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tactical map for Hacku San...NATO copy.

21 June 2019 - 07:20 AM

This is the NATO copy of the Hacku San plateau 

Maps for Casino

22 May 2019 - 09:43 AM

Hi all, huge thanks to MattB for these.


Maps are attached for this weekends epic Cold Warness.

Casino Mission breif.

22 May 2019 - 09:39 AM

Red Mist 29 – ‘Casino’

 Mission Brief.


Day 5 – 3 days ago an ambush encounter left the 2ndArmy force supply chain heavily damaged.  Enough vehicles got through to continue the push to Termoli, but Warpac have put a very tight margin for success on the 2ndArmy group. Intelligence gathered from a number of Warpac CPs however has indicated a number of basecamps that have been set up along the highway.  One of these was a main operations HQ for the whole Warpac ambush endeavor.  With the airfields and docklands only 4 days away, 2ndarmy command has ordered a number of US and UK forces to split off the main roads and find these base camps, eliminate them and end Warpac’s ability to flank the advance.  Supplies are limited to both units, NATO force will be restricted to using semi auto only and very shot bursts on LMG’s.  


Location: Mountain range west of Casino city.


With the intelligence gathered from Warpac CPs, the Nato hunter force is pushing out west into the vast mountain ranges to find and illuminate the any staging camps and enemy supplies.  Mean while the mobile element of 2ndarmy are continuing along the E45 to Marzanello, then up onto the SS85 to Persche. From there it’s a straight road along the SS650 to San Salvo Marina and the main staging area for the assault on Termoli.  If the hunter group fails its mission list it may be impossible for 2ndArmy to make the journey along the SS85 to Perche.   


Meanwhile Warpac have not been idol.  With moderate success on the ambushes so far, the Southern Italy command has been re-tasked to the East German commander as it was his staff that worked out NATO’s plan to land troops at Termoli and what 2ns Army is trying to do.  What they don’t know is that hunter units have been deployed to find there supply stashes and CPs and destroy them.


Warpact objective for Day 5.

Keep supplies safe and moving to the ambush units operating over the mountain range.  Knowing that NATO’s 2ndArmy is looking at moving up the SS85, anti tank land mines have the highest priority!  All Warpac needs to do is slow the 2ndarmy down enough to remove their support to the landings at Termoli.  A large repelling force is being deployed to meet 3rdArmy. 


NATO objective for Day 5.

Locate as many supply caches and anti Armour weapons as possible and destroy them.  If the chance to knock out the Warpac HQ presents itself, it must be taken.


Both sides want to keep control of the region whilst operating in it, this will be done by 3-5 CPs in the field.


Mission briefs.


Warpact Mission brief 

·      Keep control of 50% of the supply caches.

·      Keep the supply routes open to operating ambush units.

·      Locate and destroy any mobile supply packs and hinder the ability for NATO to operate.


NATO Mission brief

·      Arrive and establish an HQ in the field.

·      Using mobile supply packs begin the search for CPs and weapons cache.  Look for codes.  You will have the actual code list already.  It will just be a case of locating and identifying them.

·      Send THE Engineer team to destroy marked targets. (Take code with you afterwards)



As with all things awesome and cold war we may add other objectives as we go and Day 6 will roll on from what happens during Day 5.


We have never used this site before so if things progress too fast we have a plane to use regroups to reset locations if needed.


Both sides will be issues with radio packs.

SOE - Chancers. A WW2 adventure.

03 April 2019 - 10:44 AM

FilmSim events and Gunman Airsoft is proud to present...

WW2 Operations weekend
SOE – Chancers
July 27th 2019
Gunman Eversley, Hampshire.
£25 deposit, £20 on the day.
All bookings MUST be done through the http://www.gunmanairsoft.co.uk website.
Limited tickets. 20 French resistances, 10 SOE. 20 Wehrmacht, 10 SS. 
AEG will be limited to 30 rounds in a mag!

June1944 – France – The Day after the uprising.

It’s only a few weeks since the D-Day landings and the French resistance, in collaboration with the British SOE have been very busy at work disrupting and destroying the German war machine. Their critical strikes across the country have been a huge asset to the landing troops but now the hunt for them is on. Our story follows on from the last event the brave souls the unit working in a number of hamlets just south of Verdun. The D-Day Landings have become very serious and it has become clear the assured belief the enemy of the Reich would be crushed on the beaches was as bloated as the dead Wehrmacht officers in the ditches around the Hamlet of Chez Bois. 
The small garrison that was left in the hamlet have all been killed and the main force in the Southern district of Verdun have also been engaged. A unit of deadly SS have tipped the scales however as their presents was as much of a surprise to the Wehrmacht commander as the resistance and SOE operatives. Chance has changed things.

This game will start Saturday morning and using the Nam style of game will unfold as it goes with lots of missions for the Allies to try and pull off. Civilians (unarmed) can move around freely with their ‘papers’ and attempt shenanigans on the now suspecting Germans. If the Alarm is raised and SOE\FR are captured, this will slow the chances for success. Ticking bombs, ambushes and survival will be the order of the day for the Allies, where as before security, arrests and domination was the Germans opening game, this time the hunt for SOE in British uniforms and gun wielding French resistance will be their open….and this time they have the help of French traitors. Unlike a battle weekend, this will relay heavily on role-play, spirit of the game and everyone sticking to the brief. If you want a shooty game, this WONT BE IT!!

SIDES restrictions.
SOE – Civilian or British smocks (we can provide smocks if needed)
FR – Civilian only
German Wehrmacht Solders – Field Grey
Luftwaffe ground crew – Field Blue
SS posted – Field Grey or Peadot

NO US, but US equipment is fine for SOE and French resistance as part of they equipment.

Can everyone try to run bolt action rifles rather than AEG death. We will have around 10 spring bolt-action rifles and shotguns to hire out for £20 each if needed. 

Hi all and welcome to the next incredible and awesome WW2 scenario.
If this is your first WW2 game, welcome to the FilmSim experience. FilmSim is all about the story and how people react to situations in game. Its very role-play and the action (using airsoft) is normally fast and furious. We will be using the full FilmSim rules and 300 rounds loaded in mags.

WE HAVE TWO PUBS ON SITE!!!!! Friday and Saturday night socials will be hosted at ‘The Spitfire’ and ‘le Pomme’

To all the regular players, huge thanks for your continued support of these games and we need your help to continue to grown the World War 2 scene.

Bookings will open soon here http://www.gunmanairsoft.co.uk

For pics of our epic events check out http://www.wyvernlarp.com

The GI Weekender 2019 - Battlefield Europa 2119

06 March 2019 - 01:42 PM

More to follow very soon