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Related post: Date: Thu, 17 May 2007 real young teen sex 21:26:12 -0700 (PDT)From: Thomas Gaige Subject: My Brother and blacks on teen porn His Friends black teens fucked hard - Chapter lesbian teen lingerie 3Copyrighted 2006: This story is protected under US copyright law. Nopart of it may be reproduced in any way without the express writtenconsent of the author. The author grants www.nifty.org and its mirrorsites permission to post the story on their websites.DISCLAIMER: The following story is teen sock porn FICTIONAL. It contains descriptionsof homosexual activities. If you are not over 18 years of age, or if youfind this type of story offensive, or viewing this material is illegalwhere you are, then please DO NOT READ IT! If you choose to read it,then - teen anal porn tgp I hope you enjoy it!------------------------------------------------------------------------------- perfect teen ass My Brother And His Friends Chapter ThreeThe morning after Josh and I first had sex together, I found a note fromhim on my pillow next to me when I gay teen porn xxx woke up. He'd already left for schoolearlier, while I'd slept in. In his note Josh said that he hoped I'dcome home teen porn pic post early from school so that we could have some time alone in thehouse before our parents got home from work! I grinned as teen porn cherry in my mind'seye I could gay teen websites see the passionate look on his face, as he paused while hewrote, to reach down and squeeze his crotch. I was horny as hell justcontemplating what might happen later in the day between us, so I knew hemust've been too! Smiling, I grabbed a pen and jotted a reply that I'dbe home by 3:30. Then I got up, and since I knew our parents would'veleft for work already and I was home alone, naked, with my boner bobbingup and down in front of me, I walked out into the hallway, and intoJosh's room, and put the note on his pillow, for him to find when he gothome. Having done that, I spun around and headed for the bathroom.In the bathroom, I stood bent forward over teen or porn the toilet pointing myerection downward, and pushed with the muscles around my bladder to forcemy piss out. When I was finished urinating, I teen riders porn turned around, dropped theseat, then sat down, with my hardon resting on top of the front of thetoilet seat between my thighs. I tried to relax then for a moment. Icould feel that I really had to take a shit, so it wasn't long before Ifelt movement in my bowels. teen porn picturs Quickly, I grabbed and squeezed my dick,which was still pretty hard, and couldn't be bent to point down into thebowel, so no more residule piss would dribble out. 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Ireally didn't produce enough facial hair yet to warrant shaving properly,and the few quick swipes I made were adequate to shear off the little bitof stubble I had on my chin, and neatened up my sideburn area. Next, Ibrushed my teeth. Then, finally, I stepped into the shower, and a fewseconds later, warm water free teen porn pictiures was streaming down over my naked body. It feltwonderful! I reached up and removed the hand-held showerhead and held itjust above my shoulders. After a moment I moved the spray down my back.I held it on the small of my back, which ached a little. The peltingspray felt great!After a while, I felt my cock surge with anticipation. Smiling tomyself, I reached lower and using both hands, pried my havana ginger teen porn ass cheeks apartand held them open, then directed the spray from the shower teen titan xxx porn right at myasshole! The tingling needles of water spritzing sharply against it,felt fantastic, and instantly alleviated the lingering stinging sensationI was still having from when the toilet water had splashed on me! As Iheld the showerhead in place for latina teen porn a minute or so, thoroughly enjoying themicroscopic massage my pucker was receiving, my dick periodically flexeddue teen anal porn sites to the arousing sensations that surged through my body.After a while, almost a reluctantly, I pulled the showerhead away, andlet go of my glutes. I turned then, and let the spray from theshowerhead move to the front of my body. I lowered the showerhead again,and held it under me, turned upward, so the spray began to hit my balls,and the underside of my stiff column of meat. Instantly I felt adifferent, sensual joy surge through my groin! teen blowjob auditions Smiling again, I startedto flip my wrist back and forth a little, so that the spray moved up anddown the underside of my shaft, causing the spray to "rub" up and downit. As usual, this too felt great!I sprayed my cock and balls