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Dear Rita

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Posted 07 August 2012 - 09:55 AM

Dear wife,
It's been a while since I saw somewhere 'civilised' enough to sent reliable communique, but I feel our prayers have been answered I have finally found acceptance in the wastes, let me tell you about the Tudd.

I was walking through the woods towards the definitive sounds of organised living, through some truly wonderful and barely war-scarred countryside drifted real pre-war music and even more astoundingly multiple moving working vehicles! I started seeing shadowy figures moving through the woods around me and panicked briefly before recieving a wave and hello, realising that these shadows were in fact fellow travellers enticed by the same hopes of respite as I, I regained my composure and continued forward.

In a clearing before me was a ramshackle camp, so I declared my presence and slung Matilda the mace, approaching unarmed it appeared I had stumbled into the home of the Peoples Armed Kollective. Some apprehension was shown when I got close enough for my 'condition' to become apparent but their spokesman, some kind of shaman, made it clear that all honest men were welcome around the PAK firepit. I broke fast with these gentleman and begged my leave to continue on towards the town, but as they too had some impending dealings we travelled the rest of the sort way together.

The Tudd! What a sight, they have power, almost reliable power too! The PAK were headed to the local tavern, The Dog and Hammer, and it seemed as good a place as any to judge if maybe this was a place we can finally make a home. Just before we reached the bar however, a very friendly looking chap bounded towards us, he was the driver of one of the vehicles I had heard before and was offering taxi services! I was quite taken aback by the thought of travelling in a vehicle and not being shackled to it in some way, but my hopes were dashed when he politely took me to one side and made a dubious offer. It appears the smiling chappie has a taste for human flesh, and was interested in perhaps working together to waylay some unsuspecting folk after dark. I declined as politely as I could but was taken aback at the sudden reminder of just what our kind mean to most folk, I made sure to tell any who asked about his tastes, as time wore on but I digress, to the bar.

The Dog and Hammer is the finest establishment of it's kind I have ever laid eyes on, they have a working music device which accepts small local currency in exchange for about 10 minutes worth of aural delight. The proprietor 'Mild Bill' exclaimed that he did not usually serve my kind, but I suspect the company of the PAK had lent me some credulity and he allowed me to linger and even served me a beer! IN HIS OWN MUG! I don't doubt for a minute that the thing was thrown into the fire afterwards but I was grateful for the foamy stuff hiding my tears of joy.

The bar wasn't empty by a long stretch either there were a few members of some local factions enjoying a beverage and while I was ignored by the 'Tallion' the jump suited 'Sugar union' or 'NFU' eyed me with some hostility, I made sure not to sit with my back to the door, and noticed an apothecary quietly making notes in her journal, I had picked some very interesting wild flowers, very beautiful flowers indeed and asked her if she knew them. It seemed at the time that they were new to her too, the PAK had left on their own business at this point and having finished my drink I left to explore some more of this wasteland gem.

The Tudd is a road side town, and at this time a rad storm blew in, I unsheathed your brolly (thanks you my sweet) and was untroubled as most of the towns residents sought shelter in their own buildings. The Tallion seemed to have a very strong position just to one side of the other, I did not venture too close as ignorance often turns quickly to hostility. On the other side of the bar was the home/nest/lair of the NFU I caught a glimpse through the open door and saw some very disturbing eyes staring back at me. That is a place I never wish to visit, and I suspected (and shared my suspicions of) some very strange goings on there indeed.

Over the course of the day I found myself in harms way a few times, and was bullied a little by the local law enforcement officers, but as you instructed I kept myself well out of harms way and remained uninvolved in local conflicts. There were two groups of aggressor I encountered, regular raiding parties come to make off with whatever they can, and slavers come for the denizens themselves. Both let me pass by on these early occasions with barely a glance, In truth I had nothing of interest to either party and suspect this was obvious to them at a distance.

After my exploration I found my way back to the PAK encampment, where I shared food and drink with those gents before being invited to join them once more on an expedition into town to safely deliver a wanderer they had discovered to the bar, an interesting fellow and man of science! I know it is safer for me to travel in a group than not, and readily accepted, even carrying the mysterious strangers luggage. We reached the Dog without incident and the PAK accepted payment before we left together to search the wastes for valuable supplies.

We did not however get very far, before coming under fire from raiders, they were terrifying and very well armed, but I followed the PAK scout up on one flank as the raiders came under fire from multiple directions from the rest of the PAK and the towns residents as they came out to defend their lot. The last standing raider was well dug in but as he turned his attention to a threat to his rear me and the PAK scout charged accross the road to deliver wrath up close, he must have heard us start moving though and sprayed us with automatic weapons fire, just before being shot in the back and downed once and for all. Do not fret dear Rita! I was hit in this exchange but it was a glancing blow to mine arm, and the PAK's surgeon a very capable fellow had me moving and fit again very quickly. We patched ourselves up back at camp and this was when the PAK shaman made the offer, to become a land owner in PAK territory and trusted member of their Tudd presence.

I simply could not refuse such an offer, having been outcast for so long and been searching the length of blighted england for exactly this opportunity. I accepted and was adorned with the red markings of the People.

I have had an interesting time here, and while not quiet, I have to say the Tudd is the safest and most accepting place I have ever presented myself. I have found it, a home for us, and am sending this letter to forwarn you, make ready for travel, by the time you are reading this I should be halfway to fetch you, as I must still travel around the majority of settlements. I will see you soon my love and share the rest of my adventures in person, though nothing as exciting as the prospect of living in relative peace with you in decent company.

With all my love, Neville (still travelling under Sir Topham Hat)

Note: not entirely chronologically correct and only reaching as far as about 1 o'clock on saturday afternoon, because the weekend was so awesome and full of encounters with fantastic characters. I blame you entirely Gadge, Evo and the rest of the crew :)

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Posted 07 August 2012 - 10:34 AM

i really want too here more.. please? :mellow:

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Posted 07 August 2012 - 09:35 PM

Quality account, written in a wonderfully engaging manor. Really would like to hear more!
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