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Related post: Date: Wed, 6 Jul 2011 05:02:49 -0400From: preteen underwear models lolitas Chris Johns Subject: Bobby and the Coach Pt.2 Bobby and the CoachChapter 2Settling InBobby was up, ate breakfast and in little little loli pussy the pool by 0830. He worked hard for onehour before having a shower and dressing again in the best young 12yo lolitas models clothes he had,which free nonude lolita pics were still pretty awful.David noticed the wet hair when young lolita such vid Bobby walked into his office."You won't be sleeping in like this when we get going on your trainingBobby.""I don't understand Coach.""Well, your wet hair gives you away Son.""Oh, that, I've just showered, I don't like the chlorine to stay in my hairtoo long.""What Chlorine?""Uh, I've been lolitas very cute hot in the pool for more than an hour Coach."David sat lolita girls groped videos down and looked hot lolitas bbs free at this boy, was he for real?"Alright Bobby. As of today you are my new assistant. You asian lolita top list get $100 preteen nymphet lola extreme per weekand you`ll work as many hours as I need you.""Seriously Sir?""Yes seriously.""Now listen very carefully to me because there is no debating this. I say,you do remember."Bobby nodded and wondered what was coming next."Your times yesterday were exceptional for a swimmer not in training so Iam going to use you as my sample male slutty teen models lolita for young lil lolas pussy a research project. Every week,at least once I'm going to take a whole series of measurements and readingsfrom your body. We 11yr lolita thai pussy are going to see how you develop over the next twelvemonths. There's no time like the present so lolita teen preteen russian I want to do the first set ofreadings now. So, back to the locker room, get naked, wrap a towel roundyou and come through to the treatment room.David was very hard thinking about what he was going to do so he quicklyslipped on a jock strap to hold him in tight real naked loli girls put on loose trackies anddropped an oversize T Shirt over his head to lolita first time sex further cover up his groin.The paper David had on his clipboard was the product of hours of work theprevious night. It entailed taking measurements of everything he expectedto get bigger during the year. Basically all russian lolita illigal love the muscles that Bobby wouldbe working, arms, shoulders, legs, thighs and calves, lolitas underage models sites chest, waist, hips,etc, plus lung capacity to check how that developed knowing how importantbreathing was to an athlete."Ok Sport, towel off, stand in the center of the floor here, feet together,hands by your sides."David could see how embarrassed Bobby was as he stood in front lolitas mamadas folladas penetradas of him."You needn't be embarrassed Bobby, you are the most beautiful young man Ihave ever set eyes on. If you walk around this college naked, most of thegirls will ask you to make love to them and a good number of boys aswell. The boys that don't want you to make love to them will almostcertainly want to do it to you."Bobby tried to make a joke of it naked loliitas pic galleries he was so dumbfounded cgi lolita photo ls by Coach's words.David touched Bobby's cheek and almost whispered."I am sure you will be the face and body on every advertising poster forthis college next year.""Thanks Coach, but loli nude top 100 russian toplist lol models I think that's a little over the top."David smiled and ran his tape round Bobby to take a chest measurement. Hedeliberately had his fingers placed so that tiny lolicon movie galleries he was rubbing one of Bobby'snipples. Then, when he wanted the expanded chest measurement he ran thefingers over the other one. Almost immediately both nipples were hard andBobby gasped. As he pulled gothic lolita mook patterns the tape away David softly stroked one nippleand stepped nude underaged lolita photos back to watch as Bobby's penis grew. He moved in and strokedthe nipple again."Sensitive are we?"He was smiling and Bobby looked shocked. When he was totally erect helooked at his preteen sexy model lolita cock and then banned hardcore lolita model at coach. David moved close again and justlightly ran his fingers along the underside of Bobby's cock as it real junior models lolitas almosttouched lolitas preteen galleries child his belly."That is as stunning as the rest of you. Your nipples are obviously lolas model top 101 verysensitive, how does that affect you when you are swimming?Bobby blushed."I usually get an erection, but it goes down again fairly quickly so I'm okgetting out of the water.""Were you erect when you did those two timed lollita naked nymphet picture laps for me yesterday?""Yes, free fresh teen lolita all the time.""How do you get your sexual relief Bobby?"More embarrassment."I don't very often Coach. I have never had the privacy to beat off so Iguess my only relief normally is a wet dream.""Ok, no girlfriend?"Bobby shook his head."What, never?"Bobby shook his head again."How about a boyfriend to give you a hand or blow job?"Again a shake of the lolitas nude free picks lolitas 