for some time, then, finally after I felthorned up enough so that I thought I was going to blow my load, I stopped- hoping to delay the reaction, and thus, increase my pleasure when Ifinally followed through.I hung the showerhead up, and grabbed the bottle of shampoo. Then, Istepped under the spigot again, to re-wet my hair, which had alreadystarted to dry. Then, I poured a generous amount of shampoo in my hand,set the bottle down, and went to work washing my hair. Once I'd scrubbedmy head thoroughly with my american asian teen porn fingertips, until my scalp was tingling, Iscraped some of the soap out of my hair, and ran my hands down the backof my neck. I ran my hands around and around my throat, behind my ears,and under my chin, thoroughly washing myself. Then I washed my face aswell. I rinsed the soap school girls porn teen from my face, then pulled some more shampoo frommy hair, and began working my way down my body.Gently I washed my armpits, so I didn't rip any of the sparse amount ofhair I had from them, then I spent a happy minute or two rubbing my pertnipples, enjoying the feelings it caused, as they got bigger andpointier, and the related tingling I felt in my groin as well.Eventually, I worked further down my trunk, making sure to carefullyclean my navel. Then finally, I grabbed the last of the shampoo from myhead, and attacked my genitals! I soaped myself up good, completelylathering my erection, and gently coating my scrotum as well. photo teen sex I reachedaround and ran my hand through the groove of my ass too, making sure todrag my finger underage teen porn pictures across my rosebud in the process. My slippery digitrunning back and forth across my opening felt really sensual, and Icouldn't help running my finger up and down my crevice several moretimes, each time making sure to roughly rub over my pucker.Finally, I wrapped my hand around my soapy cock, and clutching my scrotumwith my other hand, I began sliding my fist up and down my shaft.The warm slipperiness felt awesome, and I started working my tool alittle harder and faster, as I also began massaging my testicles.As I worked on myself, an image of Josh standing in the same place I was,doing the same thing I was, popped into my mind. As I continuedmasturbating, and fondling my jewels, I could picture Joshua doing thesame thing. As I dwelled on this free teens porn image of my brother pleasuring himself,he looked at me and smiled quickly. Then, suddenly, he began lookingmore aroused. He returned his concentration to his dick, and With eachstroke, I could see his body getting tenser and tenser. His nostrilsbegan to flare, and a consumed look filled his eyes. His hands sped up alittle then. As I watched Josh became more excited in my daydream, teen porn forced Ifelt my own body responding in a similar manner. Soon I too was whackingoff with great gusto, as black haired teen porn an extremely heightened sense of arousal washedthrough my body. My orgasm had started russian nude teen to build, and in my thoughts,Josh's had too. We both intensified our efforts as our climaxesapproached.As I pistoned my hand up and down my slick cock, I suddenly felt myorgasm mounting rapidly. Although I continued beating off, and fondlingmy rocks, I tried mentally to hold back reaching the pinnacle ofpleasure.My cock began to feel a little larger, and hardcore petit teen porn stiffer, and, my hairy teen ass naked teen porn star balls feltlarger too, and slowly pulled up toward my body, as the warm, tinglinghum of my alyssa teen nude orgasm built, and spread through my entire groin.As my pleasure skyrocketed to its peak, I strained to hold back, as Irecklessly slammed my hand up and down my rod, but suddenly, in my mind'seye, I saw Josh's face contort with passion, and I knew he'd been tryingto hold back too, but simply couldn't any longer. Josh gasped loudly,and cried out then, as he blew an teen fuck vids enormous rope of cum from his dick.His glob of semen flew in an arc through the air, and landed in a longthick line on the shower curtain, as he continued pumping his toy.Suddenly, my body exploded as well, and With a gasp that quickly meldedinto a strangled, high-pitched cry, I felt a river of semen blast throughmy urethra and fly out my piss slit as well. youth teen porn pictures As I watched, I too blew ahuge japanese teens nude glob of cum against the shower curtain.I continued pumping my dick, and in my mind, Josh's image did the same.First I'd see Josh contorting with pleasure as his body would spasm, andhe'd blow more jism against the free teen porn images shower curtain, then I'd feel my own bodyexplode, and I'd launch my own cum as well.I kept working on myself