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Posted 15 May 2013 - 01:35 PM

RED MIST 1 ‘First Contact’

Poland - Early August 1983


East German and Russian communist insurgence have secretly set up a staging point inside the North Eastern border of Poland.  It’s believed by the west that they intend to force a military Coe on the newly elected Polish Republic government and return Poland to communist rule.


The communist insurgence has set up key positions around a well-defended CP and built a supplies runway for a large staging area.  The Coalition has sent in a task force made up of elements of the United States Delta Force and the British Army SAS.  The objective is to gather intelligence in readiness to launch operations to clear insurgence forces.  The Insurgence must hold onto this staging ground until the mass of the Warpact forces will arrive and the liberation of Poland under Democratic rule will begin.


RED MIST 2 Operations weekend

Short scenario based missions, all linked to the main story.


RED MIST 3 ‘The Hostage’

Poland - Mid August 1983


This mission was stopped by NATO forces over the course of the weekend and the communist withdrew their forces back across the border.

NATO has now set a forward observation post in a small government town near the city of Szczecin listening for any more activity.  A joint US and UK NATO force are barracked in the main town area with a number of government buildings to the South which need to be protected.


3 weeks have past since the last engagement and the whole episode has been played down by NATO as an unfortunate misunderstanding, to which the Kremlin has publicly agreed was unfortunate.  However, a small unit of NVA and Russian troops have been assigned the tasks of watching the NATO troops for signs of any major hostility or staging of their own.


Who is Hostage to who is the question that both side need answered by Sunday’s End Ex.


RED MIST 4 Operations weekend

Short scenario based missions, all linked to the main story.


RED MIST 5 ‘Rock and Roll’


With all the political pressure being put on the East German government over the aggression and conflict taking place on the Polish Boarder, the conflict has slowed down and fallen back to a state of heightened concern, rather than troops being deployed.  Both NATO and the Kremlin have agreed to down arms and try to use peace talks rather than action to solve the so called border disputes between Poland and East Germany.


‘Rock and Roll’

It’s November 1983 and the town of Linken has had a new boarder unit arrive to bolster the guard made up of both Nation Volks Army and Russian regular army. 

Just on the other side of the boarder is the Lubieszyn Forest and a well known Free Germany radio station.  This Radio station is a key link to the many freedom fighters living in both sides of Berlin.  Playing western’ rock and roll’ music 24hrs a day and delivering words of encouragement to the broken East Berliners, it challengers the very foundation of Communist authority.  Reassuring the Berliners that freedom will come in the form of Western democracy over Eastern Communism.

The Kremlins request for the station to be silenced by the elected Polish Government has been ignored and with tension still on the political table, the station and its call for  freedom and democracy is now on its own.




This manoeuvre by the East Germans hasn’t been missed by a NATO SAS Special Forces unit.  Dug in to the forest and watching the border from observation post dotted near the border fence,   the arrival of the new troops  has been caught on camera and a section of US rangers have been tasked with bolstering the SAS positions and protecting the radio station.  The communist have 8 hours to get in, destroy the Radio Station and get back across the border.  NATO has 8 hours to protect the radio station personnel and hold out until the escort arrives to get them out.


Both sides DON’T want media involvement and either way the radio station is finished, the question is will it be destroyed and hailed a victory by the Kremlin or dismantled and secured by the Western powers.


RED MIST 6 Operations weekend

Short scenario based missions, all linked to the main story.

RED MIST 7 - 'Check Mate pt1 – The Line'

The story
It’s a week since the hostilities started on the Polish boarder near Lubieszyn Forest and a pirate radio station has been destroyed and shut down, however at a cost. NATO punished the Red Alliance forces with a crucial ambush by the British SAS and a surprise doggedness of a small US Rangers unit. After the battle and the swift but costly retreat back across the border, East German forces have been left to defend the town of Linken from a massing combined NATO force. The Russian contingent has been cut off from its allies and needs to punch a hole through the NATO forces and re-group in the town. For the Red Alliance the plan is simple, survive long enough for the media and political pressure to force a withdrawal of the NATO forces back into Poland and make their counter attack. The world is watching as for the first time in 4 decades war across the world could break out and every theatre is to play for….Check mate.


