling Craig had his back door unlocked andflipped on some lights as he entered his home with Randy following. "Therewe go, now we can see something," Craig said. It had made him a littleunsettled to be talking with Randy and not being able to see the visualcues of Randy's reactions. "So, what would you like to have? A beer? wine?a mixed drink?""Whatever you're having," Randy quickly answered."Well, I have this bottle of Brass Monkey that's cold and has been waitingfor the right someone to partake of it with me. Care to try it?""I've never heard of that before. What's in it?" Randy asked."It's a whiskey with a citrus mix. It has a nice tang to it so I like it,especially with something a little salty, nude art underage like pretzels or nuts."Randy couldn't help it. He grinned over at Craig who was getting tallglasses out of the cupboard."What?" Craig asked as he turned and saw Randy smiling, genuinely puzzledabout why Randy was smiling like that."Oh nothing.""It must have been something, what was it?" Craig persisted."I was wondering just what kind of nuts you were talking about," Randy saidwith a half smile."What kind of nuts?" Craig asked blankly.Randy raised his eyebrows and cupped his crotch as he said, "Yeah, nuts.This kind maybe?""Oh yes! I like them very much so!" Craig grinned as he gave Randy hisglass of Brass Monkey, "especially when they hang on such an attractivebranch."Randy blushed a little as he laughed with Craig. Craig held up his glassand the two men clinked their glasses together before sipping theirdrinks. "Mmmm, this is pretty tasty. I'm glad I let you choose it for me,"Randy said as he looked over at Craig while they stood in the kitchen."Ummmm, can I ask you a question now?""Sure, I japanese underage models guess it would only be fair since I've been the one askingquestions so far," Craig granted. "What would you like to know?""You've been married before like me, right?" Randy asked."Yes, I was little teen underage married for about 6 years which was long enough for me tofather my two daughters before my ex-wife saw that I wasn't up to being thekind of husband she deserved.""What do you mean by that, being the kind of husband she deserved?" Randyinterjected.Craig looked down at the floor momentarily and then met Randy's gaze. "Oursex life really dwindled. After the girls were born and the newness of ourmarriage wore off, I wasn't sexually attracted to my wife. I'm gay and Iwas kidding myself when I married her. She married my best friend after wedivorced and they are still married to this day. She's happy and I'm happyfor her.""Wow," was all Randy could manage."Should we go sit down or something?" Craig suggested."Ummmm, yeah, I guess."Craig gestured for Randy to proceed him into the front room where Randy satdown on one end of the couch and sat there holding his drink rathernervously. Craig strategically sat on the other end of the couch with oneknee up on the cushion so he could face Randy. The only light in the roomcame as reflected light from the kitchen and it was just enough to create acasual, intimate mood. Craig sipped his drink before asking, "Was thereanything else you want to ask me?""Well, yeah, but I don't know how to put it very well.""Then just say it and we'll go from there," Craig said smoothly.Randy's face was flushed as he glanced up at Craig before asking, "Ummmm,how many guys have you had sex with before?"Craig looked thoughtful as he stared past Randy's shoulder before meetingRandy's eyes to answer, "When I was a teen I had sex with several of myfriends, but as an adult I've not done underage sex delete it with a guy until you came alongjust over a week ago. And it's a very smart question to be asking if youreally think about it.""Why do you say that?" Randy said as he stared into the drink he held.Craig held up his left hand and ticked up his underage loita bbs points on his fingers withhis right hand. "For starters you need to assess the health risk you aretaking by having sex with me. Second, you need to assess how experienced Imight be in relationship to you. Third, you are maybe wondering if I havemade a practice of sleeping around with various men and what my intentionsare concerning you. And finally," Craig pulled on his little finger, "youmight be wondering if this is the kind of relationship you want, based uponwhat you said a bit earlier.""You pretty much got it all right," Randy grinned sheepishly. "You climbin people's heads like this all the time?" he asked as he looked over atCraig."You got me there," Craig admitted. "It's what I'm trained to do. If itbothers you I'll try not to do it.""No, it doesn't 'bother' me. It's just different having someone around whohas things figured out the way you do all the time is all.""Just let me know when I'm being too analytical for you Randy, OK?" Craigasked."Yeah, I will. You know what else I was wondering though?" Randy halfblurted."What is that?" Craig replied."Well, again I don't know if I'm saying this very good, but here goes. Iwas wondering what you wanted to do tonight since this time didn't need tobe a quickie like the last one." Randy's blush was quite evident this time.Craig laughed a little and then answered, "I was wondering the same thing.But I do know that you are very handsome, even when you're not blushing.But to answer your question, it depends on what you are comfortablewith...the same as me.""Well," Randy hesitated. "I'm not so sure if I can be the one on thebottom, if you know what I mean. I'm just not ready to do that," he saidstill blushing."That's fine. Let's just take things little by little shall we?" Craigbreathed softly while edging his way closer to Randy. His hand slidlightly along the cushion that separated them until it met the other man'shand.Randy covered Craig's hand with his larger, rougher one, gently rubbing itbefore he slid closer to the body awaiting him. Craig reached over andplaced his hand on Randy's thigh, gently caressing it. The next thing theyknew their lips were pressed to each other's. It was Randy's first time ofkissing another man. It felt good, but different. The rough stubble ontheir faces rasped slightly together as they tasted the alcohol on eachother's lips, Craig gently nibbling on Randy's lower lip. They broke apartlong enough to look at each other and saw no doubts or regrets. This timewhen their lips met, they kissed harder, more passionately thoroughlyexpressing their pent up desires.Craig's hand had found it's way to underage toon porn the hardness trapped in Randy's crotchand rubbed it as they kissed that second time."Oh God that feels good," Randy moaned."It'd be better if your jeans were open," Craig murmured suggestively."Yeah, so what's youngest underage pussy stopping you?" Randy questioned."Only a little young underaged snap and a zipper," Craig breathed. "But not for long." Craig'sright hand quickly popped the snap and had the zipper down in three shorttugs. Gently he pulled Randy's jeans open. His fingers slid into the flyof Randy's boxers, located the hot rigidity there and maneuvered it intothe open air. He lightly stroked it with his finger tips, making Randy moanappreciatively again. Next Craig's hand traveled upwards, unfastening thebuttons of Randy's shirt, pulling it open to expose the masculine hair thatdove down to a more than ample manhood. His fingers trailed back downwardsand then encircled Randy's member.Randy couldn't remember the last time he was so erotically charged up. Thefeel of Craig's fingers wandering up and down his chest