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Fallout: UK Wastelander: The Story so Far...

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Posted 15 November 2011 - 02:43 PM

It is the year 2142. The place, The Commonwealth.

Whilst the survivors of the USA look at Great Britain and her Commonwealth as the last source of ancient and mysterious high tech devices, like androids and laser weaponry, for the majority of the uk’s citizens this sadly isn’t the case.
A lucky few do however act as custodians to the wealth and knowledge of the past, those whose skills, and expertise marked them as essential to rebuilding the country – saving them from the nuclear Armageddon and the following brutal nuclear winter (ref. Great Winter of 2130) in Government fallout shelters.

As the ‘reserved occupation’ Government vaults, preserving the last relics of lost tech, slowly open up to the ravaged land, the vault dwellers discover that the land around them has changed considerably.

Government Secure Shelter Mike Lima’s blast door open to a grinding wail of screeching metal, and the harsh high UV rays of sunlight enter for the first time in decades. Unsure of what to expect, the survivors step out into a brave new world.

Meanwhile at Tuddenham (Close to the trading post of Stedmond, and situated between the cities of No-Rich, and the ivory towers of Cadge) an ancient peace treaty is strained to breaking point.

Recently the four tribes of the area have maintained an uneasy truce, each sworn by written law to unite against any tribe breaking the treaty by direct harmful action against another. (That's not to say that 'indirect', covert actions don't frequently take place!) However, of recent days, members of all factions have been killed and assaulted by mysterious attackers in the wastes. While many cry ‘devil‘ or ‘witch’ at the mysterious attackers, wiser souls wonder if there is perhaps not something more terrestrial and more deadly hunting them down.

At this point of the year in the cold and wet season of the Nuclear Spring, it is possible to traverse the wastes in relative safety, as most of the deadlier predators are in hibernation, and the marauding bands holed up in winter quarters. A motley crew of chancers, adventurers and mercenaries from the surrounding wastes have ventured to Tuddenham to try to find employment in the thriving settlement, or simply to sell their finds, or trade their skills as healers and fixers.

Entering the town they find the area firmly divided into four camps, the militant Tallion, the devout Legion of St George, the Sturdy PAK and the newly arrived traders from the Merchant League. The normally composed Legionnaries seem somewhat distracted as if they have suffered a great loss, the peaceful PAK are taking up weapons and stockpiling medicines, the Merchant League seem to multiply and appear from nowhere and the long suffering guardians of the Tallion are wracked with internal dissent.

But still many flock to The Tud, many to trade at Garp's, whose motto ‘we buy ANYTHING’ has lured many into his store. Others need the services of Old World Oscar, a travelling tinker who specializes in the lost and archaic, or those truly in need are found at the door of Doc Crippens, for a quick patch up or shot of rad medicine. These are dark and interesting times.

Not a happy time indeed, and to make matters worse, the ever present problem of ‘flash gas’ from the marshes has seeped into the town; This silent invisible hazard poses no threat to the peaceful but for those foolish enough to discharge weaponry in a pocket are doomed to die – immolated in a localized burst of flame…. Luckily the harsh UV rays of the sun burn 99 per cent of this gas off in daylight, but in the evening only the suicidal brandish firearms, lasers and flames outdoors!

And only the foolish venture outdoors at night anyway, it would have to be a great treasure indeed to risk life and limb in the wastes at night when the Reapers and the Green Men are abroad...

The future is in your hands, literally…

You need to prepare; Prepare to fight and to survive.

Your first goal will be to find some shelter before nightfall. As a faction member you will have a faction house you can sleep in, but all wastelanders must either curry favour with a faction or set up their own homes. You also need supplies to weather the impending rad storm heading this way.. It will last two days, so your character is going to need to find two days worth of food and water. Game food and water will be clearly marked as FOOD or WATER and is separate from any real food you'll need to bring with you to eat on the weekend.

You will also have to try to fulfill your faction or individual goals.

Don’t forget that the trader, healers and faction chiefs all have jobs, missions and quests they will require you to do but you’re going to have to get stuck in and ask. They wont come to you!


As a player you need to assemble ALL the kit to survive in the wastes for a weekend in January.

- You need your outfit, and PLEASE bring a warm coat, waterproofs, extra blankets and a four season sleeping bag.

- You also need to bring real food to eat over the weekend. There will be campfires, shelters and there will be ‘game food’ but unless you’ve a penchant for mystery tins of dogmeat and aldi beans then you’d be best bringing your own.

- You'll also need a "loot bag". This must be at least capable of holding an A4 folder, eye protection, your character sheet, and any money. It will need to be able to be rifled through by other players, so you need to keep this bag's contents separate from your 'personal' kit.

Any questions, ask away!