RED MIST 8 - ‘Check Mate pt2 - Battle for Linken’


After 12 hours of intense fighting along the Polish-East German border, the Warsaw Pact finally broke the lines of NATO and the Russian troops broke out from behind the NATO trap. However both the Russian and East German forces paid with many lives, over 300 Dead or wounded and a dozen key vehicles knocked out, the Warsaw Pact now recoils itself around the small town of Linken to re-group and re-arm. This is the first real defeat they have known since the start of hostilities and a lesson has been learnt not to underestimate the willingness to fight or the prowess of NATO.

Unknown to them the NATO forces have had their gloves taken off from high command and have followed the Alliance to their staging area. Finally, one way or another two armies will meet and the town of Linken will go down in history as starting place of World War 3.


NATO is on the advance to contact; their main objective is to capture the vital town of Linken and its government   buildings which NATO has decided will be the main NATO HQ for the thrust into East Germany.  With Poland now armed and buffed on their Russian border and more NATO troops being deployed, the Mother and Father land’s have found themselves cut off from each other.  For the time being East Germany stands alone, with only a few Russian regiments on the ground.

Our battle sees us in the central government hub of Linken with many other fictional battles going on around us off map.  Tasks may be given during the battle to aid these off map groups.



The woodland area that runs the perimeter of the east approach of the complex cannot be entered by Warsaw pact troops at any time but can be fire into.  There will be yellow flags set up as staging areas (re-gens) along its length.


RED MIST 9 – ‘Defcon1 - The Launcher’


Its November 1983 and over the past 3 weeks fighting has broken out in earnest in both Poland and East Germany.  NATO and the forces for the Warsaw Pact have engaged each other in several theatres and the Kremlin has ordered it mobile Nuclear arsenal based in central Europe to prepare for all out war.  US and UK Nuclear Subs have moved into strike range of many communist countries and the world sits on a knife edge. 


Deep within East Germany in the forest surrounding Hubertusstock, tirelessly the red Alliance works to prepare a new rocket platform for a new missile.  NATO has discovered that the Russians may have found a way to deliver their mighty RDS-220 via ICBM.  Up to now this monster known as ‘Big Ivan’ had to be delivered by a custom bomber, but this possible development is too much for NATO to ignore.  NATO forces have been dropped around the suspected site at 0800hrs and have moved into position.  At 1000hrs their task to discover the truth shall begin.  If a launch site is being built, all material must be destroyed along with the recovery of any intelligence as too this new delivery system.  Their evacuation will come from Poland in the form of attack and cargo helicopters at 1300hrs the following day.  A combined force of US Rangers and a well seasoned British company of ‘Union Rifles’ have only 15 hrs to complete their tasks and get out.


Red Mist 10 – ‘The Mole’


November 1983,


After an embarrassing and failed mission in Hubertusstock Forest, NATO has found the judas operative in their ranks who supplied them with false information which lead to the disaster at ‘The Launcher’. 

A field operative known as ‘010’ has been captured in Prague and being held at a secret NATO holding camp in Poland.  The Red Alliance, who has a network of spies and informants in Poland, has discovered the location of the holding camp and sending a rescue party for their man.


A small unit of Russian and DDR Special Forces have been sent in on foot whilst the rest of the extraction unit will be parachuting in.  The camp has a very strong land defence, but due to war breaking out along polish border and both sides hitting high value targets, neither side has any air power spare.


The camp is about 40 acres in size and there are at least 2 known targets ‘010’ could be held, it’s enough to commit ground troops if you don’t know where the target is.