and then strokinghis cock had him nearly trembling with desire. What's more, Randy was alittle surprised at how good it felt at an emotional level. Having sexwith a man felt every bit as good as sex with a woman. But, Randy had toadmit, there was an sense of completeness he had always missedbefore. "God, that's good," Randy sighed in total abandonment to thefeelings surging through his body. But then he realized that Craig mightbe feeling ignored so he reached out to begin unfastening the buttons ofCraig's shirt."No, wait with that." Craig's other hand pushed Randy's away. "Just letme do this for you. It's what I want" he said in a raspy voice.With that said, Craig moved off the couch and began pulling off Randy'sshoes and socks. Right after Craig began tugging at the legs of Randy'sjeans saying, "Lift up," as he did so. Off came the jeans, leaving Randy'sboxers on with his hard cock still jutting out. Craig reached up, hookinghis fingers under the waistband of the boxers and slid them over and awayfrom Randy's rampant maleness. Finally, Craig saw Randy in all of his maleglory, and reveled in what he saw. Stretched out on the couch in front ofhim was a virile American male, with a flag pole flying proudly from a darkbrown forest of hair. Craig's hands shook a little as he unbuttonedRandy's shirt to expose a trim stomach and a broad chest, both amplyadorned underage tiny nymphs with the hair of a male in his prime. Craig sucked in a underage hot girls breath ofadmiration and awe as his hands lol underage slid up to lightly stroke the naked thighsof the underaged model tgp man in front of him.Randy's man flesh thickened and grew longer in appreciation of theproximity of the touches he had been waiting all evening to receive. Hiscock filled rapidly and hung heavily over his loosely hanging egg-sizedballs. "Don't you think you should lose some of your clothes?" Randysuggested in a thick voice."Well, I guess I could tear myself away from the delicious sight of yournudity long enough," Craig said as he lifted his eyes to meet Randy's gaze."Need help?" Randy rumbled while lying there in a seemingly relaxed pose,but yet there was a smoldering tension that showed in his brown eyes."No, not at all," Craig said as he quickly unbuckled his belt and slippedhis pants down to his knees. His cotton print boxers betrayed Craig'sarousal as they were underage gallerys tgp obviously tented by Craig's rigid cock."Something looks to be pretty happy to see me in there," Randy teased witha low sexy voice."Yes, very glad. But you just lie back and let me make you feel good,"Craig said as he slid his hands up Randy's thighs, past the fold of hiships, and up Randy's torso to lightly play underage cute nude with his chest hair. "Closeyour eyes and just enjoy it," Craig suggested."You sure you want to do it like this?" Randy asked with some surprise."Very sure. Now close your eyes," Craig instructed."OK," Randy acquiesced. Moments later a "mmmmmmmmm" escaped as Craiglifted Randy's gorgeous manhood and rubbed the crown of it over his lipsafter moistening it with a quick, wet kiss. "Oh my God, you know how to amake a guy feel good," Randy purred as he shifted his body into a morerelaxed position as he opened his legs wide to allow Craig greater access.His left fingertips lightly lifted Randy's ball sack and played with theking-sized orbs inside as Craig began to orally pay homage to Randy's malescepter. His tongue bathed Randy's rigidity, causing Randy to sigh withincreasing pleasure. After thoroughly anointing it with his salvia, Craigmoved down to lightly suck on Randy's crown jewels while he inhaled themusky aroma of another man's natural odor. Nothing could arouse Craig morethan to be doing what he doing at that moment, holding the massive malemember he lusted after in one hand while he had his nose buried in thenether regions of a male in his prime. Craig's tool was harder at thatpoint than it had been for years. He felt the sexual excitement of ateenager and his body responded accordingly with an aching desire he hadall but forgotten from his younger years.The precum had started running down Randy's slit and Craig greedily lickedit up, causing Randy to moan afresh as Craig's tongue gently tantalized theunderside of Randy's crown which in turn caused more of the clear juices toflow. Randy's fires were fully lit by this and he wanted more. "Suck it,"Randy whispered forcefully.Craig was only too glad to comply. He slid his lips over the crowned endand polished it as Randy's hands settled lightly on Craig's head toencourage him to take more in. In one smooth plunge Craig slid down uponas much as he could handle of Randy's fat 8 inch dick. Then he startedslowly bobbing up and down on it while his left fingers still played withRandy's jewels. As Randy become more involved in the oral stimulation andbegan moving his hips in those eons old instinctive fucking motions, Craigbecame braver and began lightly brushing his fingertips along the root ofRandy's cock underage sex cartoons that extended way down in that most private region. Evidentlyit felt good to Randy judging from how Randy was timing his thrusts inresponse to Craig's motions with mouth and fingers. Randy was becomingmore forceful in his motions and his hands tightened their grip on Craig'shead.Greatly daring, Craig's fingers reached further back and found Randy'stight pucker and touched it lightly.Randy froze, then relaxed. "Don't go in there," is all he said."Mmmmm hmmmm," Craig hummed in response which sent a shiver through Randy'swhole body and immediately Randy resumed his thrusting motions. Craig thenjust limited himself to an occasional light brushing of Randy's pucker ashe stimulated that entire lower region with underage free thumbs his talented fingers.Soon Randy began moaning and bucking, signaling that his orgasm wasnearing.Craig felt Randy's balls pull up tight in their sack. Reaching down withhis hand, Craig finally grabbed his dick and began to jack it as he beganmore forcefully sucking Randy to his peak of excitement.Randy moaned, thrust up and then in shuddering bursts, fired massive pulsesof man cream into Craig's mouth and throat.Even while swallowing as much as he could Craig still could not handle theflood of cum Randy produced. Frothy waves of it escaped to run downRandy's love muscle as Craig coaxed as much out as he could with hisfingers and suctioning mouth while he shot his own load in his boxers."Oh God, when you hummed your reply like that it was all over for me,"Randy said huskily. "Now it's my turn to do you.""Oh, there's no need to do that," Craig demurred. "I came when you did.Just let me lick up the rest of your stuff and all will be good.""You're sure you want to do that?" Randy asked with a note of surprise."Yes, I love it. It's nectar to my soul and yours is all I've had since Iwas a teen." And with that comment made, Craig licked up every drop ofsemen he could find, obviously savoring it all.Randy let him do it, but squirmed a little as his now sensitive cockprotested slightly.Finally Craig sat back on his legs and smiled over at Randy. "Now that wassomething I really enjoyed Randy. I hope you did too.""Oh yeah, I sure did. preeteen underage Are you sure you are OK?" Randy asked."I'm great. Simply great. The only thing that would be better is that youstayed here the rest of the night dressed as you are right now.""I'd like that too but I need to go home and be around for Tristan. I'dkinda like to be there when he comes home or calls. So