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Objective list for Diamond Head.

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Posted 07 September 2016 - 10:09 AM

Operation Diamond Head – Objectives list


US Objectives.


·       Keep control of the crossing points.

·       Hunt down and kill Victor Charlie!

·       Try to avoid entangling the French planation workers (Civilians) and security.

·       Keep the LZ open and clear for supply drops

·       Try to capture and escort back to the LZ for extraction VC commanders (commanders will be marked and will change through out the game)


US Rules of Engagement.

Do not shoot Civilians!  However you can search anyone in the US controlled area.  You have a reasonable relationship with the French Plantation so try not to damage it.

Whilst operating in French Controlled areas you can:

a)     Let them know, which means you must go via the Plantation office at N13 and get permission for 1 hour.

B)     Black ops and hope you don’t get found out.



VC Objectives.


·       Kill US troops via ambush and booby-traps.

·       Mingle with Civilian population to gain intel via the French Plantation workers. To do this, the VC will join the French camp and work with them.  This will give them freedom to move around the plantation and gain intel.

·       Complete a number of tasking’s in the US controlled area.

·       The VC must find a way to continue the supply chain.


VC Rules of Engagement

Whilst armed there are no rules of engagement, but the US is your target and the VC commanders don’t need a fight on two fronts…at this time;)

Whilst working with the French as a Civilian, you can leave your weapons in the Village (L04) and make your way to the plantation at N13.  If you wish to conceal a weapon/booby trap and get found, you will be shot! 


French Objectives.

The French Forman has total responsibility for the plantation and must be obeyed.


·       Provide security to the plantation.

·       Sign in and out all workers from the Forman’s office at Mie Ming (N13).  This work must last 1 hour and shouldbe completed.  If not, the worker is assumed to have ‘run away or be VC’ and can be shot.

·       Make sure the workers are in the plantation field for 1hr before returning to the sign out.

·       Escort Rubber from the Rubber plant back to the Estate warehouse at P11 (Area52)


French Rules of Engagement.

If in a hostile environment, give 2 Warnings to move away then shoot to kill.

If your workers are found armed they must be shot!

Otherwise work as a third party as best you can…the profit is more important than the politics.  That’s the plantation owner’s problem.




The Morale chart is a new way to see if a side is ‘Doing well’ or ‘Loosing the war whilst winning’ Not every war is won through battles and victories (though they help)


All sides will have a simple moral chart.  Every time a mission goes well or supplies are delivered, the chart moves up X, if failed or unsupplied, Down X. 



Capturing VC commanders and escorting them to the LZ or NOT

Completing 1 hour Black Ops and returning back to HQ or NOT

Completing Objectives WIN

Having the LZ disrupted for 1 hour LOSS





Wiping out platoon Sections WIN

Loosing a VC Commanders LOSS

Completing Tasking in US Territory WIN

Having a Trapdoor destroyed LOSS




Escorting Rubber crate safely to warehouse WIN

Loosing Rubber crate LOSS

Completing a 1 hour Security detail WIN

Not completing a 1 hour work detail LOSS


We can make loads more of these up as we go;)

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Posted 07 September 2016 - 10:10 AM

Feel free to print these off guys.

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