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Sealskinz Sporting Gloves

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Posted 01 December 2011 - 11:12 AM

One of the most annoying parts of airsoft, when your sitting in the freezing cold, with dirty sore fingers, miserable because the enemy are not taken their hits and slightly pissed because your AEG is slowly running out of juice is the lucky hit on the finger. I have been literally doubled over in agony from this so have come up with a two pronged attack into solving this painful and slightly embarrasing problem:

1) Prevention of cold & wet.
Troops, get yourself some gloves, and dont get cheap ones.

2) Protection of exposed skin from the dreaded 6.00mm full plastic jacket.
Get padded, or at least get a couple of layers between your skin and the incoming rounds!

I have in the past had various gloves and they all had pro's and cons. Soldier 95 Goretex gloves were amazingly warm and waterproof, but are uncomfortable to wear! Northern Ireland Gloves are warm, comfortable but not waterproof and sometimes I struggle to get my fingers through the Trigger guard. I opted for a pair of Kevlar shooting gloves. Yes - I Thought, suirely Kevlar will offer me the added protection i need against those horrible bearded bastards shooting my way... not a chance in hell! 1) They we're too cold, 2) they got wet, 3) it still hurt when plastic made contact with skin! I was at a loss! until...

My partner was going through the blacks online catalogue. This generally speaking is always a bad idea so me and my credit cards went and hid in the living room and basked in the glowy warmth that is Top Gear repeats on Dave! She then came down with a 'solution' to my Painful girly hand situation.

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce Sealskinz Sporting Gloves.
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At 40 of her majesties finest pounds they are not cheap, but I decided to treat myself anyway. They arrived and I rushed out to test them. They are quite possibly the most amazing thing every designed to covers ones hands. They are excessivly warm, and completely water resistant. The leather palms makes it easy to grip onto even the slipperiest pistol grip (oooh-errr!). The Goretex on the back of the hands stops any water getting in, whilst keeping your hands relatively breathable, and the thumb and trigger fingers can be hooked back and are held by a magnetic clip, perfect for loading or reloading in the field, and even more impressively, perfect for texting or using complicated radio equipment!
The hit test was also relatively sucessfull, pain margins dropped dramatically especially on the knuckles! It still hurt quite a lot, but as my girlfriend explained to me... I might just have to man up a bit!

Guys n gals if your serious about this sport, but want to have a pair of gloves that will be acceptable to wear in mufti (civvies) then I would seriously suggest investing in Sealskinz. Do it for the kids...

Protection: XXX--
Warmth: XXXX-
Waterproofness: XXXXX
Versatility: XXXXX

Overall a cool XXXX- out of XXXXX
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