would you mindterribly if I didn't stay a lot longer?""Of course not," Craig lied. He felt somewhat used by Randy on anemotional level as his intellect fought back by reasoning that it was anormal reaction given the circumstances. "I hope we can get together againsoon though and that we would have more time," Craig said smoothly albeitwith only a half smile.Randy noticed. "Hey, I'm real sorry to do underage hardcore pictures this to you, Craig. I promiseI'll make it up to you real soon," he added as hasty afterthought."Maybe we can hot tub the next time?" Craig suggested. This is perfectweather for underagegirlspics long soaks in the hot tub," he hinted."Hey yeah! That sounds great!" Randy replied enthusiastically."Very good. I'll let you go this time if you promise to come naked underage pee back and hottub with me and stay naked longer next time," Craig said with another halfsmile."Only if you get naked too," Randy said as he glanced pointedly down atCraig still wearing his underwear, now showing a massive wet spot in thefront. "And let me try out your equipment.""Then we are in agreement.""Yeah, I need to get dressed and go. Maybe next weekend we can gettogether?" Randy asked."I think that would be fine. Why don't I call you towards the end of theweek and verify with you that you can still come?""You bet!" Randy said as he pushed himself up from the couch and stood.Craig didn't even pretend to avoid looking. He filled his eyes with thesight of the man that represented male perfection to him. Randy was allmale and gay as well. Maybe not completely out to himself yet, but Craigwas confident that Randy would in time find his confidence in his longrepressed sexuality. He drank in the way Randy's genitals swung as Randymoved, and watched Randy tuck that impressive piece of man meat away in hisjeans once more. Only then did Craig rise from the floor where he wassitting and pull his slacks on. Craig accompanied Randy to the door andthey stood there for a moment to say goodbye.Randy held out his hand, and Craig just opened his arms for a hug.Momentarily startled, Randy went with it and hugged Craig to him. Craigkissed Randy's neck. "Good night my prince," he whispered."Good night," Randy nearly squeaked. Then he fled.************************Back at the dance the music took a pause so Drew and Anthony came over towhere David and Tristan were sitting. "Whoa, you two have been doing someserious dancing," Tristan remarked to them as the other two boysapproached."Did ya see me shaking and baking out there?" Anthony giggled.Drew's shirt was hanging open and he lifted up his T-shirt to wipe thesweat sex movies underage from his forehead.Tristan's eyes automatically looked down to admire Drew's six pack for thehundredth time.David saw him looking and grimaced before speaking to Drew, "Yeah, I sawyou guys doing your moves out there. You looked good, real good.""Thanks David, you should have done some dancing yourself," Drew suggested."Naw, I had to keep Tristan company, and besides I don't dance that well.For sure not like you and Anthony were out there," David said selfdeprecatingly.Drew shrugged and then turned to Anthony. "It's 11:30, I spose its time tohead out so you get home by midnight, right?""Yup, my folks will have a fit if I'm not home by then. I got the lectureabout being just a Freshman and that midnight is hentai underage sex plenty late to be gettinghome.""OK, see you guys around then," David replied."Yeah, see ya," Tristan chimed in."Bye," Anthony said and looked up at Drew. "Ready?""Yup Little Man, I sure am. Let's head for your house."Anthony just grinned as Drew put his arm around his shoulders and theyheaded for the door."Look at those two," Tristan murmured into David's ear. "They have to bemore than just friends. I'd put money on it.""No bet," David replied quietly. "But did you have to stare at Drew'sstomach?""I didn't stare," Tristan refuted."You did too," David said. "I saw it.""OK so I looked," Tristan said defensively. "You gonna be mad at me forthat?""No, not really. I know you like to look. But you'd better not get caughtlooking, got it?""Got it. I won't touch, you know that.""Promise?""Course. I promise." Tristan gave David a smile of apology, hoping underage latin nudes to breakthe sudden tension between them. Suddenly the break was over and the musicbegan blaring out once more, making conversation impossible. David underage teen feet noddedand smiled back, letting Tristan know that he wasn't really upset about it.By this time Anthony and Drew had walked out the open doors of the schoolinto the cool air of the autumn evening. Anthony looked over at Drew as helaughed saying, "Yeah, I thought that Suzy's boobs were gonna come bouncingright out of that top of hers!"Drew laughed too saying, "Yeah, she got them to bouncing up and down so badI almost got dizzy! She's a real ho, that one."Anthony wrinkled up his small nose, "Ewwww that woulda been so gross ifthey did!"The sweat on their bodies from their dancing in the hot gymnasium driedquickly in the cool air. As they made off into the darkness on their wayto Anthony's house, Anthony gradually moved closer to Drew. He lovedhaving Drew's arm around his shoulders and wanted Drew to underage boy photo do it now.Doing what had become a natural thing for him by now, Drew slid his armacross Anthony's smaller frame and held the boy close to his side. Theywalked side by side, enjoying the feeling of closeness they had come toshare between them.Anthony never felt so safe and secure as he did with Drew holding himclose. The darkness held no fear for him that night as the warmth comingfrom Drew sheltered him and his nose inhaled Drew's unique odor. Anthonycouldn't help it, he grew hard down below right then and there. For somereason smelling Drew like that went straight to his cock, making it stickout uncomfortably. He reached into his left pocket and adjusted himself sohe could walk.Drew noticed what had happened and grinned at over Anthony. "What's thematter there Anth? Got something in those pants of yours?"Anthony felt his face heat as he looked away and didn't answer.Drew's left arm came over to tickle Anth's stomach. "Hmmm, tell me!" Drewdemanded, "or I'll tickle it outa ya!"Anthony hastily brushed Drew's large hands away from his tortured bellybefore answering, "Maybe.""Yeah, maybe nothing! You wanna find a nice private spot for a little bit,Anth?" Drew asked."I dunno. Do you?" Anthony asked coyly."Uh huh," Drew's voice rumbled in reply. Drew started underage naked art looking around andupon reaching a darker area, Drew took hold of Anthony's hand and pulledhim onto a path going into a clump of bushes. Now that they were out ofsight, Drew pulled Anthony to him so that they were pressed tightlytogether, belly to belly. Drew dropped his hands down Anthony's back tohold his butt and lifted him slightly off the ground. Anthony's hardnesswas met by the firm mass of Drew's.Anthony wrapped his arms around Drew's middle and lifted his head to lookup at Drew. He could see the gleaming whiteness of Drew's smile and hiseyes. Slowly their lips came together in a tender kiss. It was as ifelectricity traveled from his lips straight to the aching hardness in hispants. An involuntary "mmmmm" escaped from Anthony and he pressed himselfharder against Drew.Drew moaned in response as the kiss continued, their tongues dancing adance Drew had wanted all night. He kissed the boy he that he had come tolove and he could feel the wetness underage pedo nudes begin to seep