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Related post: Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2007 11:53:16 -0700 (PDT)From: Jack Frost Subject: Moving On - Chapter 9Moving On - Chapter lo bbs guestbook NineBy Jack FrostA special thanks to teen picture bbs Sharon for the excellent editing work!Un remerciement special a Francois pour la correction des textes francaiset fozya bbs pics pour le " betareading " !!! And finally, many thanks to a certain goat with sunglasses, ru sex bbs CJames thebetareader! The day after the uneventful moment I had with Cecile, there was ahuge bbs nubiles weekend snowstorm that developed into a huge nor'easter, and onMonday, it brought blizzard conditions all over the state and the northernparts of the East Coast. The day after the storm that brought over a footand half of snow, a strong clipper cold japan bbs forum rika front passed by, bringing strongwinds and the temperatures plunged into single digits with wind chill downto twenty below zero. That angel model bbs caused a huge mess on the state roads becausethe salt wasn't very effective in extremely cold temperatures, so theinterstate and state highways were shut down because of poor, dangerousdriving conditions. Country roads weren't any better, so schools had tocall off classes for a week, giving the students a weeklong vacation as weentered into a new weekend. So my friends and I killed time by staying ateach other's houses, and we slept over three nights straight. Mrs. Lemoureaux trusted us to leave Matt boys bbs forum with us as she and Benwent out to get some pizza. As they came home and pulled into the driveway,we had the lights off and were already hidden behind the couch, plottingagainst Ben. "Shhh, Krist, or he'll hear you!" I hushed in a soft, tense breath,"You too, Matt, farme-la!" (Shut up!) I covered his mouth in case my Frenchwasn't clear enough to him, "Ok, here he comes. Don't even breathe," Ihissed. The door wiggled around and girls darkbbs nudist opened slowly. "...3...2...1..." All of us, me, Krist, Matt, Alex, and Jake jumped out from behindthe couch as Ben turned on the lights. He jumped back, scared shitless bythe surprise. "What the shocking porn bbs fu..." he started to say. "Happy Birthday Ben!" we all chanted, "Bonne Fete!" (HappyBirthday!) Matt happily said after us. "But...but...how did you all know?" Ben asked as he stood straightrecovering from the surprise. "M'man et moi leur avons dit, y'a quelques jours, ben oui," (Mumand I told them bbs younger teen few days ago, of course) Matt responded. "Matt and your mother told me a few days ago and we ended upplanning a little party for you," I smiled and put a pink bow on hishead. ls dreams freedom bbs Then Krist came over and added a rainbow colored Hawaiian lei aroundhis neck. Alex took svens bbs top list off the bow to put on a black birthday hat with a big"17" password bbs on the front, and then put the bow on the top of the hat. "Fuck, you're gonna make me look ls barby bbs all retarded," said Ben. "That's exactly our intention," Krist smirked. Ben's eyes widened as he turned to where Jake was, holding hisdigital camera. "Ah, c'mon Jake, not the camera," Ben moaned. All of us gathered quickly around Ben, giving goofy smiles whileBen rolled his eyes as the flash went on. Here we are, at Ben's tocelebrate his 17th birthday, and I and my friends intended to make it thenoisiest moment around the whole lake. "Alors?" (Well?) Matt asked us, "Where's the cake?" "My mum'll bring her homemade chocolate one later," Krist smiledproudly, "Her treat!" "Where's your mom?" I asked Ben. "At Unimart. She forgot to get some soda for us with the pizza,"Ben said, "It's taking her a little time as the roads are still hell." "Unimart? Oh! Orloski. We never call it lsmodels free bbs Unimart. Before it gotsold, it used to be Orloski for years and that name has been stuck in ourvocabulary since," I noted little girl model bbs to Ben about our convenience mart a mile downthe road that links the lake to other communities in the mountains. A little later, Mrs. Lemoureaux came in with five boxes of largefresh pizza from King's. King's has teen forbidden bbs been in the area for years and italways makes one of the best pizzas in bbs school girl town. It's right on 309 near Birna'scoffeeshop, kds fucking bbs and it also makes good Italian dishes as hot kds bbs well. "Finally, food!" Krist exclaimed as he went to Mrs. Lemoureaux tocarry the pizza to the kitchen for her. She thanked him and greeted therest of us. "Matt, va pogner fre young bbs les cokes dans' valise d'auto, s'il te plait."