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Posted 07 June 2012 - 07:20 PM

Wastelander Part II. ‘The Centre Cannot Hold’

The Story So Far

In the no-man’s land between the ivory towers of Cadge City, last seat of reason. Learning and rebuilding and the feral feudal city of No-Rich lies the ‘The Tud’.

A contested trading post on the great old road, The Tud, has for years resisted attempts by both Houses to annex it into their realm. An uneasy peace treaty between four warring factions has held the ‘The Tud’ as a relatively stable market and meeting place... until now.

The remnant forces of the old world military, The Tallion, went to war with the Peoples Armed Kollective over the possession of the components required to get the last remaining ‘Thatcher Class’ nuclear missile working, possession of the working missile would ensure the dominance of the owning tribe for years to come. While the Tallion were eventually successful it was something of a pyrrhic victory as the centuries old launch systems were found to have failed leaving them with an armed nuclear missile and no way of launching it (or threatening to launch it) as the repairs needed are far beyond their skill. A man of science and learning was needed.

Had the Tallion not waited until the men of the Legion of St George were called away on chapter business they may not have had the superior numbers (aided by itinerant mercenary wastelanders) to take on the powerful PAK. As it is now things in ‘The Tud’ are very different.

The Tallion in ascendance have routed the PAK back to their nomadic tent encampments on the edge of the city and desecrated the Legions temple house. The Sugar Union who had sent scouts out from their factory fortress have returned in force and encamped themselves within ‘The Tud.

The peace treaty has been broken but still loosely holds while the heavily armed Provosts still patrol but rumours abound of loan prospectors disappearing without a trace and of the slave markets of No-Rich becoming busier by the day... Certainly Slaver bands have been seen trading in local settlements but as yet none have entered The Tud.

The disappearances however may just be yet more victims of the enigmatic Green Men who haunt the woodlands at night, many thought them just a myth but in our last adventure foolhardy adventurers found out they were very much real and very, very hard to kill. Equally hard to kill, the rogue war droid has not been seen since the united efforts of the townspeople drove it out of the village but travellers report seeing glowing red eyes in the southern ruins on dark and lonely nights.

Daylight is no safe time either, the viscious 'Bury Bastards' raider clan have become bolder than ever after finding working old world vehicles and a fuel source... at least the Slavers try to take you alive!

After replacing Garp as The Tuds main trader the nefarious Oscar has shed his Ghoul disguise and revealed himself to be a mere human, all but a cunning one who knew that no one would mug a travelling tinker with his flesh dropping off. Now Oscars is the shop that proclaims 'We Buy *Anything*',Althouth Garps death has not been confirmed he has not been seen in the Tud for some time.

Mild Bills Cantina, the 'Dog and Hammer' continues to be a beacon of old world civilisation in a bleak and dark wasteland... Fat on the profits from last seasons merchants and wastelanders thirst for nettle wine, Bill has recently installed a juke box full of old world hits to the cantina and has also hired a 'gunsmith' to help keep his clients firearms in perfect condition (and keep hold of those same hand cannons while their owners drink in the bar...)

Rumours abound of a strange man accompanied by a rough bodyguard and some ancient pre war robot muttering to himself about the 'radroses' and dragging along a box of ancient tools, no-one has yet asked this odd character who he is but some proclaim him to be a wise man and a guardian of old world knowledge from one of the great tech-houses of the Midlands.

A strange new signal has been picked up by those with vid units and radios, the 'Tudd Telegraph'. This erratic and insightful news programme strangely seems to know more about most folk and events than many locals and is eagerly tuned into by locals but who is making the broadcasts is as yet unknown.

So on the eve of the Summer Crop Harvest we find The Tud a perilous place.

The Tallion continue their militant traditions while desperately searching for a ‘reemee’ (as the sacred text "commando picture library" has told them the old engineers were known) to fix their doomsday weapon.

The PAK seek revenge and a means to resettle the Northern wastes or perhaps simply settle in the Tud in force.

Legion scouts observe the Tallion and decide when the time is right to take their temple back.

The NFU Sugar Union continues to send scout parties about the Radlands, exactly *what* they are searching for only the union ‘officials’ know and they certainly are not saying...

Cadge City outriders and No-Rich Wardens continue to patrol closer to the Tud and many believe it is only a matter of time before the warring factions clash.
The Slavers gather on the outskirts of the town looking for loan settlers to sell on for profit while the valiant Provosts do their best to safeguard the settlement.

And as always Wastelanders, Ghoul, Privateers and the occasionally emergent fallout shelter survivor continue to flock to The Tud in search of fame, fortune or simply an early death...

So interesting times indeed and, dear Wastelanders, the future - while dark - is in your hands....

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