in his boxers. HoldingAnthony with his right arm, Drew slipped the fingers of his left hand downthe back of Anthony's slightly baggy jeans, to stroke the warm skin of hisbutt.Anthony stopped kissing and sighed with the beginnings of a deeply feltpleasure. "Let me down," he asked. Anthony unsnapped his jeans and swiftlyyanked down his zipper. "Touch me" he begged breathlessly.Drew was more than happy to comply. His left hand slipped down the rear ofAnth's jeans to caress the warm globes of boy butt while his right handslipped down the front. Anthony's dick was rock hard and sticking straightup by this time and Drew's fingers traced its outline repeatedly. Anthonytrembled with the rush of pleasure he felt and another small moan escaped.Drew moved his head down and with his eyes invited another kiss. Theykissed again, a kiss full of sensuality while Drew stroked Anthony'srigidity. Slowly Drew knelt by the boy. Still holding Anthony's front andrear, Drew tilted his head up and smiled his love at him. Slowly,carefully, Drew hooked his fingers in the waistband of Anthony's briefs andpulled them out and down, exposing the hotly aching male flesh hiddenunderneath."Oooh," Anthony gasped as the cool air hit his dick making it jump andpulse with the sensation.Drew saw it happen and even in the dimness he saw the drop of clear fluidform at the very tip. "I love all of you and I love the sounds you makewhen we do this. You are such a sexy little guy," Drew said softly. Thenhe licked lightly with his tongue at the drop, brushing the crown of hiscock, making Anthony moan louder.Drew opened his mouth and let his tongue slide around Anthony's glans.Anthony shivered and instinctively pushed it deeper. Drew pursed his lipsand accepted Anthony's need. Drew quickly found a rhythm to his oralministrations while Anthony flexed his hips in order to slide his cock inand out, moaning continuously by this time. Very soon Anthony's hips werebucking spasmodically. His hands cupped Drew's head as he neared hiscompletion and tensed up.Drew knew full well what was about to happen and he intensified hisefforts.Anthony pushed his cock all the way in so that his pubes were buriedagainst Drew's nose and froze there. Immediately he let loose with jets ofcum that went straight down Drew's throat.Before Drew choked on it he backed off and the final spurts landed on histongue. "Mmmmmm, that's some mighty tasty stuff you've got there," Drewsaid, smacking his lips.Anthony was a little embarrassed but secretly ecstatic that Drew would doand say that for him. "It's my turn to do you now," Anthony whispered."You sure?" Drew's deep voice rumbled back."Of course I'm sure!" Anthony was hurt. "Why wouldn't I be? God, I loveyou and you ask me if I'm sure."Drew could tell Anthony was hurt. He pulled Anthony to him and hugged thestill exposed boy to him tightly while saying, "No, no Anthony. I didn'tmean it like you think. I know love nude underage latinos me and I love you. It's just, youknow, I'm so big I'm afraid I'll hurt you."Anthony pulled on Drew to make him stand up. "If you were hurting me I'dtell you and then you would stop, right?" Anthony stated."Of course.""Then why are so worried about it?""I dunno, I just was.""So hush and let me do this then," Anthony commanded while his fingersreached to open Drew's pants.More by touch than by sight Anthony unfastened Drew's pants and opened thefly, then black underage models reaching into Drew's boxer briefs to find his prize. He pulledthe heavy tube of man flesh out into the air where he could get atit. Anthony lightly ran his fingers over and around the darker hued shaft,making Drew suck in a slight gasp. Then Anthony surprised him by reachingdown further and gently pulling his sack up and out of its confinement.Cupping Drew's balls with his left hand, Anthony held his cock with theother, then used his index finger to touch the wetness that had seeped fromthe end, smearing it over the lighter colored head.Drew's breath came faster as he felt the sexual tension within him begin tobuild.But Anthony wasn't done surprising Drew. In one sudden swoop Anthony kneltdown and took in the end of Drew's cock, softly sucking it and tonguing theunderside. "OH myyyyy God," Drew moaned. Between the warmth mouth on hiscock head and Anthony's fingers playing with his balls, Drew's cock pulsedrepeatedly, pumping out a stream of precum.Anthony could feel the sticky fluid collecting so he used his tongue tobathe the end of Drew's cock. Shocks of pleasure raced up Drew's spine toexplode in his brain like bursts of fireworks. Anthony then used the tipof his tongue to probe into the slit, licking away all the juice he couldfind, loving the fact he was drinking up the life giving juices of theyoung man he adored.Drew's hands slid down to cup Anthony's face and began to guide Anthonyinto a bobbing motion. He could maybe get half of his cock in beforehitting the back of Anthony's throat and making him gag a little. They soonfigured out what the maximum stroke was and settled into a nice slowrhythm.Anthony placed his free underage preeteen pedo hand around the root of Drew's mighty member andjacked him in time with his sucking. Curiously Anthony felt Drew's ballspull up tightly to his thick shaft. The sack which had been loose was underage virgin movies nowpulled tight, holding those egg-sized orbs into imminent orgasm.Drew's soft moans of pleasure became erratic, matching the thrusts of hiships as he tensed in preparation for squirting his load. Anthony dove downas far as he could handle and lightly stroked Drew's sack. Drew's backarched and he trembled as he blasted massive jets of cum into his lover'sthroat.The amount of cum Drew was producing quickly filled Anthony's mouth andAnthony had to pull back underaged sluts xxx to avoid being choked. Drew's last squirts weredeposited over Anthony's lips as the younger boy inhaled through his nose.As Drew came down from his orgasmic high he pulled Anthony up they couldtrade a kiss. It was then that he found his own slippery juices coatingAnthony's lips. "Oh man, I really did a number on you, didn't I," Drewmumbled apologetically."Uh huh, but I don't mind as long as you lick it all up," Anthony giggled."You little cutie," Drew laughed. And Drew tenderly kissed and licked awayall the traces of his cum that he could find before they joined in a longpassionate kiss to finalize their love making. "It's getting real late,"Drew worried. "If you don't get home your momma will be having a fit.""I wonder what time it is?" Anthony checked his luminous watch. "Holycrap! It's five minutes to 12! I gotta go!" Anthony yelped. He yanked uphis pants and hurriedly fastened them. "Get your pants on Drew, I gottago!" Anthony was on the verge of panic.Drew pulled up his pants and barely was able to fasten them before Anthonygrabbed his hand and was pulling him out of the bushes at a run. They ranthe rest of the way to Anthony's house, cutting across yards and takingevery shortcut they could find. They made it to Anthony's front stepbreathless and panting outside his door. "I guess we made it," Anthonygasped. "I'll call you tomorrow, OK?" he asked. They kissed one morequick kiss bukkake underage before Anthony ducked into the house with a final wave. "Bye,"he said and then slipped through the door.Drew said "Bye Anth," to the door and then turned to walk away, alreadymissing his Little Man.