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Posted 19 August 2012 - 07:35 PM

Welcome to Gunman Airsoft, Game and Site Safety!

1. Goggles
• Goggles must be worn at all times when outside of the Safe Zone! Unless a Ref calls an area SAFE. DO NOT TAKE THEM OFF DURING A GAME!
• If your goggles fall off or are damaged, place your hands over your eyes and call CEASE FIRE, a Ref will come to your aid.
• We strongly recommend full-face mask, as you will get shot in the face. By not wearing a full face mask you also remove yourself from the insurance.

2. Safe Zone and GOING SAFE!
• All guns must have their clips removed and have no bbs in the firing chamber, turn the gun upside down and fire a few single shots.
• All guns must be on safety, if your rifle doesn’t have a safty the battery must be disconnected.

3. Site safety
• When entering buildings take care, as the floors are slippery
• Do not climb on the roofs of the buildings and be mindful when scrambling over rubble piles.
• Do not Consume Alcohol during any gunman event

4. Out of bounds areas
• Any buildings that have been red taped, or had the doorways blocked up must not be entered!
• Do not go into any of the farmer’s fields adjacent to the gaming areas.
• Do not shoot at the livestock.

5. Fire Points
• In case of uncontrolled fire, all persons must make there way to the Fire Rally Point.

6. First aid
• The First aid point is at the Safe Zone.

7. Gun safety
• At point blank range a single shot is sufficient.
• Guns must NOT be fired for more than a 3 second burst to prevent overkill.
• No blind firing, be sure you have a target to shot at.
• Engagement range for qualified weapons over 330 fps is 15m and over 370fps is 25m.
• Surrender call! At point blank range you may use the ‘Surrender’ call to reduce the chance of injury, the caller’s gun must be fully operational. 5m or less. This is a gentlemen’s call, NOT a rule.

8. Pyro
• Pyro must not be thrown at a live target.
• ANY heavy cased pyro must be under arm rolled or dropped ONLY!
• BB claymores and powder Mines must not be set up to hit above 3ft!
• No homemade pyro!
• Mark 5 or Mark 7 and 9mm blanks only

9. Under 18s
• Must wear full face mask
• Cannot use Pyro of any kind

10. Honour
Airsoft is a game of TRUST, we do NOT allow shooting to Yield or cheating, if your hit first take it. This will raise the level of game play in the field.

Knife Kill - Must be rubber, tap in the back/chest ONLY (no strike or stabbing)


1 - Start the game.

2 – Warning – Lets you know if you’re breaking any of the site or game rules.

3 - Game over/stop game.

Verbal CALLS

The whistle has been blown three times, GO SAFE!

Game play must stop and all players are to stay where they are until one blast of the whistle starts the game again or Refs calls the game to a close, anyone can call Ceasefire followed by the problem.

the Rule are now on this subsection as there a no excuses for breaking them!

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