12yo tiny models head."Alright Bobby, up on the massage table."David went over and locked the door."I don't do this for all my team, lolita 12 yo nacked but I'm going to get you off, ok?"Bobby was definitely beyond speech lolas 13 yo models now. lolitas 100 preteen gallery His nude lolita russian pictures coach was about to jack himoff. He just nodded. The next few minutes were like nothing he had everexperienced in his life. David jacked his very hard cock and played withhis balls, making him spray his torso with cum in just a few minutes. Hewas so gentle, and his hand was so soft it was mind blowing. No one hadever touched his penis except him, and that not very often except to washit or pee through it."Oh jeez, thanks coach, that was awesome."David forgot himself for a minute. He leaned down and touched his lips toBobby's."Yes it was."David tried to recover the high ground after sexy pre teen lolita his mistake."Now how are we going to keep your cock soft while you swim. I bet we canwash seconds off your lap times if you don't have that drag in the water."Both of them giggled at that and David sighed, it looked as though he hadgot away with it."I don't little lolita love galleries know. Will it modelos lollitas preteens nude really make a difference to my lap times?""Yes, quite a bit I think. Not image boards and lolita just from the drag either, you'll have moreblood lolita nude thumb free pumping round your little lolita model picturer body. That beast," touching Bobby's cock again,"Probably holds a couple of pints when it's erect."Too much, pre lola top model they were both giggling like school kids.Bobby thought, `this isn't what my relationship is supposed to be like withmy coach. vanessa preteen illegal lolita Does he have the hots for me?'David Hanson was the junior of the coaches on campus. He was lolita nn models galleries only 24 with afirst class degree in sport science and a full certification to coachswimming. He was also little lolitas in panties completely gay, something he had to hide but hateddoing so.He didn't look like a swimming little lolita video portal coach. He was broad shouldered with a superbset of abs and pecs. His fair hair and dark eyes made the whole a verypleasant sight. His uncut penis lolita bbs hidden pedo when erect was lola pictures lolita nude freedom lolita bbs bbs a little above preteen rompl lolitas bbs average for awhite American male, that's to say, about 7 ½ free movie beautiful lolitas inches, nice thickness with aball loli pedo ru galleries sac to match. Around Bobby it tended to be erect most of free lolita mpegs xxx the time andhe realized this was going to be a problem in the pool.Bobby had the dark eyes as well, but his were preteen lola pics sexy captivating. His dark hairhad no real form it was just there. Being a Butterfly stroke swimmer healso had broad shoulders and well developed pecs, but his abs weren't sopronounced. He was just so stunning it was difficult to put a finger onexactly what lola top 100 xxx made him that way. To a gay man the obviously large appendagewas likely pre teen lolita nude to be a draw, it had certainly impressed David.The problem for David now was to stop free lolita nymphets galleries it getting erect during the swimmingsessions. If he could achieve that he was sure Bobby's times would get evenbetter. Ah, well, back to all the measuring."I don't think no nude loli girl we'll measure virgin lolitas anal creampies the beast Bobby, I don't think that willmaterially affect your swimming once we loli ped nude picture have learnt how to control itgrowing."Bobby laughed, he was feeling very relaxed with David now, having receivedthat hand job.All measurements completed Bobby was sat up on the massage table and Davidmoved in between his legs. Taking Bobby's face in his hands he spoke veryquietly."I don't know if you are gay Bobby, but I have feelings for you alreadythat could make life difficult for both of us bright eyed loli hentai if you aren't."Bobby had such little sexual knowledge it took him a while to understandwhat David was saying. When he did, his eyes grew to twice their normalsize. "I don't know Coach, this is all so new to me.""Ok, Bobby, don't sweat it. We aren't going to make this heavy. We'll talkagain frequently I guess, lolita princess laika japan no pressure."Bobby little shy lolita nude teared up a little, this was all so strange. He didn't feel like aneighteen year old college freshman, more like a ten year old.Lunch, and lolita top 10 sites then induction. Still overawed by his surroundings Bobbywandered back to his dorm to find his dorm mate unpacking."Hi, I'm Bobby Mc Kinley, I arrived yesterday."Bobby's dorm mate looked round, looked Bobby up and lolita preteen little model down before replying."You have to be shitting me, you look like the janitor. sveta model kid lolitas Where the fuck didyou get those clothes?"Bobby felt the animosity in the words. He also felt intimidated so he justturned loli girl thumb gallery and left. He didn't feel he could go back underground young sexy lolitas to his room so he settledinto the common room tucked into a corner as far away from everyone as