************************After Drew and Anth left it was hard to talk with the loud music that wasbeing played. Tristan sat there and tried to talk with David, but it justtook too much effort to carry on much of a conversation. underage loloitas David stuck withTristan most of the time, only leaving once to go talk with his sister andBrad Mills."What did you need to talk to them about?" Tristan shouted to him over themusic when he came back.David leaned towards Tristan's ear to reply just as loudly, "I asked themto give us a ride when they leave."Tristan mouthed more than spoke the word, "OK" and nodded. When pree teens underage the musicstopped he was quick to lean over and ask, "Where are we going?""Hungry?" David asked, winking.Tristan smirked before nodding and saying, "Yeah, I'm starved." Then heleaned over and very quietly said in David's ear, "Not just for food, butfor some loving too." Just then the music blared out again and David justsmiled back with a special look in his eye.They were both glad when Brad appeared leading Ashley by the hand. Bradnodded his head towards the door and David was up pulling Tristan's armaround his neck immediately. As they walked to the door Brad took one lookat their slow pace and said, "I'll get my truck, you guys wait out front."They hobbled out the door and stood by the curb while Brad brought hisRanger over. While they were waiting outside David said to Tristan, "Didyou notice that wet spot on his pants?"Tristan giggled. "No! He didn't do that again did he?""Nah, it was just a little one. Those two sure have the hots for each otherthough.""Uh huh. Must run in the family," Tristan teased and a received a punch inthe arm as a reply.By that time Brad pulled up and leaned over Ashley to speak out the window,"You guys mind riding in the back?""Nope", David said."Yeah, that would be easier," Tristan agreed. "Open the tailgate so I canjust slide into the back," he told David.They did just that and sat with their backs to the cab of the truck tgp underage photos whileBrad drove off. The breeze from the moving air was chilly against the skinand so the boys sat with their arms touching."I don't have much money along," Tristan said. "I'll just order fries.""Don't worry underage thongs Tris, I already told you that I'm buying so have whatever youwant." David said as he smiled at his boyfriend.Tristan looked over at David and raised his eyebrows. "You sure?""Yeah" he said, a slight smile spreading across his face to light his eyes"You don't need to," Tristan said. "I'm not hurt that bad so you don't haveto go spoil me.""I'm not doing it because you were hurt so just let me do it."Tristan smiled back then and found David's hand, giving it a squeeze. "OKthen, I'll let ya".It was at that time Brad took a corner a bit fast and Tristan was thrownagainst David. David wrapped his arm around Tristan and braced the two ofthem with his other arm. They looked around only to see Ashley and Bradlooking back and laughing. David gave them the one finger salute asTristan awkwardly climbed out of David's lap. Then they were pulling upthe Corner Cafe and rolling smoothly to a stop.Still laughing, Brad and Ashley got out. "How did you guys like the ride?"Brad teased."It was just fine," David said, emphasizing on the 'fine'."Sure, just like going to the amusement park," Tristan said dryly.The two boys slid out of the back of the truck and then adjusted theirpants as they stood up. "Thanks for the ride, Brad," David said. "We oweya.""You sure do," Brad said. "Some day I'll collect too" and he laughed as heand Ashley jumped back in the driver's side before zooming off."Well, let's go in then," Tristan said as their tail lights disappeareddown the street. You gonna give me a hand?""Course." David replied immediately and stepped over to help Tristan. Hemaneuvered the door open as they made their way into the delicious warmthof the cafe. David took Tristan over to a booth and waited until Tristanslid in before taking his place on the other side. They hooked their feetaround each other's rather casually and looked around innocently while theywaited for the waitress.Finally she came over with 2 glasses of water. "You guys ready to order?"the older woman asked."I am, are you?" David answered as he glanced over at Tristan."Go ahead then," Tristan said.David ordered a hamburger, fries and a Coke."I'll have the same as him, but no pickles," Tristan said when the waitresslooked at him for his order.The waitress scribbled down their order and left abruptly as she holleredto the kitchen, "Two hamburgers and fries"."I wonder what Jason and Chris are thinking right now," David smiled hiswicked smile.Tristan laughed a low laugh, "Probably wishing they hadn't made that bet."David laughed back. "Yeah, those two get to be shaved when we do thecampout."Tristan got a serious look on his face and looked across the table atDavid. He asked, "You think we really should make underage rape stories them go through with it?""Why not?" David answered back. "Don't you think Jason would have made uspay up?"Tristan only had to think about it for 2 seconds before he nodded hishead. "Yeah, I know he would have never let us alone until we did.""You got that right," David agreed wryly."So you wanna do it to them or should we just make them do themselves?"Tristan asked as he watched David's face."Hey, they deserve getting shaved. I'm OK with doing it as long as you arethere with me," David replied looking straight into Tristan's eyes. "Idon't want to fool around with them though, if that's what you arewondering"."Yeah, I kinda was," thumbnail underage Tristan admitted."Does that mean you wanted to?" David's head came closer and his voicedropped as he asked."Ummm, no. I just wanted to know what you thought is young underage photos all," Tristan said asa slight flush lit his face.At that moment the waitress appeared and plopped down two platters withtheir food. "There ya are," she said. "Need anything else?""Ketchup," David replied.The waitress snagged a half empty bottle from a nearby table, plunked itdown in front of David and left."God, what's up with her?" Tristan asked."Dunno," David said. "Who cares. Let's eat, I'm starved." David took theketchup bottle and dumped out a pile of ketchup over his fries. "Mmmm,tasty," he said as he smacked his lips.Tristan poured his ketchup in a pile to one side, then took a long frenchfry, dipped the end in and then seductively sucked off the ketchup.David's eyes nearly bugged out and he started choking."You OK?" Tristan asked worriedly."Yeah, just don't do that!" David managed to say in between coughs.The hungry boys quit talking then and ate their food in a comfortablesilence, making short comments to each other. The food disappeared quicklyas they chowed down. They finished about the same time and David asked, "Sonow what? How do we get you home?""I think I could walk if we went slow," Tristan said. "My ankle isn't thatsore now.""You sure?" David asked."Yeah, I think so. If you help me?""Course I will. Should we head out then?" David said and he stood up andadjusted his pants.Tristan always appreciated the view of David's fine ass and package. Henever grew tired of it. "Yup. Just help me stand up," Tristan held out hishand to be pulled up.With a quick pull David had Tristan on his feet and they made their wayover to the cash register. father underage daughter The old waitress came over to take their money,pulling her order book out of her apron as she approached. She rang uptheir food and gruffly said the price. David dropped some bills on thecounter, barely enough to pay for the food saying, "Keep the