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Related post: Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2007 16:48:31 -0700From: Krystal Simmonds - Smith Subject: Caiden and I: Part SevenSorry it took so long to come out with another installment guys life's justbeen really hectic for me and I decided to finally take some time toomyself and I started to read Nifty Stories again for the first time in avery long while and it provided the necessary inspiration to continuewriting. So here we go... If you need to get preteens cp pics caught up as to where we arein the whole dramatic situation I 100top preteen models would suggest you scan over what I havealready written in installments 1 through 6 :)Happy reading.***********************************************Disclaimer:As usual guys this is a story containing lesbian sex between two consentingfemales if it is illegal for you to read this where ever you live pleaseexit now, you have been warned. This is a true story and belongs to meplease do not steal you may enjoy it in the form it is now or you may saveit to your computer for future enjoyment but do not repost with out myconsent and do not claim ownership. KthankCaiden and IPart 7At that time I wasn't entirely sure what I had gotten myself into Tara hungup on me and when I tried calling her back there was no answer. I was toomuch of a coward to go over to her house to explain everything so I justdecided to leave things where they lay... at least until I could talk toher the following day at school... Big mistake.I woke up early Monday morning to get to school before preteen penis teen the crowd so that Icould catch Tara before she went into any of her classes and also to avoidwalking to school with Caiden as I normally did, I wasn't really ready todeal with her until I knew that Tara was ok.I waited outside the front doors of the school but there was no sign ofTara anywhere, so I reluctantly went inside to get my stuff ready for myfirst class.On my way to my locker I saw Tara sitting in one of the classroom preteens sex zoo with someof her friends speaking quietly. I went into the class and when theynoticed someone had come into the room they all turned around. I wasexpected dirty looks but nothing; I walked over to Tara to ask her if wecould talk."Tara, can you come outside for a sec there's something I want to ask you?"She hesitated for a bit then she told her friends that she would be back ina few.Tara followed me out of the side doors and towards the portables. (I don'tknow what they call them in your country but in preteen hardcore porno Canada we call themportables...they are the portable tin classrooms that most schools use tosolve the problem of over fresh preteen porn population)"So about last night..." I was shacking photo preteen rape I didn't want her to hate me but Ididn't feel right preteen porno lists being with her after what had happened between Caiden andI."Yeah what about it?" her response was cold and distant"What happened preteen kidsporn between Caiden and I... it just all happened so fast, and itgot out of control, I think that I have real feelings for her but... preteens cute I likeyou too... so I guess what I wanted to know was... what do you want?"There was a long period of silence in which Tara just looked ahead nevermaking eye contact with me."Well I don't know what you want from me and I don't know what kind of gameyour playing here, but I really like you and what you did was really messedup and gril preteen I guess it all boils down to what it is exactly that you want, ifyou want to be with Caiden then that's all you have to say I'm nude preteen board not going toforce you to love me if your in love with someone else."I wasn't expecting her to be that candid and it caught me off guard... Ihadn't thought about it going this preteens bra galleries way... I hadn't thought about what Ireally wanted, did I want to be with Caiden or did I want to be with Tara?What if I made the wrong choice and I ended up losing both of them?"When this is all over where do you see the two us...honestly?" I wanted preteen upskirts free toget a feel for the state of mind she was in."I would hope pre teen lesbos that we can remain friends but I really don't know..."This was getting more awkward by the second and I needed to give her aclear answer as to what was going on with me. So I finally grew some ballsand told her exactly what I was thinking."Tara I really like you, and I want to be with you, but at the same time Ihave always had preteen topless link a thing for Caiden and then when she finally told me thatshe felt the same way yesterday I kind of got caught up in the whole thingand things started to move faster than I wanted them to... what I'm tryingto say is that things happened between Caiden and I yesterday, things thatI somewhat regret in hindsight but all the same something