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March 5th & 6th - Open Weekend - Hertfordshire

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Posted 28 January 2016 - 03:21 PM

Gunman AIrsoft and FilmSim events proudly presents…
Silent War - Operation Lightfoot
March 5-6 2016

Game info.

Magnum Plc Job Number: 3407
Codename: Operation Lightfoot
Location: Azerbaijan, Ganja- Qazakh region near the Armenian border.

Following the collapse of the Soviet union the Caucasus region descended into chaos as old rivalries pushed newly independent nations into war with each other. One of the most bitter of these was the Armenian Azerbaijan conflict that lasted from 1988 to 1994 when a cease fire was signed.

Today the two nations are still at odds with one another over what are regarded as Armenian occupied territories. Skirmishes occasionally break out along the border and a renewed conflict continues to brew. Despite this Azerbaijan is beginning to prosper as a nation. Oil rich and with close ties to Turkey it is continuing to foster close relations with both the EU and NATO as well as maintaining links with Russia.

The Job
In order to formulate closer ties to the west Azerbaijan has agreed to deescalate the conflict with its neighbor in an attempt to bring lasting peace to the region. One step in this process is the decommissioning of the minefields strewn along the border of its Northwestern region of Ganja-Qazakh.
Several companies, working in conjunction with the UN and several charities, have been charged with clearing these minefields and allowing normal life to return to the region. The lucrative contracts awarded to these specialists has however attracted unwanted attention. Bandits, operating in an already lawless region have begun targeting the mine clearance teams. The kidnapping and holding to ransom of foreign nations, along with the theft of equipment has become commonplace and the situation has spiraled out of control.
Unable to use its only military for fear of sparking conflict in the disputed region the Azerbaijan Government has sought outside help to solve the problem. Given its recent record of working discreetly in former Soviet Republics Magnum PLC has been placed under contract by the Azerbaijan government to protect the mine clearing teams whilst operating in the region. They are to be solely responsible for the defense, and if necessary recovery of, any personnel or equipment targeted by criminal elements until the completion of the contract.

Desert Team - Magnum PMC (or Blue Armbands)
Green Team - Bandit insurgence

Welcome to another GMA Open Weekend at Hertfordshire. Games will be themed modern day scenarios using our Filmsim ruleset.

Filmsim style open days at Gunman are suitable for all levels of airsoft player, but are especially aimed at players who want slightly more realism than a skirmish game offers, while still getting plenty of trigger time and a lunch break.

The games usually last for two hours at a time and will contain several objectives and a good amount of trigger time.
Players carry two bandages, when you are shot a team-mate must get to you and apply one of your bandages to get you back in the game. When you run out of bandages you can return to the game by visiting a fixed HQ or a mobile field pack.
You may only take a limited supply of ammunition with you, but can reload at your HQ or mobile field pack at any time.
Being able to work in a team makes a big difference in these kind of games and is often essential to complete objectives.
You may bring any realistic weapon including two-tone guns as long as they do not exceed the site power limits.
Mid-cap magazines are recommended, but hi-caps are welcome within ammo limits. Rentals are available.

Prices £30 per day (Saturday or Sunday) or just £50 for both days (Walk-On).Rentals £25 per day or £40 for the weekend on top of the walk on.
Please book rentals in advance to guarantee availability.

We will be onsite from 16.00 on the Friday, so if you want to start the Social from Friday, feel free to join us, we have a large camping area and a toilet on site.
We will also have a full shop set up on site.

Teams will be identified by camo types where possible - usually desert/tan/multicam vs woodland/green/black/civvies.
If you can manage to bring a couple of sets of kit, that would be most helpful when balancing teams.
If we have a large imbalance we will use coloured armbands instead.

Where possible, we will involve vehicles in the game scenarios. We have access to soft and armoured vehicles, and we are always open to suitable player owned vehicles being used in game where practical - so get in touch if you have a military vehicle you plan to bring down.

Any questions on camo, just shout up on here etc.

Lunch is NOT provided for this event and we advise you bring plenty of water and rations to consume during game play as you will be out for up to 2 hrs a time.
Please try to be as prepared as possible with kit to save time in the morning.

Sign is open from 0800, we kick off with a mandatory safety briefing at 0930 - please aim to be on site, booked in and kitted up by then so we don't waste any game time.
We aim to be finished between 1500 and 1600.

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Posted 18 February 2016 - 04:09 PM

Right guys, event details are up.

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Posted 03 March 2016 - 05:40 PM

Me & Joe will be along on Saturday for this.

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Posted 03 March 2016 - 05:43 PM

Awesome news.  We are looking packed both days;)

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