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June 2018 Black Ops mission brief

13 June 2018 - 01:34 PM



ARVN and US overall operation.

Saigon is on the verge of collapsing.  If the CIA have any chance of getting the US military to ‘get their hands dirty’ they need to find proof and evidence that the North has mobilized and is a serious threat to US interests in South Vietnam.  At this time the CIA have claimed the PAVN has mobilized from 176000 troops to over 300000 and are being equipped by soviet and Chinese weapons dealers.  They have not provided any evidence at this time.


Black Ops – Leave no man behind.

To find and destroy 5 rebel camps, gather intel and any evidence they find and get it to an extraction point.  

Possible via air or riverboat.


Its believed the camps are being used to train and equip a new kind of soldier in the form of a massive civilian army.  Highly trained, organized and can blend into the rest of the population.  More evidence of this also needs to be found.


ARVN are in direct control by their Commanding Officer (Co)

US Green Beret are in support and will be operating as a single unit under the Co.  Both Co have a job to do.

Both this units are tasked with the preporations and ecacutions of these ‘training camps’ Any Intel found MUST be handed over to the CIA Recon team.


CIA Recon.  A small team of Recon specialists have been deployed to observe and get photographic evidence and gather intel packages to send back to CIA HQ.


The Australian SAS have been in-country for years now observing and gathering most of the intelligence the CIA have presented. They are looking for high value targets ‘HVT’ to kill.  They are also looking for evidence of Tunnel systems they believe are being dug out and used to move troops.  


PAVN and VC trainees 

PAVN command have been tasked with recruiting, training and deploying 200000 new troops by the end of 1964.  At this time theuy have of 1000 training camps dotted all over the country and in neighboring Loas and Cambodia.  

Hanoi is now looking for a swift end to the conflict and the removal of foreign military interests throughput Vietnam.  


After a conflict in the Tonkin Gulf proved a US involvement was now clearly established and they were operating across the demarcation line, the order to ramp up has been a welcome one.  


PAVN will be operation as a large single unit and have a make shift ‘camp’ that MUST be set up for 30 minutes at a time before it can be moved.  Whilst its set up it may come under contact from ARVN.  At this time there is NO proof that the US are involved in the operation.


When the 30 minutes is up they must move the camp and re-establish it.  They cannot ever return to the same camp place twice, so must be cleaver and precise in their planning.  Every time a camp is completed and it finishes its 30 minutes, another 300 soldiers have completed their training.  


The PAVN will be given three matching camp setups, but only one of them will be the actual camp set up.  The other two will be decoys.  This should improve the chances of getting re-established.


There will be more a more in depth mission brief on the day for each side and additional objectives if needed.


Sunday will be written depending on the outcome of the Saturday.


We need to get started promptly Saturday at 10am, as we MUST be finished no later than 4pm.  Then its tools down and social.

Sunday will start at 10am and finished no later than 1pm.


Set up and camping.

23 May 2018 - 09:54 AM

US Green beret forces will be deployed via a beach landing craft so will need to carry all their kit for the game day.  They can sleep in the usual spots however,


AUS SAS will be deployed in country on a mission list style scenario if there is enough of them, otherwise they will be attached to the US command.


ARVN will be arriving via a long walk through the jungle into the AO and will work from a labour area (fixed HQ) 


The whole site will be in control by the PAVN until fighting breaks out.


PAVN can camp in Wild west or Viking.


If US players camp in these areas too, they must make sure all their kit is stowed away and covered up for kick off.


The camping area will be free for all to use.

Bookings for June 2018 Nam

23 May 2018 - 09:48 AM

Guys will get added as they book on.









Pier Hausemer Ben Brett


US Green Beret

Matt Edwards

Edwin Gordon

Wayne Pinder D

Wayne +1 D

Wayne +2 D

Bryan Simpson

Terrance Cleverly

Jack Dow 

Josh Leonard

Adrian Lucus

David Goodwin

Charlie Daniel

Matt Samways

Mervin Rose

Morgan Botterill




Co. Denn

James Heard

Christopher Bradley D

Gary Barton 

Gary B+1

Rob Ashman D

Richard Beuttler D

Rhys Davies D

Darren Petty

Craig Mcmanus

Gary Pearce

Felix Dollars

Matt Dodds

Steve Claxton

Jason Buttler

Keiran Gynor D

Tim Haynes

Andrew Hollands

Tristan Dowrick




Jake West

Nick Lloyd

Gareth Thomas

Tony Edmunds

Edward Connor



Forces of the North.