(Matt, go get the soda in the car trunk, please.) Matt went out to do whathe was told. bbs sisters "Krist, I understand your mother will be bringing pt nn models bbs the cake over,no?" she asked him as she walked into the kitchen to get the paper plates. "Yes, she'll be here when I call her after we finish our pizza," hereplied as he took two big pieces to his plate, and went to the living roomto decide which movie to watch. "Boys, it's..." she began to call out, but stopped looking at us asshe saw Matt holding the two cartons of Coca-Cola, but in his mouth was abag of two wrapped presents obviously meant for Ben. She sighed, "Matt, no,on est bbs voyeur fotos pas pret a les y donner! Mets-les dans ma chambre." (Ah Matt,no. We're not ready to give them to him. Put them in my bedroom.) She saidas Ben sniggered. "Non, je les hairy teeny bbs veux asteure," (No, I want them now) he told hismother in a pouting voice. Mrs. Lemoureaux rolled her eyes and gave him hisplate of pizza. We all sat down in the living room, on the couch and the floor,watching some movie that Krist had picked out for us. Mrs. Lemoureaux askedus few questions to get to know more about us. She Young cuties bbs also added a fewembarrassing anecdotes bbs xxx little about virtual child porn bbs Ben's childhood that caused Ben to blushfuriously. "M'man, arrete..." (Mum, stop...) he glared at her. "Ah, mon cheri, mais ce sont de vraies histories de toi quandt'etais un enfant cute!" (Ah, my dear, but they're true stories of you whenyou were a cute child!), stressing the last word as she continued to teasehim a little more before stopping. Matt started to giggle. "Matt, commence pas, ou sinon je leur dirai c'que tu faisais quandtu etais un enfant pisseux," (Matt, don't start, or otherwise I'll tellthem what you used to do as a sissy child.) Ben said in a verystraightforward tone, and then Matt shut himself up right after that to eatthe last pieces of his pizza. We continued to watch the movie till we werehalfway through. Alex, hearing something, turned and looked at the window. "What's that noise?" he asked Mrs. Lemoureaux, who went up to thewindow and pulled back the curtain to see out. She squealed in joy andlooked at Ben, all smiles. "Oh Ben, your father is home and brought someone from faraway tosee us," she said in English, intending for all of us to understand. Ben appeared to have no clue who that might be, but then but thenlooked surprised, poo poomix bbs "No, it can't be..." and went up to the door. Matt seemedto get a clue too and followed behind him. I decided to join them as well,just out of curiously. Ben opened the door and we all saw his dad coming out of the car,but there was another person coming out as well. Who is that? I squintedmy eyes to see more clearly in the fading light of dusk. A guy, little prteen bbs lookingaround 19 or 20, and he was a few inches taller than Ben's dad. He went tothe trunk of the car, bending down, obscenely flaring his ass all boundedin his jeans. Holy shit was all I could say in my mind. My gay muse hintedto me that I should just go and hump him young nudist bbs there as he was asking for it. Hepulled out his big black duffel bag and turned to us. Obviously, thetemperatures were still in the single digits, he was wearing his winteroutfitters. His curly blond hair poked out in a ring around his toque. Hisface has the same skin color as Ben but the facial features were toodifferent to be similar to Ben's, yet he was every bit as cute as Ben. "Adrien!" Matt called out to him and ran to him to give him a bighug. Adrien? Ben's brother? All smiles, Ben followed Matt to overwhelm hisbrother adding another hug alongside Matt's. They all started to babble inFrench, and their dad joined into the conservation, pointing at the door totell them to get inside and out of the cold. As they all walked back inside, Mrs. Lemoureaux was delighted tosee her oldest boy again, and she went towards him to give him a kiss onhis cheek. "Jette les bagages la-bas pis viens manger de la pizza et du cokeavec nous," (Throw the bags over there and eat some pizza and coke with us)she said. "How did he get here with all of the roads snowed over?" I askedBen. "He ypung bbs took the train from New York City. Dad spent an hour drivingslowly to pick him tgp svens bbs porn up," he answered. "Boys," Mrs. Lemoureaux photo hard bbs illegal called out to get our attention