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Santa vs Elves Xmas special FilmSim Weekend 16th & 17th Dec 2017

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Posted 30 November 2016 - 01:06 PM

Gunman goes full Christmastastic.

Our story begins on the night before Christmas, St Nickolas and toy town can finally rest after a year of making wonderful presents of all the children of the world. His many sleds have left the Great Northern Toy Factory and are now travelling the 1000s of miles to deliver the special cargo.

However… one of Clauses sleds ‘Sled316’ has been shot out of the sky over Eastern Europe by a SAM (Surface to Air Missile). This stone cold act has been carried out by the infamous Grinch and the Evil Liberation Front (ELF) who has declared war on Christmas. Clause has initiated protocol ‘Pressie rescue’ and his elite security force, the SANTA’s have been dispatched to the region.

Their job is simple, find the sled and secure it, then go out and find the presents that are now strewn all over the crash site. Once enough gifts have been returned, they can get the Sled airborne and back on track. 

However, the Grinch and the ELF have found the Sled and are hiding it by moving it around. The clock is ticking and the SANTA must try to save Christmas.

ALSO….the ELF have a number of rocket tubes they are trying to set up to shoot the Sled down again if the SANTA mission is successful.

PT1 – Operation ‘Clear Up’

The rules.

The SANTA units must locate and secure the Sled, once secure it can’t be retaken for the ELF. The SANTA must then go out and secure the presents that are strewn all over the site by putting them in a stocking sack. Once in the sack, the gifts are secure but the bag (which also cant be touch by the ELF) is still in the play. So if a SANTA is shot with the bag it must be dropped and left plain site. The ELF can guard the sack but still not touch it.

Depending on the numbers, the SANTA will have to retrieve X presents in X sacks to call it a successful mission.

PT2 Operation ‘Down Again’

The ELF know time is against the SANTA, but just incase the are successful, the Grinch has ordered a number of Automatic SAM’s to be set up around the crash site. It takes 3 ELF 5 mins to set up X SAM’s once done, they cant be touched by the SANTA (yet) Again, the X SAM’s all depend on the numbers on the day.

ULTIMATE RULE….its Christmas….have fun and don’t take it to seriously, there’s nothing worse a grown adult having a silly paddy at an open day, let alone one as silly and fun as this.
OH….and can you all bring a few wrapped gifts (shoe box size) as props too;) xxx

Welcome to another Filmsim/Milsim Lite Weekend. Don’t be worried by the Milsim bit, this is a game for everyone and you can use any sort of mag Hi, Low cap etc. up to the Ammo Limit. We have both sets of kit for rentals too! So get involved!!!

We will be onsite from 1600hrs on the Friday, so if you want to start the Social from Friday, feel free to join us, we have a large free camping area and a toilet on site.

We try to identify teams by camo type worn. These are generally split as follows:

Load outs: Please try and make sure you wear full desert/multicam/tan/black as mixed top/bottom camo loadouts will normally be with the green team.

If you want to play on the same team as your mates you will need to wear the same team's camo!

If team ID is likely to be a problem we have coloured armbands we can use for clarity.

Any questions on camo, drop us an email. Lunch is NOT provided although we usually have a caterer on site, and we advise you bring plenty of water and rations to consume during game play as you will be out for up to 2 hrs a time. Please try to be as prepared as possible with kit to save time in the morning.

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