that lingers andI don't thing that its fair to you to continue what we have here knowingthat I have these feelings for Caiden."I sat and I waited for her to say something. I was expecting anger andshooting...but nothing, she turned and preteen asian upskirt looked at me for the first time withnothing but hurt in her eyes I could see the tears slowly weld up in hereyes and my heart sunk... how could I have hurt this girl so much someonethat I considered one of my best friends? At that point I wanted to take itall back, I wished that I never went over to caidens I wished that I juststayed on that couch with Tara I enjoyed what we had. But it was little preteens models too latefor all of that now I had hurt her and now I was on the brink of losing oneof my only true friends.And then she spoke..."I understand, I know that I'm not what you need and have always known thatyou wanted Caiden, I could see it in the way you looked at her, smiled ather and... I guess I just wished that you could one day feel the same wayabout me... preteen asian nn but it was a long shot and I guess all that remains is ourfriendship which I hope we still have..."I was over the moon, I thought that she would wipe the floor with me andtell me to fuck off and never talk to her again... but she didn't she stillwanted to be friends and that's better than I had ever expected.I threw my arms around her and hugged her as tight as I could."You have no idea how relieved I am I thought that I was going to lose youforever, I never want you out of my life you are one of the preteen schooluniform sex most sincerepeople I have ever come across and I preteen blonds love preteen little latina you.""But not in that way right" she joked."No not in that way." I was glad that we were able to laugh about the wholething.Just then I saw Caiden making her way towards us. She stopped just a fewyards away awaiting instructions and when Tara and I both german model preteen smiled at her tocome over she started to walk towards us."Hey bbs latin preteen guys, is everything ok?" she said this in child preteen nudes a shaky voice.Tara was the first one to speak."Yeah everything is fine Krystal explained everything to me, and I reallyhope that you guys will be nn preteen jeans happy together... you deserve it" with that shesmiled and headed back into the school.We still had about 15 mins before the first bell so Caiden and I made ourway over to the Track to sit on the bleachers and talk."So I take it you talked to Tara... where do you and I stand."I still had to process everything that just went down but I knew one thingfor sure, I Loved Caiden and I wanted things to work out between us."I don't know... where do you think we stand?""I want US to be together, I Broke up with Glen last night after what wedid.""What did you tell him?" I started megan model preteen to panic because bbw preteens the last thing I wantedwas for Glen to be running around school shooting off his mouth about theresident teenage lesbians. I just wasn't ready to come out yet and I didn'treally see myself doing so anytime in the future.Caiden heard the panic in my voice and she quickly assured me that shedidn't mentioned anything about what had happened, but instead lil preteen model told Glenthat she didn't think that things were going to work out and with schoolending in a couple mixman preteen days and the two of them going to different high schoolsshe didn't see a point in continuing the relationship.I thought that that was a very ironic reason seeing as though there was agood chance that Caiden and I would be going to different high schoolsalso...but I didn't want to bring that up because I had promised Caidenthat I wouldn't go to UHS no matter what...The last couple of days of our 8th and final year in elementary school wentby quickly and uneventfully... graduation came around Caiden went with GlenI went with Nick as we had planned fro last year and the night ended withno angry words exchanged. Caiden and I went to the galerie preteen nudist house party that Tarathrough at her house (unfortunately there was parental supervision thistime...so no boozing). Caiden and I took every opportunity we had to sneakoff to the bathroom to make out... I couldn't wait to get her into bed.The party was on a Saturday night so preteen party themes luckily both our moms were out for thenight and we could do as we pleased. We decided on going to caidens houseafter the party.We didn't have a ride so we had to walk it from Tara's to Caidens... I meanour neighborhood is safe and everything but it was still like 2 in themorning so we decided to sprint to the house just to be safe.We made it home in record time and I told Caiden that I needed a shower...she said that she needed one too and I invited her to join me but shedeclined I found that unusual."Caiden it's not as if I haven't seen you naked before and you