as Adrienstood next to her, holding his pizza, "This is Adrien, my oldestson. Adrien, the blond over there is Krist," Krist waved at him, "The Asianguy sitting next to him is Alex, then to the left, Jake." She looked aroundand saw me, "Oh! I almost forget, that cutie sitting next to Benoit isSteph," she winked at me. Ben snorted into a giggling fit and I blushed sohard. "Yeah, I love you too," I told her, smiling. "Salut! Erm, I meant to say...hey," Adrien said to all of us andwent to sit next to Ben and Matt, joining into the group. "C'est quoi ca?" (What's that?) he pointed at the movie on TV. "C.R.A.Z.Y.," Krist responded, apparently understood Adrien'spointing, "Interesting movie. I saw the DVD on the top of the TV, so Idecided to put it in for all of us to watch. So far from what I'm seeingit's about a boy growing up in the 60's and 70's who was quite confusedabout his sexuality, and he worked quite hard to please his fatherconcerning that matter by sticking to the girls," he explained. "Yep, my favorite bbs guestbook young movie," Ben nodded teen bbs magazine and quickly appeared torealized what he has said, "Oh, because ranchi rompl bbs the time setting in the cp ls bbs moviereflects very well on Quebec during these decades." "Honestly, I wish someone could tell him there's nothing wrong notbeing with girls, and he should've faced his father about it. But again,it's like thirty years ago, can't expect people's thinking back then to bethe same as now," Krist continued, "Oh well, it's cool." What was Kristtrying to ls bbs ukraine pull here? Has he been getting hints about me or about Ben? Oreven about...me and him? I don't know, so far he seems to be relaxed and atease saying all of that stuff. Ben caught the hint of concern on my face,and elbowed me to snap out of it before anyone else noticed. I should stopthinking too much as it makes me zone out too long.I watched Ben talking to Adrien, in French obviously. I heard himmentioning my name several times and caught Adrien taking a look at me acouple of times, appearing to be thinking over what Ben was telling him. "Interessant," (Interesting) he said, "It's really nice what you'vebeen doing to him lately," he smiled at me. Ben winked at me, assuring methat everything is ok. Like Ben, his English is very clear without havingthe accent of his native language affecting it in any way. His small teen bbs voice andhis features are sexy as hell, obviously like his own brother. It must runin the family I guess. Adrien was paying attention to the movie like the rest of us. Bencaught me glancing at Adrien a few seconds longer than it should've taken,so he elbowed my arm to get me to snap out of it. He smirked and pointed athimself, indicating to focus on him, not his brother. Krist eventually called his mother to come over and bring the cakethat she had made for the occasion. Mrs. Lemoureaux invited Birna to stayto have her own piece of naked lolas bbs the cake. We all gathered around the table withBen as the focal point of attention. Mrs. Lemoureaux started the birthdaysinging. "Bonne Fete," Matt, Adrien, and Mr. Lemoureaux joined with her,"Bonne Fete, Bonne Fete cher Benoit, Bonne Fete!!!" Ben smiled, and thenstopped before blowing the candles as he noticed our slight confusion onour face. "Ok, sing in English too..." loita bbs japan he backed away from the candles,smiling and waiting for fuck mpeg bbs us to finish up. Birna's homemade cake tasted delicious, and that was the reason whythe whole cake disappeared in fifteen minutes with no leftovers. "V'la, de notre part de moi et ton pere," (Here, from me and yourfather) she gave him a small wrapped box. Ben opened it and his eyes grewbig. "What is it?" Krist asked him curiously. "Oh, it's just nothing...except that it's a couple bus tickets toMontreal at the end of the month," he grinned. "Yep, you're staying with me for a week," Adrien added. "I can't wait to see home again," he went to kiss his bbs teen bbs mother,"Merci." "Ok, le mien!" (Ok, from me!) Matt anxiously showed him a box. Ben reached over the table to take teen young bbs nonude it off his hand, then put itunder the table and hiding it from our thai models bbs views, and ripped the paper off inflash. We watched him as his face suddenly turned red. He kept it hiddenunder the table to stop any of us from taking a peek at what it was. Hescowled at Matt, who went into an uncontrollable giggling fit. "Matt, un jour...un jour...j'aurai ma revanche!" (Matt, bbs kids imageboard oneday...one