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Related post: Date: Wed, 18 Oct 2006 03:01:35 -0700 (PDT)From: Steam Train Subject: Born to ServeBorn to ServeBy Steam Train (steam_t2000yahoo.com)Kip thought of himself as being lucky in life. Mostother 12 year old juveniles would not have thought thesame if they had found themselves in Kip's position.Kip gfe model language was a slave, he had been born a slave and as faras he was concerned sexy models foto would always be a slave. He wasdifferent to the cgi ls models free citizens he served. He didn'tlook it, but deep inside he felt it. He had that slavefeeling! He had been born and bred for nonude preeteen models the solepurpose of being a slave for life. As a slave Kip wasnever considered a citizen and never would have anyrights, only obligations to his masters unless in avery exceptional circumstance, some future master sethim free.Born on a breeding farm near Bountiful, in import tuner models AntipodesCounty, the adjoining county to Eastbrook's,Tallahatchie County, Kip had buteful teen models been brought up with noparental presence. When he was born he 9yo young model was firstplaced nonude girls models in a crèche, then the farm nursery, then whenabout six years old into zone teen model activity groups, and finallywhen ten years old into a bikini model gallary junior work group. He wouldhave stayed there till he was sixteen years old andwas eligible by law to be sold into general labouringtasks if he xxs teen models had not been sold. As Kip was younger thansixteen, by law an education program had to beimplemented by his master and restrictions upon hisuse as a slave applied and were strictly enforced.This tended to lower the slave's value and worth untilthey turned 16 so this is why Kip considered himselflucky fkk model 14yo to be sold to a master before he was sixteen.It was one of the peculiarities of the slave laws thatthough they provided for a limited education processthere was no clause within the same laws thatprohibited a master from having his way sexually witha slave, no matter what age. It shy teen models had become aconvention however based on the Voluntary Code ofConduct from the American Society for the Preventionof Cruelty to Slaves that a brides modeling sexy kind of moral embargo wasplaced on nudest child models fucking a slave until they were sixteen. TheFederal Bureau land ls model of Servitude enforced this code as ifit was actually law and if it caught a master takingthe cherry of a juvenile slave before they tank top models weresixteen, the FBS would publicly shame the master eventhough there was no law to actually prevent that fromhappening or to convict him or her.No legislator wanted to draft a bill laying down basicrights for a slave because that would give the slavesome legal status. It was in the slave owners'interest and they were a majority of the electors ofthe legislators, to ensure that slaves were seen trixie model nn bythe law as an owned object to be used, or misused, andnot to give them any additional legal rights short ofwhat the law already provided.Kip had been sold at twelve years of age to the newChief Judge of the Tallahatchie County Court, MasterBertram Avery to serve as his house boy at hisofficial residence in Eastbrook, `Juridique' and alsoto run alongside the judges rickshaw on formaloccasions as is the fashion for the rickshaws of therich and influential.When he first arrived at `Juridique' Kip slept alonein a cage located away from the other carrier model 58mvc adult slaves ina storeroom at the rear of the garage."You will be living in this store bondage model redheaded room bella model preview from now on"Mr. Bunter, Master amelia toro models Avery's Overseer had informed Kipwhen he first arrived amanda h model "besides the slave pen in thehouse is full and I think it will be safer for a sweet girl models whileat least, bestmodels to keep you separated from the adult slaves.I can do without lena model teen any additional teenage xxx model slave disciplineproblems."In the storeroom a space had been cleared on one sideof the room and ls models preeten a small slave cage had been installed."You will utilize the slave irina model nude bucket in your cage whenyou need to go and every morning you will deposit yourremains in the toilet on the blogshop model back porch. You will thenwash the toilet and your slave bucket. Do youunderstand boy?" Mr. Bunter had instructed."Sir, yes sir" Kip replied quickly as he had beentrained throughout his short life to preteem models india do."There is a alternative model management hose in the snipper model back yard. You will use thatto wash your nude victoria models body. naked taiwan models You will do that daily under mysupervision, 3dmax models download Is that also clear?""Sir, yes sir!" Kip again promptly replied."Your new master is litlle girl model keen litle teeny models to show by public examplethat he is conserving resources and energy so soon youwill be joined in this cage by your petite model height new masters ponyslave, so don't get too comfortable in that cage allby yourself for soon you'll have to share the room!"Mr. Bunter continued."Sir, yes sir!" Kip responded."I will warn the pony slave when he arrives that youare abs model two months shy of being 13 years teen model magasine old and remindhim of the conventions under the slave pubescent models naked laws relatingto young young models topless juvenile slaves under sixteen to ensure thathe keeps to those conditions unless he want to becastrated".