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Forum Rules & Guidelines

Gunman Airsoft Forum Rules & Guidelines

We ask all members of the GMA forums to abide by the rules below.

Use descriptive titles for new threads
The title of your thread should be relevant to the subject of your post.

Make Sure your posts are relevant
All posts made on the forums should be relevant to the topic being discussed. Any posts that are made which take the topic of subject may be removed or alternatively cause the thread to be locked.

For Sale / Wanted Section
Only post in these sections if you actually have something for sale or want something. Please ensure that anything you are selling is legal within the UK. We do not allow the sale of Blank firing/deactivated weapons on the forums. And ask that any airsoft guns being sold are within the Gunman Site limits. Please ensure you have read and understand the specific for sale section rules posted in the relevant sections.

Forum Signatures
Please ensure that your forum signature does not exceed 100pixels high by 400pixels wide if a graphic. Text based signatures should not exceed these limits either. People with larger signatures will be asked to reduce there signatures, if this does not happen the signature will be removed.

Advertising of business's or airsoft events/games outside of gunman airsoft is not allowed with out the express permission of a forum admin.

Innapropriate Content
This forum is viewed by lots of different people and the use of swear words and other innapropriate conent is not permitted. Anyone found to be posting this sort of content will either have there posts edited to remove the inappropriate content or will have there post removed.

Members found to be breaking any of the above rules or acting inapropriately on the forums will be warned about their actions. And may have posts/topics deleted or locked. Repeat offenders will be banned from the forums.

If you have any queries regarding the forum rules please contact a member of the forum admin team.

Josh Smith