Red Mist 11 – ‘Black Gold’


Its November  1983 and Europe has erupted into all out World War 3.  Now the real epic size of the fighting can be seen as other theatres across the globe begin their struggles for power, with the Red faction of the Communist might or the Democratic west and its allies in the form of NATO.  Since 1980 the Soviets had began a series of brutal offensives to stamp out the resistance across the country, but with WW3 now in full swing help has come from its communist allies, including the once NATO pact CHINA who has now become deluded with the NATO objectives.


Dotted around the country are oil refinery complexes and distribution centres, one of these sits on the delta at Kandahar and is operated by Col. Adrik Vanya, a well known brutal but unhappy officer.  NATO has put together a plan to aid the Mujahedeen destroying the plant but in return want the Colonel as a main target for extraction.  A platoon of Rangers have been despatched via a night drop in the mountains above the plant.  Also there is a small unit of SAS, who have been watching the work pattern and movements of the Russians for the past 2 weeks.  Both groups need to meet up with the Saudi freedom fighter Yazan Waqqas and make a plan to their assault and extraction.  The only problem is the Mujahedeen want the Col dead, not extracted to negotiation will be needed.  This new alliance is fragile as the world is fighting, but everyone had their own reasons.


The only thing that is a must is that the ‘Black Gold’ must stop flowing for the Russians!


Red Mist 12 – The Harvester


December 1983

The build up to Christmas is here and Europe takes a pause from fighting as the inclement weather descends on Central Europe. World War 3 is still in its early stages and the fighting men of the RUR have been given some down time at a Company HQ in the old supply port near Rotterdam. Whilst on stand down, the men have been put on light security duties and given 2 weeks R&R, but are will remain posted on the British reserves list.


NATO has had a result in the Middle-East with a small but poignant victory in Afghanistan. An oil refinery and Well has been captured in Kandahar and given a direct boost to NATO’s fuel concerns. Keen to bolster their own supply lines, as well as their NATO Allies in NORTHTAG, the United States refit their fastest Oil tanker available, and start doing shuttle runs from the Middle-East to Europe. The USS 'Gulf of Mexico' code-named: "HARVESTER" and her cargo would be the much needed life-line to the troops fighting on the line.


The port is responsible from the Fuel being shipped to the front lines, however the oil must first be refined, and the only Refinery in the area which hasn't been leveled by WARPAC high level bombers is positioned a short drive from the port. There is a Convoy of US oil tanker lorries on route to the port to take the oil for refining. The convoy is expected at #### hrs.


A light US ground crew (Logistical Corps and MPs) have been posted as a support unit to the unloading and reloading of the Oil from to the supply ship onto the trucks, whilst the RUR are positioned elsewhere on the base cashing in their down time.

Unbeknownst to the NATO forces, a Russian Submarine has dropped off a small unit of Spetnaz a few miles off the coast line. Their objective is classified and will be accessible only via a private section on the forum.


Red Mist 13 ‘Cut-Throat’

January 1984 - South West Poland


Local NATO intelligence sources in Northern Czechoslovakia have reported that Colonel Adrik Vanya, (who fled the conflict in Afghanistan when his loyalty was brought into question) has been apprehended and brought back to a Soviet Communist ‘Re-education’ facility just south of Wroclaw - Poland. NATO command believe the preliminary interrogation of Col. Vanya was a key factor in the leak of information regarding the Harvester ship, and subsequently caused the sabotage of NATO’s fuel supply in the region.

Local pro-western assets, who have been in country for some time posed as members of the Polish community, have reported that the Soviet Re-education centre is lightly guarded. NATO command has drawn up a daring raid to liberate Vanya with any documentation, and extract him to Western-friendly territory for cross-interrogation. Capturing Vanya would be a massive strategic bonus for NATO, as his experience and knowledge of the Black Gold region of Afghanistan, would allow them to re-establish fresh lines of oil to the front lines.


Our story follows the men of a US Rangers unit and a Platoon of British RUR as they establish an extraction point and evacuation route via land and air for the rescued Vanya.  Already deployed in the region are Warpact units from the DDR paratrooper regiment  and motor rifles.  However, Russian troops have been observed in a camp a few miles  (direction) from the area and could respond quickly if needed.



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