for the next several seconds, until finally Ifelt my own orgasm ending. As mine ended, in my mind, Josh's did aswell. Finally, as I slowed my hand down, and released my scrotum, Joshdid the same, ending up by squeezing and pulling on his dick, to extractthe last bit of teen tatans porn his sperm from it. As his fist reached the head free teen latex porn of hiscock, a good-sized glob of cum oozed from his piss slit, sticking therein a large glob. I smiled, as in my mind, smiling himself, Josh wipedthe tip of his cock off with his finger, then held his finger to hismouth and licked it clean. Grinning, I used the dry back of my hand towipe my own final glob free teen porn download of cum from the tip of my still soap-slickeddick. Then, I too licked it off my hand, and savored the slightly salty,yet tangy flavor.I stood for a moment then, enjoying the afterglow of my orgasm. I feltgreat!After a minute though, I stepped back under the shower spray, and quicklyfinished washing. Then I turned off the water, grabbed a towel 16 yo teen porn and driedoff, and finally headed back to my room to get dressed.A few minutes later, I took off for school. sexy nude teen girls * * *At school, I was fine during my first couple of classes, but as theafternoon dragged good free teen porn on, I began to get antsy. I wanted school to get overwith, so I could run home to Joshua, and have sex with him! As I beganto think about what we might do, I felt my dick stiffening in my pants.Soon, I was so horny, I couldn't think of anything but crawling nakedonto my bed sweet teen ass with Josh and ravaging his free teen latino porn body with my teen porn aditions mouth, before finallyburying my cock in one of his holes and blowing my load. thumbnail galleries teens nude By the time Iwas thinking these thoughts, I might just as well not have been atschool, as I wasn't getting a thing out of the class.Finally, my last class ended, and I hurried to the parking lot and got inmy car and headed for home."Yo Josh! You home?" I called as soon as I walked in the back door."Up here!" I heard my brother holler back from upstairs.Grinning, I ran upstairs."In here!" I heard Josh call from my room.As I turned into the doorway, I grinned when I saw teen tit and ass Josh laying completelynude on my bed, with a raging boner laying flat against his lower belly,pointing at his navel.Josh blushed and looked a little uncertain for a moment when I firstwalked in, but when I grinned and reached down to adjust the hardon thatwas quickly forming in my own pants, he smiled again, and appeared torelax."I was kinda hoping you'd be interested again," He said."Couldn't think of anything else during class," I said, grinning.Josh grinned a huge gay teens in jockstraps grin then and said, "So what do you want to do then?""Well, first, I'm gonna get naked too," I said, tossing my books down,and reaching for the hem of my T-shirt.Josh's grin broadened, and young looking teen porn he reached for his penis and began absentmindedly fondling himself as he watched me strip.Within seconds, I was naked and moving toward the bed, with my erectionpointing straight at my brother, whose grin broadened even further, whilehe squeezed his penis, in reaction to a sudden surge of pleasure."Scoot over," I said, climbing onto the bed, so that my feet were facingthe headboard, and my head was facing the foot of the bed - the oppositeof the direction Josh was lying in.Realizing I meant for us to get porn small smoll teen into a '69', my latina teen porn Josh grinned again and movedover a little on the bed."Mmmm!" I moaned, as he grasped my penis, while I arranged myself on thebed next to him.Before I could say or do anything else, Josh had swiftly pushed his headtoward my crotch and sucked my cock nude ebony teens into his mouth."Oh fuck!" get into teen porn I gasped, as his hot, silky mouth began blond teen porn sliding up and down myrod.Quickly, I reached for Joshua's penis, and sucked it into my mouth aswell, and began sucking up and down on it, illiciting a long low moanfrom his throat, as he continued sliding up and down my appendage.We sucked on each other for a minute, each enjoying the other's mouth,and also, savoring the flavor of the other's cock.Shortly, I felt Josh's hands beginning to explore my body though aswell. As he continued to suck up and down on my dick, his left handcupped and began fondling my balls. At the same time, I felt his righthand beginning to slide back and forth, and up and down over my ass. Ireached for his balls and ass then too, and followed suit.When Josh felt me responding similarly, I suddenly felt his fingersbeginning to probe the depths of my anal crevice. I expected that