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A&K Dragunov

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#1 blitz



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Posted 11 October 2009 - 09:47 AM

Holy crap for the price its good.. just good

Build; The build is quite good, everything is steel or CNC'd alumminum, the piston is a modifyed AEG one, kinda a cross between a AEG and a VSR. there is however not much shock absorbtion for the metal piston against metal cylinder head... the spring is a AEG spring. the inner barrel is a 590mm aeg barrel with aeg packing cut in half with a firefly style v cut nub, the hopup its self is a horrible design... its a allen key screw that pushing down on plastic rod... also the scope is interesting, however desided to use layteks based paint on it should be shot... all the flat black paint has already pealed off...

profomance; is fair good outta the box, more to come after i chashed all the demons outta it and took up after a lazy designer took off

Overall; good for the price, and a interesting use of AEG parts to make the upgradability cheap and easy to find... crapy hopup design has me scared however...
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#2 Fragal



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Posted 03 February 2010 - 11:05 AM

If anyones interested you can now get a reinforced trigger sear for these from here


#3 Mazw


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Posted 03 February 2010 - 12:43 PM

I also have one of these rifles after seeing someone with a two tone version and being allowed to fire a couple of shots. The chap who lent me his didnt know how to adjust the hop-u or even if it had one (more of that later) but even with no hop I was impressed enough to go and buy one.

Now this rifle is a single shot spring rifle. Whats unusual about that, well the real world version is a semi auto only self loading rifle. With so many real world sniping rifles being semi auto only the airsoft ones often have full auto, snuck on as well but this rifle is the opposite. You get a rifle capable of less than the real world one. However this is not a bad thing as this allows the rifle to be capable of far higher power than if it was aeg based.

In the box you get most of what you expect, but not all, the ever present sample bag of BB'S is there but noticeably missing is any kind of manual hence why that guy didnt even know it had an adjustable Hop. No cleaning rod either which can be a pain as I dont have any other rifle with a barrel this long and hence no cleaning / unjaming rod that long either.
You do however get a high cap yes HIGH CAP magazine unusual on a sniper rifle and also a raised cheek rest for when a scope is fitted. Lovely to have included, but a bit strange I thought as a scope mount or scope are not included. But I am not complaining as it is far easier to find a scope mount and scope than it is to find a raised cheek rest.

The build quality sems to be very good with a lot of what appears to be steel stampings used in the construction. And even though the gun is a monster length, no decernable wobbles or rattles out of the box. The design however is the same as the real world rifle, basic, reliable and strong but possibly not perfect but Russian equipment never is, but basic and reliable it always is. The design seems to be a true SVD as opposed to a AK47 with a few added parts. I found an original SVD sling on ebay froma seller in russia which fits perfectly so the sling mounts are obviously correct. I also happen to own a bayonet that was brought back from Bosnia a few years ago. This doesnt fit the bayonet lug on the A&K I dont know if this is a deliberate safety feature or if the SVD took a different bayonet to the AK47 / AK74. I am no expert on real SVD's so if anyone knows I would be curious.
I personally have no issues with the ergonomics. The cocking handle is the same if what slightly enlarged as on a real world SVD. This is great as so many sniper rifles are hunting rifle style with a bolt handle at the raer of the rifle action. Cocking in the prone position whilst trying not to move much is never easy. On this rifle the cocking handle is much further forward right up by the trigger so quick cocking after firing a shot is easier and less noticeable as your hand has less distance to travel.
A firiend of mine who has large hands complains that the pistol grip is not big enough and that his little finger is gripping thin air, so if you have large hands try before you buy.

Using the weapon is a case of try it to see what each lever etc does due to the lack of instructions, I still haven't managed to fully strip this rifle down especially the fore grip which I can get half off as there is a lever right at the front to detach the front grip,but cant find out what to do next angry.gif Frustrating hopefully someone will publish an unofficial manual on the net soon. My only niggle, design wise is the lovely anodised blue cylinder. Its a thing of beauty but is visible from the side of the rifle when the safety catch is off. Not good for camoflage and as a sniper rifle camoflage can often be important.

Using the rifle is straight forward and everything seems to do what you would expect. The only concern for me is the design of the safety catch, which has one major advantage and one major disadvantage. The issue is that the safety catch also blocks the last half of the cocking stroke. This means if you start to cock the rifle without removing the safety catch then a BB will be chambered but the rifle wont be able to be cocked. Removing the safety and then cocking the rifle chambers a second BB and then the rifle is cocked with 2 BB'S in the chamber. Not a big issue on a automatic aeg but it is on a single shot sniper. However the safety catch also has a major advantage, it is huge so using it with gloves on is super easy. No excuses for not using the safety on a cold day.

Out of the box the chronograph is showing 500fps so I can't wait to give this rifle a go on the skirmish field. 500fps and a huge long barrel should be great rolleyes.gif

More to come once I have used her.


#4 Simon



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Posted 16 March 2010 - 09:14 PM

I would just like to say that I got mine a week ago, And i love everything about it !
But just wondering what bbs I should use in it ?

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