day...you'll have my revenge!) he growled teen cocks bbs at his brother, who wasstill giggling like hell. I went over to peek at what was under the table,realized what it was, and then I started to giggle. Ben grabbed a bag nextto him to hide the superman undies in it before the other guys dared totake a passwords bbs girls peek. "No fair!" Jake said, "I wanted to see what you got!" "You don't wanna see...trust me," hardcore bbs porn Ben smiled and stuck his tongueout. "Go get it!" Alex shouted. "Oh shit..." Ben started, but jumped 11 yo bbs out of the chair to get awayfrom Krist and Alex before they could grab the bag. Matt's giggles turnedinto hard laughter. I went to follow them. Ben tricked and confused Kristand Alex by making them go into the wrong room, and then ran out to givehimself and me a head start towards his own room. "Hey! Over there!" Jake said to them, acting as a traitor. Birna,Mr. and Mrs. Lemoureaux sat down, watching the drama spinning aroundthem. They all smiled at each other. "C'mon, in my room," Ben said. We ran into the room, slammed the door vombat bbs board kinder shut, and holding it back asKrist and Alex pushed. "Hey! Let us in!" Krist shouted through the door. Ben managed tolock the door and we let it go, giggling as they struggled to open it. "Cute undies," I whispered in his left ear. He gave me a kiss, andthrew his undies under his bed. He went child nonnude bbs to door, listened carefully, andunlocked and opened it bbs 12yo pic quickly. Krist and Alex nearly fell down. Theystraightened up and started to look around the room for that bag, but alsoto check out his room. "Nice room you got here, Ben," Krist said as his head moved around,searching. "Spill it out, show me elwebbs bbs models what you were hiding," Alex told Ben. "Why do you want to see it so bad?" Ben asked. "Nothing, we're just too curious to see why you're hiding it andwhy your little brother's laughing like hell," Krist smirked. "It's over there in the closet," Ben pointed out. Krist went overto open the door, saw the bag, and he and Alex took young stories bbs a look inside. Theireyes widened. "Porn?" Krist said, looking at us, and the took another glance,"Hmmm, nice tits on the covergirl." Alex gawked and nodded at him inagreement. Then Krist put his hand in his pocket, obviously adjustinghimself to keep his dick from showing too much in his tight jeans. young model bbs art "Put it away and take your hand out of there. No jerking in myroom," Ben grinned as Krist's face started blushing. He put the bag awayand closed the kids bbs photos door. "I wasn't going to jerk. Had to hide the hard-on better," he smiledsoftly. "C'mon, we're all men here! No need to be embarrassed for beingcursed with horny dicks. We all do it. And those who deny it are reallyfucking lying. Get it?" Ben said, with a hint of delight in his voice, "Ihad to hide it or young model bbs forum m'man would kill bbs bd sisters galleries me and Matt for flashing it around infront of the guests and not in private." "But how did your little brother get that stuff at his age?" Alexsaid, looking a little confused. "He got it in Montreal for sure. In Montreal, some shops would justsell them little angels bbs kds without checking your ID. They'd just rather make money, andbesides, the society is too liberal to go crazy over teenagers getting someporn. People see it as a natural thing for teenagers to get curious and allthat." Ben explained model bbs teen to them. "Gotcha," Alex left the room to go downstairs, probably to saveJake from bbs porn teen being alone with Matt's silliness. "C'mon guys," Krist told us. "In a sec," Ben responded and waited as Krist's footsteps fadedaway. He turned to me, grinning hard. "It has to be at least seven inches showing in his jeans," hegiggled. "Are you sure?" I winked at him. Ben gasped. "Have you seen it?" Ben poked me in the belly, "And you dared tokeep this precious knowledge from me? He's too fucking hot," he saiddreamily. "Sure I've seen it...when it was shorter than that damn finger thatyou just poked me with. I haven't seen it since we were ten," I watched hisface go red a little, "Jesus, it's my friend for crying at loud, and you'rechecking him out?" His face got even redder. "I must confess, I did it on purpose to make him look at that porn,hoping to see how he would react. I didn't think he'd react in his pants,"he smirked, pretending like he had a halo over his head, "Boys are alwaysmy weakness." "You're too cute," I kissed him on his