me!" I joked"Yeah but we have never seen each other that nude since we became acouple..." she said this without looking at me and I thought it was so cutethat she was actually taking the relationship seriously enough to makesomething like taking a shower together preteen upskit pigs special."So are we ever going to take a shower together?""Maybe when the time is preteen under 16 right..."She was being very stand offish and I thought that it was somewhat of aturn on...I would definitely have to work off some sexual tension in theshower.On my way up stairs Caiden call out and asked me if I wanted anything toeat and I yelled back, 'everything in the fridge' I was freaking starving.While in the shower I caught myself thinking about Caidens naked body allthose times we were in the changing room at dance practice and at schooland I never looked at her in that way... I regretted it because it wouldhave made great material for my afternoon, masturbation sessions that tookplace at3:45pm on the dot everyday since I was 12.I finished up in the shower and I went to Caidens room to get some sweatsand a tank top. When I got downstairs Caiden was going through her DVDs tofind something to watch. We settled on Monty Pythons and the Holy Grail anall time favorite of ours we can recite the entire movie. "So what did pissing preteens pics youdecide on for a snack?""I put some frozen pizzas in the oven and we have popcorn and soda""Ill take everything but the soda...do you have juice of some lemonade orsomething?" I had stopped drinking soda and all carbonated drinks when Iwas 10 and it was a great decision."I think there's juice in the basement... you can go check preteen comic erotica if you'dlike..." she smirked"You know I don't like your basement... why don't you go get it?""I don't like it down there either...""Well water it is then""Good choice."We got the pizzas and the popcorn and headed back into theT.V. room. Caiden popped the DVD In and we preteen anime cartoons sat on the floor in front of thecouch and started eating.It doesn't matter how many times I see this movie it always makes melaugh... I had a friend whose family was very religion us and her dadedited the movie and cut out all the profane preteen underwear girl bits... I thought it was ashame and I was glad that Caidens mom wasn't such preteen naturism gallery a tight ass.We finished all the food in no time and settled under a blanket on thefloor of the living room to enjoy the rest of the movie."Do you want to watch the meaning preteen imageboard cgi of life after this?" I asked her"Are you porno anal preteen planning on sleeping tonight?" she laughed"What's the point its Sunday tomorrow we can sleep all day.""So here we are in the house alone probably for the whole night and youwant to spend the whole night watching Monty Python?" She said in one ofthose 'I'm hinting to something else' kind of way... so I preteen nudist illegal decided to playalong."yes there is nothing wrong with Monty Python... we love Monty Pythonbesides its not like there is nothing else to do..." I smirked"Well I can think of a couple of other things that we can do...""Oh yeah why don't you share with the class Ms. McBraten"With that she moved her body on top of me and started to softly kiss mylips... I almost came right then and there. That the thing that I loveabout Caiden she's aggressive and you don't need to give herinstruction...but at the same time she's so sweet about it.I put my left hand on the back of her neck to deepen the models preteen galleries kiss and I put myright hand on her ass to guide her to where preteen girl picters I wanted her. With Caiden ontop of me between my legs I was in heaven. I could preteen pics galeries feel her hot soft tongueroaming my mouth while our soft lips caressed each other. Kissing Caidencould probably be better than sex... I don't know how to explain it but itwould be like kissing yourself... the other person know exactly where allthe best spots are and exactly how fast... how deep... how slow howhard... and how wet you want it... that's how I felt when Caiden kissedme...every single time.We kissed and caressed for the rest of the movie... Caiden sneaked her handunder my tank portal preteen models top and started to fondle my braless breast pinching mynipples forcing moans and groans out of my throat and into her mouth. Itwas all so erotic and before I knew it her hand was making vintage preteen its way from mybreast over my stomach and down to the waistband preteen romanian of the sweat pants... Iwanted nothing more than to preteen anime incest feel her fingers on and in me... pushed my hipsup into her hips letting her know that I needed her to touch me... she feltmy need and she slowly made her way down my body with her hand teasing medriving me insane.Finally I blurted out in frustration, "Caiden stop fucking teasing me Ineed you