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Officer Hopes report on Operation Overdrive

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Posted 11 September 2015 - 09:08 PM

So this is my report on Operation Overdrive, let me know if I've got any thing glaringly wrong (allowing for artistic license).




Operation Overdrive


We were dropped in a green LZ just after sun up. After humpin’ it about a klik into the bush we set up a CP for General Kurtz. When all was AJ Squared Away, with the battalion securely entrenched, Alpha, Bravo and Delta vanished into the brush on their respective missions.

I was attached to Bravo and ours was a sweep mission to assess enemy build up in the area. We got eye’s on a few times but no contact. We weren’t there for a kill count.


As soon as we returned to the CP it was straight back out for a corridor sweep and clear mission. Delta was on our left flank. Our unit was split into two fire teams, Bravo-Alpha and Bravo-Bravo. I lead Bravo-Bravo. We leapfrogged down the corridor until we reached the map ref codenamed “Poontang”.


Bravo-Alpha dug in while I took my section forward till we had eye’s on the Ville codenamed “Viking” or “Vike” for short.

Me, Tony, Howard and Chillie took up fire positions while Legg snuck in to retrieve the radio codes. Long tense moments followed as we watched him wind his way between the hooch’s, avoiding the PAVN, general populace and guard dogs. Fingers flexed on triggers in anticipation. Our fears were unwarranted, Legg was in and out like lightning, we bugged back to Bravo-Alpha.


While we were gone BA had engaged a small PAVN patrol, that had past too close to their position, and wiped it out. Before we had the whole North on our tails we moved out fast.


BA led us through the brush in line formation till they were in engagement range of our next objective, codenamed “Cortina”. BA took up firing positions and I led BB in a mad dash assault up the hill. Army Intelligence had said to expect stiff resistance but the VC had vanished like ghosts. All we found were a few half eaten ration packs and smouldering fires.


Our unit strung out in a long line and swept the ridge back to the general and the CP.

After a brief respite we humped it into an area just past a sector codenamed “Deep Bowl” were we found a recognisable rally point. Dropping as much gear as we could and with only silenced pistols and knives we stalked the remains of Fort William. My section went straight for the main firebase while BA swept round to the south. Using all our guile and skill I was able to reach within ear shot of the enemy CP. After 10 minutes of observing the dinks movements one of them stepped out round the barricade I was hiding behind. I pulled the trigger and dropped him before a sound left his lips. He hadn’t even hit the dirt when I was pulling back and signalling the rest of the section to pull out. Falling back to the rendezvous and regrouping with BA.


Our next objective was a pair of old mortar pits on a ridgeline. We came across a river and while using an old decaying bridge a strut gave out injuring Tony but he soldiered through it.

Next was a wide road. As the point man broke from cover the VC opened up. He was lucky and saw it coming, diving back into cover just in time.

We circled back and crossed at a different point without incident.

Reaching the pits our orders came in to move immediately to a natural feature referred to as “Hole in the wall”.

Having gathered the intell we were after we swept the area down to an old radio shack and back. Orders came in; it was back to the mortar pits.

I was on point and as I came out the edge of the clearing I got eyes on 4 VC exiting the other end.

Me and the boys pushed into the clearing around the mortar pits while BA flanked it. At the far end of the clearing we hooked back up with BA before moving to assault a VC position.

We walked into a shit storm.

It was over practically before it had begun and I was being pulled out and slung on a waiting Medi-Slick. The survivors bugged out double quick time back to the CP.

I was patched up while the rest of the unit licked its wounds.

While half our number recovered the rest of us did a speedy recon to Cortina. Gathered the intell and bugged.


Now back at full strength we humped it to a position between the mortars and May Min Ville. As we moved in we came under fire. Our blood was up and with a thirst for vengeance we unleashed hell!!

We cleared those rat bastard dinks out of our path and gathered the intell we needed. Mission accomplished we bugged out, swinging up past the mortar pits and down to an old French colonial train station for more intell. We went back through May Min but it was all quite this time.

The general tossed us straight back in the field. We humped double time for Poontang drawing sporadic VC fire as we went.

We hit Vike hard and fast, taking the last of that day’s intell just before the light failed.



First thing the next morning we move out on an intell mission. It was uneventful and we moved on to our rally point of the previous day. Once again we stripped down to ‘silent kill’ mode, pistols and knives. Crawling on our bellies we took our time and when we were about 5’ out from the edge of Fort William we throw in a volley of ‘nade’s and I got my last smoke in right on target! Half of us laid down a withering covering fire while the others went over the barriers. Legg was able to use the cover from my smoke to get over and was even able to chuck it further in and get into the enemy CP. He comes rushing out again intell in tow. We disengage faster than shit off a shovel and make our escape.

(Laughing all the way cause we knocked the barrier of FW down as we pulled out.)


After collecting our gear again we collected more intell and high tailed it over to Poontang then back up to the Hole in the wall.

We advanced on the radio shack again but this time we met stiff resistance and were court in another cluster fuck fire fight. But between Chilies expert medical skills and our superb team work Charlie was licked in no time. We got the intell and hurried back to the general.

And it was straight back out to Cortina. From here we approached Poontang in two lines. Our main force in front while Chilie, Tony (our engineer), and me carrying the explosives hung back. We stormed in like screaming eagles and had the site under our command in no time. While Tony got to it setting the charges to blow the bunker complex BA foxtrotted it to the last intell. We blew that sucker sky high then joined up with BA and the general.



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Posted 13 September 2015 - 10:43 AM

excellent report soldier!.......but it's general Kurtz!, at least you got my god dam rank correct!


as I said, dam fine report though, well done.


general Kurtz.

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Posted 13 September 2015 - 10:55 AM

Cheers General, name corrected.

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Posted 13 September 2015 - 02:22 PM

Damn fine report Hope.  Glad you got the second days exploits in there too.




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Posted 13 September 2015 - 03:25 PM

Cheers Tom, 2nd day was trickier as I didn't take as detailed notes.

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