hecould. The remainder of childporn portal incest lolita the afternoon he preeteen lolita dorki pic studied his schedule and the mapof the college so that sweet young lolita pussy he knew where everywhere was that he needed tobe. After supper which he ate alone he wandered russian lolita message board over to the library andremained there studying until they closed then he crept back to his roomand climbed quietly into bed making sure he made no noise to disturb hisroommate. Up early and away to avoid any confrontation, he worked out inthe pool until breakfast and then went direct to lectures. At no timeduring the day did he go near his room. Once again he remained in thelibrary until it lolita models ls models closed and then crept into his room and bed.This routine worked for about a week, after which David noticeddeterioration in Bobby's performance instead of an improvement. He waspopular with the remainder of the lolicon tgp loli magazine swim team who appreciated his dedicationto training and of course the fact that he was a superb looking youngman. At the end of practice on the last day of the week lolitas preteen nude pthc David told Bobby tosee him in his office."Ok, Bobby, what's going on? Your times are getting lolli girls pre teen worse, and you lookdone in before we start, never mind after training.""Nothing Coach, I'll work it ls cp lolitas feet out."David sensed that Bobby was not telling it the way it was, also he couldsense the unhappiness in the boy who had been over the moon to be here onlya week ago. Fate stepped in the next day. under age lolitas hard The Dean sent for angel lola luv boyfriend David and toldhim the rolling loan had been granted and he should free little lollita pics get Robert McKinleysettled. David immediately got hold of Bobby and lolitas best photo sites told him what was going tohappen."We are going shopping my young friend."Bobby looked at him and asked, "For what?""For a new wardrobe and trunks for you. If you are going lolitas pedo porn teen to be my star youare going to dress like one."Three hours later Bobby was reeling in disbelief at what he was moving intohis room with the help of the Coach. A complete new wardrobe and trunks andsweats to die for. In the same action nymphette nonnude lolita angels they emptied all Bobby's grungy stuffout and put it in black plastic bags for the janitors to remove.While all this was going on, David noticed the room and most particularlythe desks. It was quite obvious that apart from Bobby's bed, the remainderof the room had become the exclusive territory of the other roomie."Where do you study lolita boys art portal Bobby?"Blushing with embarrassment Bobby looked where the Coach was looking. Theeyes were wandering from the desks to girl sucks on lollipop Bobby's file box tucked in close tohis bed."Oh, the library mostly.""You mean the library totally don't you?"Bobby nodded."What's the name of your room mate?"Bobby cringed."I don't nn lolita panties pics know Coach. He never told me his name.""Ok. I get the picture."He looked at his watch."Let's get down to training and then I'll join you for supper before wecome back here to see how we can get your academic studies done in here."Bobby looked frightened, he didn't want confrontation so he veryaggressively said, "That won't be necessary, board 3 lolits bbs I bbs lolita bbs lolita like the library."David moved up close enough to almost be touching noses."I'm sure you do, but one of these desks is yours, I'm going to make sureyou get to use it and then go to bed when you want to not making sure yourroom mate is asleep before you come in."Bobby collapsed then and through his sobs told David."He thinks I'm trash. He told home lolita top 100 me I was dressed worse than the janitor."David picked his golden boy up and nude lolitas places photos cuddled him."You are so special Bobby, preteen lolitas porn picture we are going to straighten this out, trust me."The whole team were aware that their star swimmer was feeling fragile bythe way coach cosseted him. None of them knew Bobby's background, but theyhad already realised he was very immature for his age and verysensitive. His lolitas 13 yo xxx dress had been a source of conjecture among them, butbecause of his sporting prowess and engaging personality none of them hadrazzed him.When Bobby dressed at the end of training that day they were all over him,telling him how great he looked. By the time they left the sports center togo for supper Bobby was illegal lolita free pic feeling much better. A little apprehensive aboutthe confrontation to come with his roommate though.It was fairly unusual for staff to eat naked lolita girls sites with students, but not forbidden soDavid had his supper with his swim team, drawing a load of attentionbecause their table became the center of a lot of laughter. It was almostas though the team knew that something was going on involving Bobby andthey photos lolas kid naked all wanted to make preteen lolita top sites him feel good.+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Good and bad for our star in the next chapter. 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