now please just touch me...""Baby I am touching you" she mockedI was getting so frustrated.Finally I decided to take matters into my own hands (literally andfiguratively) which was apparently exactly what she wanted me to do. Igrabbed her teasing hand and pulled it down and into the sweat pants sothat she cold feel how hot and wet I was.When her hand hit my wetness she eyes lithe up."I do all of that to you?""You know you do..."Caiden moved her lips to my ear and porn of preteens she whispered, "What do you want me todo baby?" As the many possibilities raced through my head Caiden hoveredover me with her hand on my pussy and I could barely find the floor."I want your fingers inside me... I want you preteen gay toplist to fuck me so that I can cumall over them...""I knew you were a little freak you sex preteen dream love it when my fingers are hot preteen party in yourpussy don't you?"Caiden once again positioned her head over mine with our lips inches apart."Yes..." I whispered feeblyCaiden started run her fingers up and down my slit collecting the smoking preteen pics moisterthat had collected there. She was teasing me knowing that I need her. Everytime she would come close to my clit she preteen white lilly would pull back."Caiden please I need you... now...""Ask properly..." she whispered into preteen girls undressed my mouth teasing my lips with hertongue."Please will you finger fuck me... so that I can cum all over yourfingers?""That's a good girl" she smirkedAnd with that she started to slowly slip her middle finger into me, onceshe had it in up to her knuckle I knew that I wanted more, nude naked preteen I knew that itwould hurt a little but I wanted it to."More..." Caidens eyes lithe up, "what did you say?""I want more of your fingers inside me..." I said almost ashamed.She slowly started to slip her index finger in along with the middle... Ifelt a great deal of discomfort but I knew that pleasure was soon tofollow. I held onto her hand to make sure she did pull her fingers out, Ihelped her push her two fingers into me all the way then she's started toslowly pull them out and slowly re-introduce them to my needy opening."Tell me how you want me to fuck you..." she japan preteen nude whispered before covering mylips with her own. The kiss started slow and tender but as the pleasure ofhave two fingers buried in my pussy finally made itself present I deepen ina preteen passwords forum desperate preteen twins naked attempt to get as much pleasure as humanly possible as fast aspossible. But Caiden wasn't having preteen job it... she obviously wanted to make thislast. "Answer me." She said bluntly"I want you to make me cum, I want you to fuck me slow... hard... anddeep...""You know I love it when you talk dirty like that" was all she said beforeshe did something that pushed me so close to the edge I thought I was goingto pass out.Caiden slowly and artfully curved her two fingers kristina preteen model inside me making a hook,and she touch something that made my eyes fly open and light up, I hadnever in all my hours of masturbating felt something like that... it waspainfully obvious to me that Caiden was doing a lot more exploring of herown body than I could ever dream of, I made a mental note to ask her toteach me after this."HOLY FUCKING SHIT!! Caiden don't stop....right there!! I'm gunna cum!!" Iwas screaming, panting, moaning, and grinding into the palm of her hand asshe continued to massage the upper wall of my cervix with her hookedfingers. I was going to explode I could feel the girl cum making its wayout of my pussy pass Caidens expert fingers.Caiden held onto the back of my neck with her left hand to keep me undercontrol and firmly attached to her hand as wave after was of orgasmic blisswashed over me, nothing had ever felt that incredible in my preteen sexcams life.She kept her hand inside me softly stroking and creasing my insides children preteen gallery until Iwas still, then she started to slowly pull her fingers out of me whichcaused me to jerk up and grab hold of her from the sensitivity of my pussy.When she pulled her fingers out of me and held her hand up it was literallycover in preteens hentai pics my cum (no exaggeration) it was running down the palm of her handand over her wrist.Then she glared at me."Do you want to try something slut?" the derogatory name turned me on allover again.I looked at her and said, "Yes."She told me to sit up with my back against the couch and I did so, she thencame up to straddle me with each knee on either side of my hips, I couldfeel Caiden pussy as it slid down my stomach to rest in my lap and for thefirst time I realized that Caiden had taken her pants and her panties offand she was dripping wet... I'm sure that that little preteens petites contact was completelyintentional as a foreshadowing as to what I would be doing in the nextcouple of links