change. Let'sgo Tristan".Once outside Tristan said, "That wasn't much of a tip you know.""She didn't deserve one." David groused then added, "The old bitch"."Maybe she just was having a bad night," Tristan said sympathetically. "Shelooked like she was really tired"."I don't know. I wonder if she knew we were like boyfriends," Davidworried and then asked with concern, "You able to walk?""I don't know if she knew or not," Tristan said. "I don't care what shethinks as long as I have you.""Yeah Tris, but you know my dad. If someone told him they had seen me andtold him about me, there would be hell to pay.""No one has seen anything to tell so don't worry.""Besides, you can always come live with me if your dad ever did find outand was bad to you.""Yeah, I was hoping I could count on it but I'm not ready to lose myfamily, you know?""Yeah, I hear ya," Tristan agreed. "Well, I'm gonna try to walk," and hestepped on his bad ankle. He tottered a little but didn't go down. Anotherstep. Then another. "I think I might be able to do this," he said. "Aslong as we go slow I think we can walk home. I don't want to call dad."Tristan carefully turned to David and asked, "Do you think they are justfriends? Him and Craig?""Man, I have no clue," David said. "I guess it could be possible, but youknow your dad better than me. You really think your dad might be?""I'm not sure, but I had to get this way underage acrobatic gallery somehow, didn't I? I just didn'twake up one day and decide, you know.""I guess not. But you knew you were before I knew I could be. I just wokeup one day and this dude named Tristan was sleeping in my bed," he jokedand then he lightly punched Tristan in the arm."Yeah, but you know you love it," Tristan said with a crooked smile.David nodded, "Yeah, that's true. You ready to hobble home there dude?""Guess so. Can I kinda do what we underage pubescent nude were doing before, you know, to takesome weight off my ankle?" Tristan asked."Oh why not?" David conceded. "As long as you are limping people won't getany funny ideas.""OH, first you call me gay and now I'm 'funny' besides?" Tristan said withmock indignation."Oh shush," David said. "Don't even talk like that. Now let's go." Thetwo of them started slowly down the sidewalk, Tristan limping along withone arm around David's shoulders. They moved from down the desertedstreets, moving from the bright lights of downtown into the scattered poolsof light in the residential section. Once they hit the relative darknessDavid put his arm around Tristan's waist as they hobbled to Tristan's housetogether.They took the shortcut through the park. Although the part was closed tovehicles after dark, it underage akt was wide open for the two guys on foot to take thefamiliar path cutting diagonally through the trees. Trees cast longshadows in the park as the nighthawks circled and screeched their peculiarcries above them. Neither boy was afraid. They had each other and intheir small town the park was still a safe, peaceful place, even in thedarkness."Hey Tris! Is that Brad's truck I see over there?" David said as hepointed with his free hand."Where? I don't see it.Tristan peered from under his hand, trying to block the glare from thestreetlamp above."Over there, in that little hollow. See his truck parked off the road?""Oh yeah, I can see it now.""Let's check it out, shall we?" David said with a wicked grin."Ummm, I can't Tristan said. "I could really use a rest. Why don't I sitdown on that bench over there and you can check it out if you want.""You sure you don't mind?" David asked before adding, "I want to see whatmy sister and him are up to. She always acts like she's so perfect youknow?""You're going to spy on your sister?" Tristan asked after his mouth droppedopen."Sure, why not? I'll be quiet. They'll never know I was ever there.""Don't get caught, that's all I can say. I'll wait over there for ya."David helped Tristan over to the bench and got him sat down before slippingaway into the darkness of the trees.David was right. Tristan couldn't hear a thing as the darkness swallowed uphis boyfriend. Tristan decided that it was a good time to look at hisankle. Gingerly he pulled his sock down. Well he tried anyway. It wasn'tgoing down very well because his angle has swollen to nearly twice it'snormal size. And it was very red and tender to the touch.David used all of the skills he learned while hunting with his grandpa atthe farm to approach Brad's little pickup. Very quietly he advanced, usingtree trunks and the scattered bushes to shield him from view should theyhappen to be looking up. But underage girls underpants from the dim light that shone in through thewindshield David could tell they weren't in it. "Where'd they go?" hewondered to himself. As he stood there, not moving, he heard some noise.After listening he knew what it was he was hearing. It was the same kind ofnoises he and Tristan would make when they were making love. underage asian schoolgirls But hecouldn't see anything and from the direction the sounds were coming from,they had to be in the back of the truck. Watching closely now David sawwhat he suspected. Yes, the truck was rocking ever so slightly.He circled around very slowly, carefully choosing where each foot step wentso he wouldn't step on any underage bbs pic twigs which would snap. And yes, as he reachedthe angle which let him peer into the rear of the truck he could see a palewhiteness moving in the dim light. Low moans and murmurs came from Brad andAshley, the kinds of moans two lovers would make as their passion reachedthe point of consummation.David slipped away as silently as he had arrived. He'd seen and heardenough. Breathlessly he rushed up to Tristan. "Tristan, you'll neverguess! Man, I can't believe it! They were fucking Tristan! I swear to Godthey were fucking. My perfect and oh-so-sweet older sister. I can'tbelieve it. Well I can, but still," he said in a state of disbelief."Are you sure that's what they were doing? Maybe you just think they were.""I mean I saw Brad's bare ass moving on top of her and from what I heard,they were doing it for sure.""Well, what's the difference?" Tristan said. "I mean you and I havesex. Why can't she?""Cuz she's a girl!" David exclaimed."Last I heard girls like sex too," Tristan said. You like it that way.""Yeah, but you know what?" David retorted. "That doesn't mean I always haveto like it that way you know.""Well, yeah. And you know what else?" Tristan said quietly. "I've beenkinda wanting to do it the other way too, you know, to be the receiver.""First we need to get you home underage galleries bbs and then we'll see how it goes, OK?" Davidsaid as he pulled Tristan to his feet.It seemed to take a long time for them to travel the last few blocks fromthe park to Tristan's.Finally they were there. The Bronco was in the driveway and they made theirway to the back door. The outside light was on and so was Randy's bedroomlight. He was home and waiting up for Tristan to get back."Dad, we're home!" Tristan called out as they entered the house."Would you get me a drink?" Tristan asked David in a quieter voice."OK," David said and got down 2 glasses and ran the tap water.Randy showed up then wearing only his jeans. "How did you get home?" Randysaid a bit anxiously. "I didn't hear a car," he added."We walked," Tristan said simply.Randy's chin dropped. "You walked? Why didn't you call me? I've beenwaiting for you to call.""My ankle got better so we decided to walk." Tristan stated as if it werethe most obvious thing