cheek, "But what were youdoing with that girl porn? Now I think it's disgusting to see heterosreproducing." "That's not mine. That's Adrien's. It ended up being in one of myboxes for some reason. Don't ask," he rolled his eyes, "Also I was doingyou a favor since it's a bbs top pedo good cover-up if they have any idea what's goingon between us, especially when Krist picked and explained that movie alittle while ago," he paused and grinned, "Just to throw him off bbs teen site track." "Thanks, you're now the best," I told him and then I rememberedsomething else, "Oh, and another thing. Why two tickets?" I reminded him ofthat gift he'd just got from his parents. "Well, isn't it obvious enough? I told them I want kids bbs pedo to take you withme to Montreal," he smiled. "You've got to be voodoo ranchi bbs fucking joking! Me...to Canada? Holy shit! Shutup!" I nearly shouted at him like a crazy girl, "Seriously? At the end ofthe month?" "We'll talk about it later, the guys are waiting for us to get backdownstairs," Ben preeteen bikini model bbs went to close the door and locked it, "But...I want tokiss you for fifteen seconds before I get deprived of your lips for twohours," he grinned and then put his lips on mine. Ben and I went downstairs to the bbs porn video gallery living room to join in with therest of the guys watching another movie. His parents were chatting withBirna in the kitchen over hot tea and scones, deep in conversation aboutthe area and Birna was telling them all of the places they should checkout. A couple of hours later, it was getting obvious that Krist, Jake, andAlex should be getting home asian swimsuit bbs as it was getting closer to midnight. Birnatold them to get guestbook fozya bbs in her car, and she thanked Ben's parents for everythingand said that she was glad to have kind people for new neighbors. So I wentto the phone to call Mom at the hospital. "Hi, it's me. When are you coming home, Mom?" I asked her on thephone, "I know you're staying over." "I'll be home around five tomorrow. I've convinced the boss that Ineed a few days off to get some rest. It wasn't easy to convince her, but Itold her that if too many of bbs winning 11 my co-nurses are out sick because of a zeps vombat bbs cold,and she's using me often to cover their shifts, I should deserve some timeoff as well," free pedo bbs she told me in a little annoyed and tired tone, "I alreadysent George to feed the dog. I gotta go, pill time for some of thepatients. Be careful, will you? bbs top kids Love you," and she hung up. Ah good, shesent George, the bbs young girl jpg old man living next door. I almost forgot about the dog,damn.I would be staying over since no one was home, and Mom had to do a nightshift at the hospital. I hadn't seen much of my mother except for a coupleof mornings and a couple of evenings because she had been very busy at thehospital because of nurses calling out sick and the snowstorm that madetraveling harder. So sometimes she decides to sleep overnight at thehospital instead of risking her life driving on slippery roads while she'sall tired and worn out.As expected, Ben was excited to hear I would be staying over...in hisroom. His face was already showing chill bbs tgp signs that he was thinking of naughtystuff to do."Yeah, yeah, yeah, just remember we need to sleep sun bbs too. No way am I going todo that all night," I hinted at him, keeping it quietly away from Adrien'sears. He wasn't too far away in the living room, talking to his parents.We went to Ben's room to have some time by ourselves. I heard light snoringsounds coming from the direction of Matt's room, so I didn't need to worryabout him interrupting us. Ben took off his clothes, all the way down tohis undies, and then took off his undies exposing his package in front ofme."Don't get any ideas yet," Ben smirked, "This is still my room." He walkedslowly to his bed, teasing me by letting me watch his slight definedmuscles moving under his creamy white skin. He went under his bed to gethis new superman undies out. I quickly went to hold his dick to stop himfrom moving further."Not so fast, you just cannot show that to me and then put it away fornothing." I tugged nude bbspornillegal bbs it so he could move to sit on my lap. It was alreadyrock hard as he settled down onto my lap. He wiggled his bare butt aroundmy crotch, hoping to provoke teenmodel bbs forum a boner from me. I slowly stroked his pulsingstick, and my growing boner rubbing against the crack of his bare buttcaused