preteen usenet mins.She sat in my lap and looked me in the eye, "I want you to taste yourself,I want you to clean all you dirty girl cum off my hand."I looked at her partly shocked and disturbed and completely turned on allat the same time."You want me to do what?" I said in a startled voice"You heard me; I'm not going to repeat myself."I looked in her eyes and I knew that she was being serious. I took herright elbow in my hand and I guided her hand covered nude preteen pussy in my juices towardsmy mouth, I could smell the scent of female arousal and tangy sweetness asit got closer to my mouth. When her fingers reached my lips and slowlyopened."Open wider and taste it." Caiden order and I felt a tingle in my pussy asshe said it and I tried to imagine what I would taste like.Caiden started to push her fingers into my mouth before I could open allthe way and my first taste of girl cum was heaven, it made my head spin andmy tongue water profusely. It tasted tangy and sweet all at the same timeand I immediately wanted more, like a fat kid in a photo little preteen candy store I held pre teen imageboards ontoCaidens hand as I sucked non nudepreteen models both her fingers into my mouth and I could feelher teen preteen modeling dripping in my lap as a response to my hunger and the warmth of mymouth around her fingers. After I was finished with her fingers and used mytongue to wipe up the rest preteen underage russia of my cum off of Caidens hand, never oncebreaking eye contact with her, and she did not break eye contact either."Did you like it?" Caidens sudden question preteen handjob brought me back to earth and Ilooked up at her and I wanted nothing more than to taste her..."I loved it... I want to taste you..." I said running y hands up and downher thighs."What's stopping you?" She asked, and that was all the invitation I needed.I pushed Caiden preteens erotic models onto her back and spread her legs bending them at the kneesand placing the bottoms of her feet on the floor. I looked down at Caidenspussy and was pleasantly surprised that she too had started to shave, Ialways thought my pussy looked better without the hair and I was glad thatCaiden though so as well.I started to place light kisses on indias preteen pic the bottom of her stomach and I made myway up her body leaving a trail of kisses, stopping to take time toappreciated her well formed breast, I sucked asia schoolgirls preteens the right nipple in my mouthfirst and I let it get used to the warmth of my mouth before I started togentle suck on it lightly biting and teasing it with the tip of my tongue,then I applied the same love and care to nn preteen topsites the left nipple.When I reached Caidens neck I opened my mouth and started to breath throughit so that she could feel my hot breath on her neck I trail soft kisses allaround her white nudes preteen neck, before using my tongue to make her moan."Don't tease me... bite me."I couldn't believe my ears she wanted me to bite her... I wanted to biteher. I brought my lips to that sensitive part of preteen incest top her neck that always madeher tremble and I opened my mouth and started to suck on her neck givingher light nibbles."Fucking harder." She hissed at meI was afraid of making her bleed but it didn't seem like she cared. So Isucked some of her skin into my mouth and I started to add pressure with myteeth slowly, she asian preteen uncensored then placed both or her hands on the back of my head tohold me in place... she really wanted me to do this, so I started to biteharder and I could hear her moaning and groaning in me ear, I would tellshe was grinding her teeth and loving it. And right when I thought I wasabout to go over the edge and draw blood I felt a sudden heat against mystomach that was on top of naturist pics preteen her pussy and I knew I had gone far enough andshe had had all she wanted. I lightened the pressure on her neck and Istarted to softly sock on the skin running preteen modeling shoes my preteen wanking tongue flatly over the veryred heckie I had just given her. While I was doing this I could feel hergrinding up into me."Are you preteen topsite bbs ready for me?" I asked her, my mouth watering at the thought ofher juices rushing over my preteen nude pussys tongue.I snaked my way down her body paying attention to all the parts that calledout for attention. I positioned myself between her legs and took a deepbreath, she smelt amazing, her lips were swollen and trembling they weregenerously glossy with her juices. I used the flat of my hot tongue andmade a long swipe of her pussy from the bottom of her opening to her clit,and then again, preteen sluty girls and again... until I had licked away all the juicy that hadcoated her pussy.I had decided before diving in that my first time eating pussy would be anall or nothing kind hot preteens naked of thing so full on contact I