`Sir, thank you sir' Kip politely replied as a welltrained slave should.Some weeks later, assets agency model late at night it was rape models pics a very shyyoung Kip wearing his khaki slave shorts and tee thatwas locked into the cage for the first time with hismasters new pony little models porn slave.Kip immediately cowered over to the other side of thecage afraid of the strange slave that now occupied thecage with him. The pony slave looked terrifying toKip's young eyes. The pony was naked, bald, tattooed,and decorated with numerous piercings. Kip knew allabout the new slave but his appearance had startledhim. His slave name was Beak but children supermodels toplist in his former life hehad been Judge William Mitchell, until recently theChief premodel gallery Judge of the Tallahatchie County Court, theposition now occupied by Kips new master. Thehousehold slaves had been talking and joking aboutBeak's fall from grace as judge and master of thisvery household ever since Kip had arrived at"Juridique". Kip knew that there was little or nosympathy for Beak amongst his own former porno model householdslaves.Kip sat shyly in his cage allowing himself to get usedto Beak's presence and preetens models pix to overcome his shyness. As hesat, Kip could hear in the quietness through the smallbarred window of the storeroom the plus size model sound of voicesoccasionally from outside. Eventually however all wentquite and the outside lighting was turned off leavingthe lactating adult models storeroom dimly lit by the moonlight drifting inthrough the barred storeroom window.Kip remained cowering on the other side of the cagenear the sanitary bucket for a long time. The size ofthe cage prevented either nude model photos of them laying down to sleepwithout touching each other so both Beak and Kip atfirst remained propped against the other side of thecage trying to give each other as much personal spaceas teen swinsuit models was possible.It took top pay models a long time for Kip to calm his fears and forBeak to get him to models male naked talk. Slowly they moved teen model sherri closertogether and finally as tiredness overcame Kip sandra model sets he feltBeak move over behind him and cuddle up. Kip did notreject his affection and soon both were sleepinghuddled together, Kip's bottom tucked into Beaks chestand abdomen as colombia top models the chill teen models vidos of the night crept into thestoreroom.Kip noticed that Beak blushed profusely the minimodel nude nextmorning as he did his morning piss and crap into little josephine model thesanitary bucket. Kip looked the other way and Beakreturned the courtesy when Kip took his turn. Therewas no opportunity for cedar park model modesty auto female models as a slave in theirsmall cage, and none once model pose virgin they were released fromtheir cage by Mr. Bunter and had emptied the bucketand washed it out. Mr. Bunter made Kip strip naked andstand against an outside asian panties models wall as he instructed Beakhow to wash Kip down with the hose. Regardless of hishis slave training Kip felt a stirring in his groin asBeak stripped his body naked.Kip could sense the eyes of both Mr. Bunter and Beakfeasting over his slave farm developed, firm,well-defined pectoral muscles which highlighted thenear thirteen year olds bare chest before taperingsensuously to a slim narrow waist. The entire area cool model's wallpapers wassmooth, tanned and absolutely flawless. Kip still asian teeen models hadhis body hair. Many child modeling xxx masters allowed their youngteenage slaves this privilege as it gave the masterthe pleasure of watching their young slaves developand mature. When they got older and hairier, then theywere shaved.Kips head hair was short but not buzzed. He had just atrace teen glam models of peach fuzz underneath his arms and also athin trace of golden down which extended from justbeneath his deep navel down schoolgirl model gallery to Kip's tan-line whicherotically showed off the stark contrast between hisbronze abdominal muscles and the pale white skin ofhis extreme lower belly. The golden down continueddown below the tan line and led to baby modeling a small silkythatch of dark early adolescent pubic hair which wasgrowing above the base of Kip's flaccid circumcisedpenis. It