sincehe'd noticed me immitating his earlier moves, that he hoped I'd do thesame again, so I let my fingers dip down into his crack as well. Hemoaned happily, as the tip of my middle finger touched his pucker, andinstantly pressed his finger toward my rose bud and began fingering it aswell.Together we lay in an embrace, joined mouth to penis, in a '69' fondlingeach other's testicles, and fingering each other's anuses, for sometime. Both of us were free lesbian teen porn thoroughly enjoying each other's ministrations,and continued to do so for some time. As we did, I felt my arousalmounting, and expected that Josh was having similar feelings.I was right, after several minutes of pleasuring each other with ourmouths and hands, Josh suddenly abandoned my cock, and pulled on my hipsuntil he'd moved his face to nude teen amateurs my ass. Then, he pulled freew teen porn my cheeks furtherapart, and amorously buried his face against my butt, and began eating myhole out."AAaawwww!!!" I groaned with pleasure, pulling my mouth off Josh's cock,as his tongue began to drill into my trndad teen porn asshole.As Josh got into working over my cunt, I grinned and pulled on his hipsas well, exposing his boy pussy too. As teen brazil porn soon as I young teen porn stars had his ass in avulnerable position for my tongue, I free teen porn gallaries attacked it with relish, causing agutteral groan from deep in his throat, as he continued lapping anddrilling away on my own dick!The two of us quickly became lost in our work, and soon were eachsavagely eating each other's holes out with gusto, as we each groanedwith delight over what the other was doing!After a few minutes, I was surprised when Josh suddenly pulled histongue, which he'd been fucking in and out of my opening, away from porn polish girl teen me.I too stopped to see what was up."Would you fuck me now please?" porn for teens he asked, looking hopefully at me.I pulled my face from his ass then and smiled."How about you fuck me this time. I did you yesterday," I said."Really?" Josh asked, looking a little surprised, but happy."Sure!" I said, wiping the back of my hand across free teen porn voies my wet grin. "Noreason you can't be a fucker, as well as a fuckee!""Aren't the terms 'Top' and 'Bottom'?" he asked."Well, yeah, but... you knew I meant that!" I said, slapping his ass."OW!" he cried, and quickly slapped my ass back.I grinned evily at him, and slapped his ass hard then.Grinning back at me, Josh did the same.I started slapping his ass hard repeatedly then, and Josh did the same tome. Oddly, as I watched his cheeks turning bright red, I felt an arousalfrom the stinging his russian teen boy porn hand was giving my own cheeks! I slapped himsoundly a few more adult teen grils porn times, then stopped. He stopped too, and looked at megrinning."I never knew it'd feel good to be spanked!" He said, chuckling."I know," I said, grinning at him. "How about you get lubed up and slidethat piece of meat into me though now?"Grinning, Josh extricated himself from our virgin teen porn movies embrace and reached for a jarof vaseline that he must've brought with him, that was sitting on mynight stand.As Josh opened the jar and took a good-sized scoop asia teen porn of the jelly out andliberally greased his tool, I got on my stomach and pushed a couplepillows under my pelvis, spreading my legs apart."Nice!" Josh purred, as he crawled between my legs. "Fuck you got agreat ass!"Then suddenly, I felt Josh's mouth attacking my hole again! All I coulddo was lay there and groan with pleasure as he ate me out like I myasshole was a vagina! I was suprised at how long he worked me over withhis mouth, but I was enjoying it so much, I didn't care.After a couple minutes, Josh finally pulled off me, and sat up, breathingheavily."Fuck!" I gasped, looking back at Josh, and breathing nearly as heavilyas he was, from the passion he'd caused me. "I can't believe how wellyou use your mouth!"Josh grinned and said, "Well, I think you're ready for my tool now!""Go for it!" I grinned.I turned to face forward then, and a moment later felt Josh's body movinginto place behind me. Then, the tip of his cock was pressing on myhole."Ready?" he asked."Yup," I replied. "Just go slow when you first put it in.""OK," Josh said. Then, he gently began pushing forward.Josh had worked on my asshole so much with his mouth, that instantly, Ifelt myself opening up to receive him. Josh didn't have a huge dick, sowithin a few seconds, he's pressed hard enough so that my muscle gaveway, and allowed major teen porn him entry. porn sex teen Nearly instantly, I felt his hot, throbbingstick sliding up into my rectum."Mmmmmm..." I moaned, happily, as