wasn't going to leave aninch of her pussy untouched. With my lips preteen shy models around the lips of her pussy mywet hot mouth covering it in its entirety I used my tongue to separate herlips, my saliva and her juiced mixing and driving me to s second orgasm,once I had her lips parted I ran my tongue flat up and down her exposedslit from opening to her clit...she tasted even sweeter than I did Icouldn't get enough I wanted my entire tongue inside her... tasting her...tongue fucking her. Caiden was grabbing for the blanket above her headhumping my face and moaning and telling me not to stop.After running my tongue all over her pussy I needed to have it inside her Ineeded to taste the source of this beautiful taste. I slowly started topush my tongue into her opening and once I was as far as I could possiblyget inside her I preteens nude blogs started to free big preteen make "O's" with my tongue gathering up all thejuices I found, the difference from the wonderful nectar I had tasted onher lips was astounding this... was warm, sweet, musky... I wanted it all Iwanted her to cum all over my tongue I want to sallow every drop. I couldhear Caiden panting above me screaming into the blanket trying to mufflethe sounds."OH fucking shit baby... fuck, you feeling so fucking good inside me... Iwant to cum all over that preteen lolta nude tongue...OH FUCK! Yeah baby make me cum... don'tstop... I want o be your cum whore."I had never heard Caiden like this before where had she learned how preteen naked art to talklike this; I loved it I couldn't get enough of her dirty mouth. All thatdirty talk gave me all the motivation I needed to start to furiously tonguefuck her, and she met each and every stroke of my tongue, I knew she was onthe edge when she suddenly grabbed my head with both of her hands andstarted to rapidly fuck my face, I could hardly breath but I did care Ijust kept tongue fucking her u wanted the prize. When she orgasmed waveafter wave of girl cum rush into my mouth...I near passed out. There wasso much I could sallow it fast enough, I amazed myself as I started toorgasm just from Caiden fucking my face and Cumming in my mouth, my ownjuices ran euro preteen galleries down my thighs.Caiden was screaming all kind of obscenities cuss words that I never eventhought about stringing together in a sentence. preteen porn blowjobs Some over her juicesescaped my mouth and trickled all over my preteen youngest mouth and face all I would smellwas her pussy ad it was wonderful.When she finally started to come down from her orgasm she released my headand lowered her hips back onto the floor. I knelt between her legs andwatched her breathing with her eyes closed and I thought about how much Iloved her.She opened her eyes and saw preteen party dresses me sitting there staring at her."Come here baby" she said in a dream like wayI obeyed and crawled up next to her."Baby your face is all covered in me." she laughed lightlyI wrapped my arms around her and she put her hand under my chin and tiltedmy head up towards her."That was amazing." She said."You're welcome, anytime."She then covered my lips preteen nude fairies with hers and I knew she could taste herself on mylips... I didn't think she would want to, but then she put her tongue to mylips letting me know to big titties preteen open up, which I did and she then buried her tonguein my mouth tasting herself in all her glory, after the initial shock Istarted to kiss back and the kiss lasted for quite sometime. Caiden thenproceeded to clean her cum off my face with her tongue, which was thesexiest thing anyone has ever done in my presents.After I was all clean up Caiden pulled the covers up over us and I fellasleep on her chest, her warm soft skin against mine.**********************************************Well that's it for now guys there I will be more to come involving mainlythe antics of our summer vacation, but I'm not sure when I will be preteen nymphet pic postingthose. Thank you so much for sticking with me on this and for coming backto read more, as usual the encouragement always helps so email me and tellme what you thought of it.Bye for now,KrystalKrys_bunny87hotmail.com Related links: porno assian bbs, preteen kid webcam, free cp photo, lolita nude photo gallery, Very Little Art Nymphet, Preteen Nude Models, lolita movies extractor scout, Lolitas Toplist, Lolita Top 100, underage lolta sex pictures, young german teen loli, 60 inch bath vanities, super model nudes, lolitas nonude pictures gallery, underage girl video bikini, thiland preteen, teenie lolitas nude pics, Preteen Pictures, russian child erotic, preteen youn girl, Pthc Lolitas, loli top, Nude Preteen Girls, best teen lolita info, young pussy 13, brzilian bikinis, best teen 12y nymphets, child nudist resort, Lolita Pay Sites, preteen russian lolita

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