in the world."I hope you haven't made it worse," Randy said in that annoying 'I knowbetter' tone."I haven't," Tristan asserted. "But I do want to not have to stand on itany more. David and I just want to hit the sheets.""Aren't you hungry?" Randy asked because he knew any teen boy would usuallybe starved that time of night."We ate at the Corner Cafe," David spoke up."That's downtown. How did you get there?" Randy demanded."Brad Mills gave us a ride, Dad. Don't worry so much. Everything is OK.""Well good night then. We'll see how that ankle of yours feels in themorning. You boys be sure and sleep, ya hear?""Yeah, Dad. Don't worry. We're both tired.""OK, then. If you aren't up by noon I'll be waking you.""Whatever Dad.""Don't whatever me Tristan.""Yeah, Dad. Sorry. Good night.""OK. Good night you two." Randy turned and went into his bedroom and closedthe door."Night," David said. "You ready?" he said with a wicked grin as he turnedto look at Tristan."Oh yeah, I sure am," Tristan said with an answering smile."But first we have underground underage to the right amount of light," David swung aroundTristan to turn on a small lamp by the bedside and then indicated toTristan to turn the overhead light off. "There, now we're ready," hedeclared.Finally they were to the time of the evening that they had been waiting toreach for the entire week! This was their chance to be together in eachother's arms, to give and to receive the love they felt for each otherfreely and openly. Tristan stood underage boobs by his bed waiting for David to come backto him and they slid together into a hug and a kiss."Mmmmmm, I've been waiting for that nn underage forum Babe," Tristan sighed contentedly."Yeah, me too. But I've been waiting for a LOT more," David said with awicked glint in his eye. "First, I've been waiting to get you naked," hesaid as he ran his hands up under Tristan's shirt and began lightly rubbingTristan's nipples."Oh God," Tristan breathed in delicious abandonment, "you sure know how tomake a guy feel really good.""This is just the beginning Tris-dude. Tonight I'm going to make you feelthe love," as he unbuttoned Tristan's shirt and slipped it off."Oh Babe, you already are," and Tristan tried to start taking David's shirtoff only to have David bat Tristan's hands away."No, just let me do it. I'm gonna get you taken care of first, OK?""OK, if you're sure," Tristan said with wonderment. David was certainlybeing different tonight. Usually he was the more passive one in the sexualintercourse, but not tonight. This was the real David in operation, sureof himself, in charge and following a plan. David's lips were pressingagainst his again and as their tongues dueled together, David's hands wereunfastening his pants. underage hentei And as Tristan mentally noted his surprise, David'sfingers reached down to release Tristan's erection from its prison beforepulling his pants down to his knees."There, now he can breathe," David said as he broke off underage alcohol use their kiss."Mmmmm hmmmmm," was all Tristan could manage before David was gentlypushing him back on the bed, making Tristan sit down. He watchedwordlessly as David sunk down to kneel on the floor to untie his shoes andhe ever so gently eased the one off his injured ankle. "Tris," David said,"how does your ankle feel?""Still kinda sore," Tristan responded and then added, "Why?""Cuz it looks pretty swollen to me.""Really bad?" Tristan asked with concern as he bent over to look.""I dunno. Bad enough I guess," was David's answer. "Should I take yoursocks off?""No, just leave them on. pics underage nudity You could finish taking my pants off though,"Tristan said as he reached out to lightly touch David's strong jaw with hisfingertips.Again David surprised Tristan with a gentleness Tristan had never beforeseen in him as David carefully slipped Tristan's pants over his feet.Gracefully David rose up from the floor and sat down next to Tristan,wrapping his right arm around Tris and slipping his fingers under thewaistband. "These gotta come off too," he said into Tristan's ear as hekissed and nibbled on it.Tristan shivered from the erotic effect David's lips had on his ear and hiserection surged to full hardness. "Now free thumbnails underage see what you did?" he teased David,"You made the monster wake up.""That's good. I wanted him to wake up," David murmured into Tristan's earas he licked around the edge."Once you wake him up you have to feed him you know," Tristan giggled."Oh, never fear. I'll feed him plenty," David assured him while runninghis hand over Tristan's chest and giving him little kisses over his face."Wait, you aren't undressed yet, Babe. I'm all naked and you still haveall your clothes on. S'not fair." Tristan complained as his hands wereencountering David's clothes."You want my clothes off," David teased wickedly."Yes, Dufus, I want your clothes off," Tristan said with a hint ofexasperation.Silently David stood up and faced away from Tristan. Very slowly anddeliberately David moved a couple of steps away from the bed and what hedid next locked Tristan's gaze to him. David stuck one hip out, then theother and has he ground his hips around in a provocative dance, he veryslowly unfastened his jeans and opened them, then pulled out his shirt andstripped it off gracefully, letting it drop to the floor. Tristan wasmesmerized by the sight of the boy he loved inside and out doing a striptease for him."Turn around," Tristan forced out in a loud whisper past the lump in histhroat. "I want to see more than your gorgeous ass," he added.David swiveled around and asked, "You think my ass is gorgeous do you?""Oh yeah, your everything is gorgeous Davie Babe and I want it all.""Well guess what lover boy," David grinned with his wicked smile, "Yourwish is underage asians my command.""Yes! Keep dancing, you make me so hot," Tristan said with a look oflonging for David as he spread his legs apart to give his rampant cock moreroom to breathe.David backed away slowly into a dark corner of the room, making Tristanwonder what he was going to do next. Was he going to come out naked fromthe darkness or what? Then David turned on Tristan's stereo. He found aradio station playing top hits and now David began dancing to the music,almost like a courtship dance a male bird would do for his intended mate.Tristan never imagined that David could ever do such a thing, and never asgracefully and erotically as he was that night! Tristan's eyes widened andhis mouth parted in response to the erotic display as David began pullingdown his boxers, slowly revealing his pubes as he danced for Tristan."Take off your pants," Tristan demanded breathlessly.David complied gracefully, tossing them off to one side as now he dancedwith just his socks and boxers as his remaining clothing. David's musclesmoved smoothly under his skin and Tristan drank in the view. Now David wasteasing Tristan with quick little peeks at David's male member, neverrevealing more than a glimpse of what Tristan knew so intimately. Thereddish round crown of David's dick was exposed a number of times beforeDavid pushed down his boxers to let Tristan see David's maleness in all itsglory.Tristan could hardly wait to get David in his arms and get somethingstarted! He laid back on the bed and held out his arms saying, "Come hereStud, I want to do more than just look at your beautiful body."David sinuously danced his way over to the bed and gyrated his hips to wavehis hard cock at Tristan's eye movie underage level. "You want this?" he