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Mission brief for Chuoi Ga River

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Posted 22 June 2016 - 01:32 PM

NAM – JUNE plot and objectives.


Hi all and welcome to the scenario list for Chuio Ga River.


US force objective list.


Starting at the insert point at S10 above Albany, the US troops will be making there way down and into the Cu Chi valley.  The Riverbed stretches and winds its way the width of the operational area from K03 to P12.  Its very deep and boggy and utterly impassable without a bridge of some kind or ropes.


There is a contact in one of the old stations that they must hook up with to gain more intel on the area and a possible solution to crossing the riverbed.


The operative is a CIA agent who has taken on the persona of a French Plantation and his cover is secure for the time being, however.


He has access to stashed number of Pontoons left over from before the river was blocked.  These can be used to help move supplies across the swamped area and to make a number of bridges across the dried out riverbed.


Once the bridges have been made, the Platoons can cross over and set up the engineer’s security.  It would take a few days to get the job done, but due to the constant contact with PAVN and VC regiments, they only have a 24 hr window.


US Main task list.


·      Cross over the swamped valley and hook up with the CIA operative at one of the old river stations.

·      Set up a number of bridges and provide security for the Engineers.

·      Also set up a number of raised paths using the pontoons across the swamp for ectra supplies.


Australian RAR.


After working a number of times with the 25th and its mixed elements, the RAR have been instructed to support the US with gathered intelligence of enemy movements and hunt down and destroy any tunnel entrances found.


·      Starting deep inside the PAVN controlled riverbank, they must make they way to the river and cross it using a Grappling hook and ropes.

·      If unable to complete this mission (KIA) they will region the US heading in from O02

·      They can use the grappling hook and rope to cross anytime they like if they don’t want to operate within the US command.

·      Once fully operational, they must gather continued intelligence on the PAVN and VC movements without getting tied up in firefights.  All hard intelligence (Marked maps) must be handed over in person to the Operative in the station. 10 maps will be handed over for missions to be marked on.


PAVN have been re-inserted into the area to bolster up the VC units after intelligence that US troops have moved out of their HQ and into the field.

·      Provide security to the PAVN HQ

·      Engage any US or AUS troops found on the West side of the river (PAVN controlled)

·      Planned assaults across the river can only be made when ordered!


VC has been operating in the region for years and has a network of Tunnels dotted all over the area.  They must try and keep their tunnel networks open as they are also supply tunnels.   They can also operate across the river using a rope bridge.


·      Keep tunnel systems open

·      Organize and execute ambushes on moving US troops on both sides of the river.

·      The moving of supplies around the active units (A crate) will help to keep morale and a well-fed army on the go.




The Morale chart is a new way to see if a side is ‘Doing well’ or ‘Loosening the war whilst winning’ Not every war is won through battles and victories (though they help)


Both sides will have a simple moral chart.  Every time a mission goes well or supplies are delivered, the chart moves up X, if failed or unsupplied, Down X.  If the commanders give an epic speech to their units or Loose an officer in the field, again, this will affect the morale.


Lets give this a go and see how it plays out!



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Posted 22 June 2016 - 05:45 PM

Big Like!
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Posted 22 June 2016 - 10:11 PM

Bring it on!

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