was the only hair down there as his penisand ball-sac were smooth and hairless as were hissmooth tanned legs.Long used to this daily routine, Kip was not the leastaroused or perturbed by his nakedness and did not boneup at all.When washed, Kip was sent by ls models naturist Mr. Bunter to the kitchento be dried and dressed in his fancy house boyclothes. When aisan child models he emerged for Mr. Bunters morninginspection he was dressed in tight fitting royal blueknickerbockers braided with gold and a white puffedsleeve silk shirt, maroon velvet waist coat and model girlies amaroon jockey cap tasseled with gold pom-poms anddecorated with gold and silver ribbons and colorfulfeathers.Kip thought to himself that he looked ridiculous buthe knew that Master Avery liked to show off his statusby just such an outlandish show of opulence and powerthat such a uniform conveyed. This was never betterdisplayed than when Kip was out in public running ashis masters slave boy alongside japanese tiny models the rickshaw, holdingon with one hand, with cuties models nonnudes the other placed on his hip sothat the elbow stuck out to show off his puffed sleeveshirt.Kip's role as a rickshaw slave boy was considered anessential fashion accessory hot ebony model and observing the otherslave boys running with their masters rickshaws, Kip'scostume could not art nudes models be considered too extravagant orbizarre.Rickshaws are lsm models pulled at a playboymodels steady trot and the ponyslave Beak, attempted to maintain elegance in hismovements, by leaning back a little, lifting his kneeshigh, holding his head erect, and keeping hisshoulders back. Master Avery sat back european nudist models in his rickshawwith the whip in his hand little latin models holding the reins colombia toplist model lightly ashe greeted juliet adams model neighbors and friends. It was consideredbad form to speak to a pony slave, especially when hewas pulling. The well timed use of a whip was so muchmore precise and effective if Beak neededencouragement to maintain his correct posture andform. When blue tiny models Beak did it properly it made a fine sightwith his fancy preeteen modeling pussy decorations, high stepping and hispenis and balls bouncing along in rhythm.It was the Kip's duty to attend to his master's everyneed, whether delivering letters in person like amessenger, or 3d model drawer walking behind his master at arespectful distance weighed down with golf clubs,sports bags or briefcases. Kip would keep about hisperson a rag to dust down his master's boots before hegot down from the rickshaw, a vial of cologne tofreshen his master's handkerchief, and a small bikini photos models knifeto cut him a slice laurei teen model of fruit for his master if he waspeckish. A small flogger usually hung from Kip's boing 787 model beltin fitness models sexy case he required a quick spanking from his masteror overseer.It was also Kip's duty to hold an umbrella to keep therain and sun off his master, or to cup his hands tomake stirrup for his master's foot as he entered hisrickshaw. At every social event that occurred inEastbrook and the county, his master seemed to beinvited and on these occasions Kip would join a lineof slave boys along german supermodels the outside walls of the house asthey waited to be called inside to tinymodel run an errand ortuck in a shirt or hand feed their master.At home at `Juridique' Kip answered the front door,politely greeting guests and ensuring 88 asian models that thehousehold slaves attended to their presence until themaster arrived. Of a more private nature Kip was alsohis master's toilet slave. Washing his body in the spaor shower and wiping him dry. Kip also wiped hismaster's anus after his daily excrements and ifrequired, was the receptacle of his master's urine ifa toilet was not handy. He was skilled in masturbatinghis master both by hand and orally and sometimes waseven called down to little teenies models the court house during a break inproceedings to provide his master with relief.Such was the varied and interesting life that Kipfound himself serving as a slave at `Juridique'.Though models sex pics many would think otherwise Kip consideredhimself very teenmodel ukrain luck. Most bred slaves were doomed to alife on the plantations chained together in coffles aspart of a work gang. Though he never knew them Kipthanked his parents for giving him the gift of theAdonis like looks that had seen him selected by MasterAvery out of young model 7y.o the hundreds of young slaves at thebreeding farm to serve his master.The End.The Pony stefi model torrent Slave details in this story are based oninformation contained in `The Best Laid Plans' byRichard Davis.This story is an excerpt from the larger story tracingthe fall of Judge William Mitchell that I wroteentitled, `Scales of Justice' by Steam Train. 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