the head of Josh's cock rubbedpleasurefully past my prostate gland."God your ass is HOT!" Josh said. I could tell from his tone that he wasenjoying the feeling, just as much as I was.A moment later, I felt Josh's body settling down completely on top of me,as he buried himself completely inside me, and laid on my back to rest,while my body adjusted to having his penis inside me. I smiled brutalo teen porn as I felthim lie his head down and he hugged me."Just teen masturbation porn being in you feels SO good!" Josh oozed, softly.Smiling, I said, "Well, it feels awesome having you there too!"We lay quietly for a moment then, just enjoying the sensual connectionbetween our bodies.After several seconds, Josh said, "Are you ready for my to start?""Sure," I said, smiling.I could tell without looking back at him, that Josh was smiling as well.Carefully he pushed himself up off me, and then began withdrawing hispenis from my ass. He only pulled out part way though, leaving the glansinside me. Then, just as slowly as when he pulled out, he began to pushback into me."Mmmmmmmm!" I moaned, as I felt Josh's prong snaking into my insides."Mmm..." he responded, as free bdsm teen porn again I became fully nude teens in public impaled by his tool.Josh didn't stop again like he had when he'd first entered me though.Instead, he immediately began slowly withdrawing from me again. And whenhe was almost all the way out of me again, slowly but firmly, he reversedand began shoving himself back into my body.Slowly and gently, but firmly as well, Josh long-dicked me then, speedingup a little as he went, until after a minute or so, he was properlyfucking me, and we were both moaning with pleasure!"Go a little faster!" I gasped teaching teens sex porn after a while.Josh sped up a bit, and we both gasped and grunted softly, as his cockstarted to gently pound in and out of me.Soon enough, I felt my orgasm beginning to form."Go harder!" I grunted.Josh began to shove himself in and out of me a little more roughly. Thesensation as his cock raked over and over my prostate was awesome, and Ibegan steadily groaning with joy. Josh must've been enjoying himselftoo, because he was moaning more than he had been too. And his breathingstarted deuschtes teen porn to come in soft gasps as well."Oh teen cunt porn GOD JOSSsshhh!" I cried, as I felt a passion beginning to bloominside my pelvis that I'd never felt before. "Give it to me harderrrr!"Josh began pounding his hips up and down then, slamming his cock in andout of my ass. As he did, his cock rammed up and down against my gland,and the joyous big teen pussy feeling inside me grew beyond belief."Fuuuccccckkk!!" I gasped, as my brother teen fat porn slammed his cock in and out ofme. He was grunting and gasping for breath with each stroke."Gonna cum!" he gasped in a teen porn tight raspy voice a moment later, as I lay underhim, moaning joyously, pressing my ass up in the air, trying to take asmuch of his shaft inside me as possible."AWWWWWWWWwwwwww!!!!" he cried out a moment later, as he gripped my bodystrongly between his arms, and suddenly I felt my insides being bathedwith warmth, as his cock felt like it it had been relubricated."MMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmm!!!" he moaned a second later, and gay teen phoyo again he pumped hisjuice into me.The knowledge that my brother was experiencing such a powerful orgasm,coupled with the feeling of his cock head pounding against my prostate,caused my own orgasm to begin.Suddenly, just as Josh cute teen nude galleries moaned and filled my bowels for the third time, Itoo climaxed, and lamely my sphincter, which had been ravaged by Josh'sfucking, tried to clamp around his shaft, as I spasmed and flooded thepillow under me with semen."OOohhhh!!!" I gasped, as Josh moaned, again, and together we flexed andspewed our jism.Josh's hips continued flying up creampie teens and down, and he held me in a vice likegrip with his surprisingly strong arms, as the two of us peaked withpleasure, over and over.Finally, after what seemed like minutes, but was probably amateure porn teen only reallyseveral seconds, Josh's orgasm ended, as mine began to wane as well. Hiships slowed down, and he slowly lowered his body fully down on my backagain, burying his tool as deeply inside me as possible, while Ishuddered and oozed a little more semen onto the pillow under me, and myorgasm too came to an end.For a minute or sample teen porn videos so, the two of us lay there, me, sprawled on a cum-soakedpillow, and my little brother laying on my back with his shrinking cockstill stuffed in my ass, both heaving for breath, and each giving off aprofuse amount of body heat, both