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Golden Egg pt2 The Mendoza connection - Poison - An Eversley Filmsim Jan 2018

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Posted 10 January 2018 - 02:50 PM

Gunman Airsoft presents...

Golden Egg pt2 – The Mendoza connection - Poison
January 20-21 2018
GUNMAN Eversley, Hampshire

Welcome to another Gunman Airsoft Open Weekend with limited ammo and medic rules. This is a game for everyone and you can use any sort of mag Hi, Low cap etc. up to the Ammo Limit. We have both sets of kit for rentals too, so get involved!!!

Walk on costs £25 per day (Saturday or Sunday) or just £40 for the whole weekend. Rental guns are available for an extra £25 per day or £35 for the weekend (limited gun hire available, please prebook to guarantee yours).  We will be onsite from 16.00 on the Friday, so if you want to start the Social from Friday, feel free to join us, we have a large camping area and toilets on site.

Golden Egg pt2 – Poison

Location: Rain forests of Colombia

Crime syndicates all over the world are always looking for new and creative ways to make money and give support to ultra nationals and help destabilize countries and governments. Our story follows the Mendoza Cartels interest in rare animal black market, specifically the Egg market. Professional Poachers all over the world have taken a real interest in the Mendoza Cartel’s offer of hard cash for such desirables and many have created their own hunters syndicates. This strange yet profitable market has also pulled the interest of super rich Oriental clients, who are willing to pay absurd amounts for these forbidden items. 

The IIC (International institute of Conservation) has had to employ their own ‘Armed Officials’ to deal with this crisis as previous help came from other intelligence communities such as the CIA, who have had to redirect their assets due to other global issues.

This mission has lead a number of IIC operatives deep into the rain forests of Columbia to find ‘Syndicate’ camps and destroy them. At this time its unknown what the poachers are after, though an arrest in Australia a few weeks prior to the operation gave the impression Snake Eggs had become a new priority. A recent discovery of a new type of Colombian Bushmaster, whose venom was almost as potent as the Inland Taipan snake of central Australia has been flagged up as a very viable target for the syndicates. One of the IIC Directors, Dr Walsh, a New Zealand snake specialist, estimates this new bushmaster could produce up to three times the amount of venom of its distant yet just as potent cousin. It’s believed the client is part of a buyers group based on Hong Kong and may be linked to a small number of global pharmaceutical companies with plausible interests and poor track records. The IIC is desperate for any intelligence that can link this new poaching interest to the Mendoza cartel and in doing so reengage the interests of the other more potent international bureau’s and intelligence agencies.

Game details.

IIC Operative – Green
Poachers –Desert team

We will set camps and nests up all over the site withsnake eggs in. Poacher recon elements will be given codes to find, which will give them an idea of where to look. All the need to do is find the right eggs and get them back to their cool box incubator…..and not get bitten!.  

IIC operators will be given the task off moving around the site and finding the poacher camps (other codes) and close them down.  

If they come across an egg on the move, they must return it to the correct nest (code will be on it and be the same code on the nest). The IIC already have the locations of the snake nests thanks to Dr Walsh and must try to protect them aswell.

Any questions on camo, just ask.
We have full catering on site.
We advise you bring plenty of water and rations to consume during game play as you will be out for up to 2 hrs – 3hrs at a time. Please try to be as prepared as possible with kit to save time in the morning. 8.30 ARRIVAL!!

Basic rules.
'Milsim Lite days at Gunman are suitable for all levels of airsoft player, but are especially aimed at players who want slightly more realism than a skirmish game offers, while still getting plenty of trigger time and a lunch break.

The games usually last for two hours at a time and will contain several objectives and a good amount of trigger time.

Players carry two bandages, when you are shot a team-mate must get to you and apply one of your bandages to get you back in the game. When you run out of bandages you can return to the game by visiting a fixed HQ or a mobile field pack.

You may only take a limited supply of ammunition with you, but can reload at your HQ or mobile field pack at any time.

Being able to work in a team makes a big difference in these kind of games and is often essential to complete objectives.

You may bring any realistic weapon including two-tone guns as long as they do not exceed the site power limits.
Mid-cap magazines are recommended, but hi-caps are welcome within ammo limits. Rentals are available.'

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