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Division - DARK ZONE -FilmSim Weekend 21st & 22nd Oct 2017

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Posted 30 November 2016 - 01:07 PM

Gunman Airsoft presents...

‘The Division – Collapse of New York – Suburbs’


21-22 Oct 2017

GUNMAN Eversley, Hampshire


Welcome to another Gunman Airsoft Open Weekend with limited ammo and medic rules. This is a game for everyone and you can use any sort of mag Hi, Low cap etc. up to the Ammo Limit.We have both sets of kit for rentals too, so get involved!!!


Walk on costs £25 per day (Saturday or Sunday) or just £40 for the whole weekend.Rental guns are available for an extra £25 per day or £35 for the weekend (limited gun hire available, please prebook to guarantee yours).

We will be onsite from 16.00 on the Friday, so if you want to start the Social from Friday, feel free to join us, we have a large camping area and toilets on site.



Location: Suburb of NY, Pandemic Area 18B/26C – THE DARK ZONE


After the total collapse of New York during a Small Pox Pandemic, a number of sleeper agents of the Titular Homeland Division known as ‘The Division’ have awoken to combat the chaos of a city on its knees.  The government forces of the JTF have tried to contain the outbreak and the violence that has ensued from gangs and disenfranchised thugs inside the contaminated boundaries.  But now its time for a number of agents to take it directly to one of these rebel factions.


HOWEVER… the Division isn’t the only agency and there is corruption, especially in the DARK ZONE. 


3 teams will entre the DARK ZONE and try to collect loot for their own corrupt purposes and to fill their pockets with cash. Each agency starts with a loot backpack and must search the site for loot crates.  Loot will be a simple A4 Lamicard with a picture on it and will have a value and type.  You can only take ONE loot card from a loot crate and can only carry one type of loot.  You can exchange loot at a crate.



Each agency has the ability to call in a chopper lift and extract their loot from a fixed LZ after 1 hour.  A pole will be in the ground to show the chopper line and all they need to do is Karabiner their loot backpack to it until the clock stops (Mcom will be set up) Then the extraction is completed and they can BAG the loot.



If the teams decides on engage another agency, whomever wins can search the other teams backpack and take loot but must not break the ONE TYPE of loot carried rule.  DO NOT TAKE THE ENEMY BACKPACK!! It must be left there until its team can recover it.

When the game is finished, we will add up the kit collected to see who won.


Rules of the Rucksacks.

Each team will have a rucksack colour marked for their team.  If the player carrying it is killed, the rucksack MUST be left on the floor for other teammates to retrieve.  YOU MUST NOT TAKE ANOTHER TEAMS RUCKSACK.

You can reload and take your bandages off at the rucksack (5m) but it must be put on properly first!



Inside the DARK ZONE are ‘THE CLEANERS’ who will fight anyone they come across trying to loot the loot crates.  They’re only interested in stopping loot from being stolen and can NOT touch the agents backpacks!!  However, if more than half the total points of loot remains in the loot boxes by endex, they win.


Regen can only be done from the teams starting points HQ


Due to the rules of the scenario, unless stated, you MUST use single shot only or make a real effort to keep them to half a second.

All teams will get a go at being Agents and cleaners over the weekend.

The forces are:

The Division Agents – Any clothing or rigs, usual loadout for Milsim. RED

The Division Agents – Any clothing or rigs, usual loadout for Milsim. BLUE

The Division Agents – Any clothing or rigs, usual loadout for Milsim. YELLOW



Any questions on camo, just ask.

We have full catering on site.

We advise you bring plenty of water and rations to consume during game play as you will be out for up to 2 hrs – 3hrs at a time.
Please try to be as prepared as possible with kit to save time in the morning. 8.30 ARRIVAL!!


Basic rules.

'Milsim Lite days at Gunman are suitable for all levels of airsoft player, but are especially aimed at players who want slightly more realism than a skirmish game offers, while still getting plenty of trigger time and a lunch break.


The games usually last for two hours at a time and will contain several objectives and a good amount of trigger time.


Players carry two bandages, when you are shot a team-mate must get to you and apply one of your bandages to get you back in the game.  When you run out of bandages you can return to the game by visiting a fixed HQ or a mobile field pack.


You may only take a limited supply of ammunition with you, but can reload at your HQ or mobile field pack at any time.


Being able to work in a team makes a big difference in these kind of games and is often essential to complete objectives.


You may bring any realistic weapon including two-tone guns as long as they do not exceed the site power limits.

Mid-cap magazines are recommended, but hi-caps are welcome within ammo limits.  Rentals are available.'

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Posted 18 October 2017 - 02:39 PM

One for Saturday only please, cheers.

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Posted 20 October 2017 - 08:12 AM

One for Sunday please

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