teased as hegyrated more."Oh yessss, I really want it, I want you, and I want it in me!" Tristanbegged, the love and the lust shining from his eyes in the subdued light.David finished his strip tease then by slipping his boxers down his legsand twirling them over one forefinger while slowly bumping his hips intime. Now that David was closer, Tristan could see the shiny streaks ofprecum flowing from the tip of his cock since David's foreskin hadretracted almost entirely from the glans.Tristan pulled David down onto the bed, their lips finding each other's ina passion filled kiss. "You want me inside you?" David rumbled in a lowvoice to Tristan."Yes, I really underaged porn torrents do," Tristan said as he searched David's eyes with his own."I want to feel you in me and have you make love to me tonight. Youhaven't done it to me for so long.""Tris, I didn't know you wanted it. You underagesex girls pics always seemed to like being theone who did it to me," David said quietly."I do love being on top" Tristan said looking down with his thumb slightlymoving against David's hip, "but I want to have you in me this time andphysically feeling your love surrounding and filling me, OK?""OK Tris, like I told you, tonight I'll do anything for you," David leaneddown and planted a tender kiss on Tristan's nose.Tristan rolled over to his back while pulling David on top of him. Theylaid like that, belly to belly, hard cock pressed against hard cock.Tristan's hands dropped down to cup David's bottom cheeks and they began tokiss passionately. Their precum mixed as their leaking cocks rubbed againsteach other, sending waves of sensuous delight through their bodies. Davidteased Tristan's nipples with his fingertips as they kissed, making Tristanmoan, "Oh God David, you are making me so hot."David started underage cp kdz moving down with his kisses, covering Tristan's neck, thenhis collar bone, and then he sucked and licked at Tristan's nipples. Heglanced up to see Tristan's eyes were closed as he rapturously enjoyedDavid's attentions. Next David moved further down as he traced a coolliquid trail down Tristan's hot skin with his tongue.Tristan moaned out his delight continuously as David kissed and nibbled hisway further down. Finally David had reached Tristan's groin area and hislips brushed Tristan's throbbing cock. "Yessss, David, suck it, suck itpuh-lease."David did as he was asked immediately. His lips encircled Tristan's fatcockhead while his tongue probed the slit. Tristan writhed and began tobuck underneath David. Sensing that Tristan was getting overheated too soonDavid gaypussyeatingunderageattempt backed off. He began sucking and kissing Tristan's balls, pushingthem around with his tongue. Tristan underage foto gallery lifted his legs and spread them wide,giving David unrestricted access to his bottom region.David's tongue moved down and began lightly tracing the ridge of skin belowTristan's balls. Tristan lifted his legs higher, giving David all the roomhe needed to continue. David followed that little line of puckered skinfurther with his tongue until he realized he was very near Tristan's hole.There was a slight odor which to his amazement David found to be erotic.He kissed Tristan's pucker, softly at first, then with great confidence asTristan made noises of great pleasure.David let his spit flow onto Tristan's pucker, coating it thoroughly beforeinserting his middle finger slowly and gently. At first, Tristan tensed upand his ass ring resisted but then he relaxed. David's finger slid insmoothly and he began to probe cautiously, moving his finger slightly inand out. His finger hit an area of firmer tissue and when it did,Tristan's inarticulate cries of pleasure rose in pitch and volume whileprecum drooled out of Tristan's cock."Oh David, don't ever stop doing that," Tristan said while his handsclenched at the sheets as spasms of pleasure roared through his body asDavid massaged Tristan's prostate.Hearing those words, David became braver and slowly inserted anotherfinger. Now he was working Tristan's ass with two fingers and Tristan wasloving it. David was sure his cock had never been underaged models sexy harder. It was stickingup against his belly and the juices were running down the shaft.Tristan whispered in a barely audible voice, "Please, David, please."David stopped what he was doing to ask, "What Tristan?""Please let me feel you inside me now, I want you so bad," he whimpered.David aligned himself and was able to slowly push his way into Tristan."Oh man Tristan, I had forgotten how hot and how good it feels doing itthis way," David whispered. He began to move, slowly at first and thenwith great force and speed as xxxunderage Tristan urged him on. David began to pistonin and out, jabbing his slightly up-curved cock into Tristan's prostatewith every stroke.Tristan was rising up on every down stroke of David's, their skin slappingtogether and Tristan uttering a grunt of pleasure each time. "I'm so closeDavid," he said as he began to tense. David pushed Tristan's hands abovetheir heads and intertwined their fingers. Scant heartbeats later Tristanreached his climax and he began to scream out his passion. As soon as Davidfelt Tristan's asswalls constrict, he went over the top too. He rode thewaves of their mutual orgasm as he tried to bury his entire body into hislover. They shuddered through a mutual orgasm that seemed like it wouldnever end. Finally the earth stopped quaking and they laid there, panting.David laid his head down on Tristan's chest as his dick slipped out.Tristan rubbed David's back as they kissed time and time again, murmuringtheir love to each other. As their hearts slowed and their bodies cooledTristan pulled the covers over them. Warm once more, they feel asleep thatway, David lying on Tristan with Tristan's arm wrapped around him.***************************Whew! This chapter has taken me a long time to do. So much has happenedin the intervening time since I posted last. Something I need to tell allof you is a piece of very sad news that I received not too long ago. I hadbeen wondering why I hadn't been hearing from Luke and Adam, those twolovers I have told you about before. Do you remember them? Adam was gayand loved Luke and through this story convinced Luke to understand whatloving another man can be like. Real life can be surreal underage pussy eating sometimes and thenews I received from Luke broke my heart. Adam was fatally injured in acar accident where he lived while Luke was at work. Luke made it to thehospital in time to spend the last hour of Adam's time on earth together.Adam and Luke pledged their undying love to each other before Adam died inLuke's arms while Adam's mother was present. This is an absolutely trueevent! underage prettens So now Adam is with the angels in heaven and Luke tells me he feelsAdam's presence with him every day. I told Luke that when you find trueLove, you should always grab it with both hands and we both remarked howgood it was that they were able to share their love before Adam was takenfrom him by a person who ran a stop light. So now Luke is rebuilding hislife, step by step. This chapter is dedicated in the memory of Adam andthe love he came to share with his best friend, Luke.I must also mention that this chapter was finished late one nightimmediately prior to me going to see another Angel, my foster son. I methim through this underage women story and he adopted me to be his foster father. 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