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Source Water Bladder

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Posted 23 April 2009 - 12:42 AM

Thanks to James for this review:

Right, decided to get a hydration carrier to fill up the empty space on the back of my yoke. After searching through ebay, I found two possible choices, the Camelbak thermobak 3litre in DPM, or the Source hydration bladder 3litre in DPM. I decided to choose the source, simply because it looked nice, and I'd never seen one before

When it finally got to me, the first thing I thought about it was 'bloody hell, this is something else!'

The DPM cover on this is made from 1000D cordura, and feels and looks extremely well made. It has a label on the back of the carrier, with an NSN number and the shoulder straps are narrow enough to be threaded through the horizontal straps on a yoke.

The shoulder straps can be stowed away inside the carrier, thanks to a pocket on the back specifically for this purpose. The carrier has 2 SR-20 nexus buckles at the top and bottom, to attach to a bergan yoke/bergan. It also has 6 D rings, 3 either side to secure it with bungees/paracord.

The carrier has a large zipped pocket on the front, giving access to the resovoir. The is also a large zipped pocket on the top, so the resovoir can be pulled out if needed. The drinking tube can be positioned on the right or left side of the carrier, since there are openings both sides.

The bladder can be filled easily whilst in the carrier, thanks to the fill cap on the front. The cap itself is attched to the bladder by a small length of paracord, so it won't go missing. The drinking straw is covered in a woven elastic type material, which is OD in colour with a pattern of small black squares on it, similar to a shemagh. The bite valve itself is very interesting, it is postioned at a right angle for ease of use, and has a dust cap on the end with a piece of paracord attached so it wont get lost.

To open the valve and start drinking, the end of the bite valve must be turned (to unlock it) then pulled outwards (to open it). This is easily done, and can be done either by hand or mouth. There is absolutely NO plasticy taste to water stored within the resovoir.

The bladder itself is made of a plastic that behaves much like glass, it is incredably shiny and water just runs off it as soon as it is applied. The bladder is tough as hell, and the grunge-guard microfibres in the bladder keep water fresh beyond a week, its true as I've tried it (as long as you suck out the air before storage, this can be done to make the resovoir more quiet too)

The resovoir is an absolute breeze to clean. The manufacturers guide say that if you only use water with it, then the only thing you need to do to keep it clean is rinse it with water. However, if you did want to give it a turkish bath, then its a breeze.

Simply remove the bladder from the carrier, slip off the retaining clip on top of the bladder, unfold the flap and hey presto, you can stick your arm in there to clean it out!

All in all, this is a great bit of kit, I'd give it a full 10/10 for shear brilliance and ease of use/cleaning.

Just to add to James' review these are available from Strikeforce http://www.strikefor...co.uk/index.php and are going for 30 quid brand new, cheaper than the Camelback. I've had mine for a year now and has faired much better than my camelbacks have.

I used to uses camelbacks a lot especially when cycling and found that after a while even with the best of care would start to stain (especially if you use sports / rehydration drinks) and it became a real faff to clean - were you cleaning gunge or a stain. The Source bladder has worked and cleaned up very well, even after being used several times to hold orange powder (which wil stain most things) it is stain free !!

It isn't shown on the website at present but if you call and speak to Jasper he can get it in a couple of days.

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