him to let out a couple gasps. Ten seconds into the strokingsession, a voice came out."I knew it," Adrien smirked, leaning on the doorway.Ben and I jumped so high that we could've bbs pic gallery hit the ceiling. Ben climbed offthe bed, turned his back towards Adrien so he could put on his undieswithout showing his boner."Tu savais bbs artistic angels quoi?" (You knew what?) Ben asked."That he's your new boy," he grinned at our blushing faces, "And you know,when you're doing stuff, the door should be closed. Imagine uncensored teenie bbs links if m'man orp'pa had seen you. They would've had a fit for nudes teens bbs not keeping it out of theireyes...which would be keeping the door closed.""Ok, girls bbs kds enough...I get your point," Ben answered hastily."Que c'est qui se passe la? (What's image bbs girl young going on there?) Matt entered in theroom, and then he noticed Ben wearing his gift, "Oooh, que c'est nice, tonslip!" (Oooh, it's so nice your undies!) he teased Ben."Ben ouais, j'ai rien a dire autrement." (Well yeah, I have nothing to saythe otherwise.) Ben smirked at him, "En plus, j'ai l'air tellement sexy!C'est-tu correct, hein Steph?" (Plus, I'm looking so sexy now! Is thatright Steph?) he went to look at me."Huh?" I said with no idea what he just said."I asked you, do I look sexy in these undies?" he smirked. Adrien and Mattgiggled lightly at the shock on my face. He wanted me to answer in front ofthem?"Erm, yes...why?" I suspiciously asked."I knew it," Matt said, grinning like an imp. Adrien just laughed, seeingthat he repeated what he had said a few bbs dark lol minutes teen russian model bbs ago. Ben rolled his eyes."Ben voyons donc, on est-tu si evident?!?" (Oh c'mon, are we thatobvious?!?) Ben stared at his brothers."Pantoute. Crisse, vombat bbs guestbook tu t'es rendu compte qu'on sait deja que t'es fif," herolled his eyes, "Pis penses-tu qu'on a jamais remarque que t'es souvent unpeu tres poche de Steph?" (Not at vombats bbs board all. Jesus, haven't you noticed that wealready know that you're a fag? And do you think we have never noticed thatyou're often a little too close to Steph?)"Hmmm, t'as raison," (You're right.) Ben replied."What did they say?" I asked Ben, so he explained it all to me. teen angels bbs I zeps girls bbs startedto bend down a little embarrassed. Adrien laid his eyes on me, I kept myeyes down to the floor, feeling a little nervous that his brothers knewabout us, but I wouldn't react in the same way as I did with Cecile. Sofar, they didn't seem to have a problem, right? But Adrien seemed to readmy mind."Don't worry, Steph. Me and Matt knew our little bro has been a boyscrewdriver since he was eleven," Matt nodded at his statement, andAdrien's smile magic bbs girls grew bigger as he saw Ben give him a big deadly glare atthat 'boy screwdriver' remark. I snorted out a couple giggles."Not surprising, I guess," I warmly responded."It's cool, really," he added. "Yes, boy screwdriver," Matt giggling and got Ben's nasty glare aswell."Euh, I'm too tired pedo bbs sexo now. I had a long trip, so I'm going to bed. Nicemeeting you, Steph," he put out his hand, and I shook it, "Viens, Matt."(C'mon, archives bbs fresh pics Matt.)"Bye bye! Today was fun." Matt grinned at us.They went out to the door, but Adrien stopped to look at Ben. Apparentlyhe'd decided to let out one more smart comment."By the way Ben, glad to see my little bro carrying a good-sized cock likeme." Ben face grew red again, and went to close the door on him. He lockedit as well."He never really misses a chance to pedo bbs tgp forum embarrass me at certain moments," Benrubbed his face to stop it blushing, "Where were we? Ah yes, now Iremember." He took off his undies, went to turn off the lights and sat backon my lap, and we continued where we had stopped before.Once again, a special underground lola love bbs thanks to Sharon for the editing job!!!Encore une fois un remerciement special a Francois hentai portal bbs pour le " betareading "et pour la correction des textes francais !!! And finally once more, many thanks to a certain goat with sunglasses, CJames!Discussion topic on GA can be found here through the link below.http://www.gayauthor...sonbleuyahoo.caE-mails and feedbacks are ls pedo bbs highly appreciated.Copyright © 2007 by Jack Frost. All Rights Reserved. No parts of thisstory may be copied, reproduced, in print or in any other format, withoutexpress written consent from the author. 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