Mike Durrant

Mike D+1

Richard Mann

Stuart Howes

Lee Coville

Andy Kneale

Matt M Dodds D

Peter Austin

Michael Aspell

Peter Zambuni

Andre Crowley D

How Crowley D

Jed Westcott



Gordon Turner D

Luc Turner D

Sven Turner D

Vince Lody D

Rhys Lody D

Graham Maynard D

Chris Stoel D

Chris Kellerway D

Dom Pliszka D

Max Pliszka D

Lutz Johen D



Cheers for the support guys.

The state of Suhud and its history

16 May 2018 - 01:44 PM

this doc will get updated as we go.


The state of SUHUD


Suhuh obtained its independence in 1954 after the failed Egyptian revolution of 1952. The region, then singular was originally designated to be a buffer Egypt needed from the hostile and newly formed state of Israel.  After two years of fighting for its independence and other global issues arising, Egypt’s president Nagib accepted the independence of the state and welcomed its commitment for Egypt’s security from any Eastern aggressor.  Along with many other reasons, Nagib was dismissed and placed under house arrest but by now Suhud had truy found its indepence and Egypt had other worries with the Suez to concern themselves with ‘Suhudan Deltas’.


 The now independent state of Suhud struck its fortune in 1955 with a small oil field just outside of  Kapu city but in 1979 the discovery of its deep oil fields across the Hulmutt region entered it into the Middle East race for wealth. Lead by the ousted and banned Watani party of Egypt, the small state flourished and expanded its few settlements with industrial, and military districts, concrete highways and railways. With the investment from western architects, contractors and machinery, the country was transformed and in just 10 years, boasted 9 main cities, many substantial towns and 100s of tribal villages.


Suhud is made up of three regions, to the North and centre is Carrasis, and its two main cities, Mogal City to its far North and Carrasis City in its center. The Carssis region boasts the wealthier and more industrial districts but not nothing to compare to the capitol of Carrack, which sits just inside the Zungula region on the Carrasis and Hulmutt regional lines.

Carrasis is also quite a mountainous region and a few of the deltas and oasis form at the mountains base.


Hulmutt region is the largest of the three regions and is made up of many tribal towns and villages.  It has three cities, its Northern city is Gamboa, its central city is Hulmutt City and its southern city is Bokashu.  All three city’s are linked together by an independent railway and highway that then joins the main routes that span the rest of Suhud.  Many oil fields and pipelines cross the Hulmutt region and a number of large industrial service stations dot its landscape.  With a mixed verity of rolling hills and plains Hulmutt is also home to the few Suhudian military airfields and short to long range anti aircraft weapons.


Zungula region is the capitol region with the capitol of Carrack within its regional line.  Heavily militarized and boasting four cities including the capitol,  Zungula has a much more western take on its towns and cities allowing western conglomerates to have retail outlets with its cities. The other three cities starting with its east central city are Borkhel, which is also home to the Suhudian MOD (ministry of defense) and its huge military base.  The second city is Zungula City, which is the largest of all the Suhudian cities, although it does house the poorest districts of Suhud. Originally, Zungula city was the capitol but after completion of Carrack city in 1967 and the moving of parliament and government, Zungula suffered and many of its prosperous districts became empty and left many other districts to an incompetent and underfunded council.

The Third city the Zungula region and its most southern is Kapu, similar to Bokashu it benefits from oil fields and an industrial heart.  Kapy plastics are a huge commodity and shipped across the world. The river of Abua starts in the Abua delta and runs past Kapu city, leading to the Gulf of Aqaba.  Allowing Suhud to make use of the logistical distribution of Saudi Arabia.  A huge network of train lines also feeds into Egypt and to Nuweibaa and its commercial airport. 


List of presidents.


1954 – 1960 – Amir Abu Hakim

1960 – 1962 – Tareq Ali Rashad

1962 – 1981 – Hasna Hashim

1981 – 1990 – Abd al Rashid Borak

1990 – Present General Abu Waqas- All bonds with the west cease and Suhud diverts all its resources to the Russian Federation of Conglomerates also known as the RFC or RuFoC.

SOE updates and booking list

07 March 2018 - 04:15 PM

Hi all, the updates and booking list for this will be hosted on the WW2 forum here.