exhausted, but joyously teen gay chat rooms happy from teen animal porn ourexperience."Fucking Christ that was good!" Josh uttered finally, in an amazed tone."Fuck yeah!" I agreed, hoping he wasn't going to crawl off me just yet.I was thoroughly enjoying being encapsulated in my brother's embrace.Happily, Josh just continued lying on top of me, apparently contenthimself with our closeness.We continued lying together, silently, each lost in our own thoughts, andapparently each enjoying our coupling, for another couple minutes.Finally, Joshua's penis had shrunk to it's normal size, and when I flexedmy pelvic muscles, and contracted my sphincter, he popped out of me. Hissoft, but still wet penis, then laid against my perineum."I think we better shower before Mom and Dad get home," Josh said, aftera moment."Yeah," I agreed. It was time for me to get up and get to the toiletanyway. My hole had apparently not closed fully yet, and teen porn pic I was beginningto feel leakage of Joshua's cum, since he wasn't plugging me shutanymore.Josh got up then, and stood waiting for me to get up."Aw man!" I complained as I felt liquid leaking down the inside of thebacks of my thighs. pee teen porn Quickly I ran toward the bathroom, as Josh followedme smirking a little."Guess I pumped you real full, huh?" he said, smiling, as I loweredmyself onto the toilet, and felt more wetness running out of me."I guess!" I said, ruefully. "It's the only part about 'bottoming' thatI don't like so much!"Josh smiled and leaned against the sink. I noticed his penis was stillglistening with lube and his own jism."So... are you a 'bottom' then?" he suddenly asked.I looked at him. He was looking curiously at me.Smiling I said, "Actually, I kinda like doing both. I like to fuck, andI like being fucked! Um... I guess I just like sex!"Josh grinned, and snorted a little."How about you?" I asked.Still smiling, Josh said, "I think I'm the same. old with teen porn I like both too!""Cool!" I said, grinning. Then I waggled my eyebrows and said, "Guess wecan take turns 'bottoming' for each other then from now on!"Josh grinned a little incredulously then and asked, "So... you wanta keepdoing this from now on then?"I looked at him a little surprised, and said, "Umm... well don't you wantto?""Hell yeah!" he exclaimed, grinning, but still looking at me with amixture of uncertainty and hope etched on his face."Well, after what we just did, I don't think I'd be able to stop even ifyou wanted to!" I said, teen porn wallpapers grinning.Josh grinned hugely then and looked relieved."Thank fucking God!" he said.I just grinned in return.A minute later, I felt like as much of Josh's love juice that was goingto leak back out of me had, so I wiped and got up and flushed. illegal russian teen porn Then,after the toilet stopped running, I invited my little brother to join mein the shower. He happily accepted, and the two of us spent the next 20minutes, until the hot water heater had emptied, cleaning and pleasuringeach other. As the water was starting to turn cold, and we stood side teen adult sex byside, masturbating each other with soapy hands, we each exploded againwith pleasure, and painted the tiles on the wall with our teen latino porn videos semen.Afterward, we rinsed off, then washed the wall off, and finally got outand dried off, and dried our hair. We just managed to teen porn russian get dressed again,as our mother pulled into the driveway.When she walked in and saw us, she looked strangely at us and said, "Iguess you guys both had good days, huh? You both look really happy.""I guess," I said, smiling as I felt myself blush a little. Josh flushedpink as well. teen virgin rape porn We were happy that she didn't have time to study us toocarefully.Every day after that, Josh and I spent many happy hours togetherafternoons after school, and in the evenings. As time went by though,Josh began to change a little. He became quieter, and didn't seem asinterested in getting together, although he seemed even happier thanusual. We still got together in the evenings sometimes, but afternoons,he wasn't always home. He claimed he was staying after school for extrahelp, but I didn't buy that. Something more was going on that he didn'twant to tell me about. It took a few weeks, but finally, one day, when Icame hot teen porn free home from school earlier than he expected, I found out what was up.I don't have time to go into it now, so you'll have to hang on and waitfor the next chapter to see what my bro was up to...-------------------------------------------------------------------------------The next chapter of this story will be posted shortly... 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