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North Africa games

15 August 2013 - 07:25 PM

Hi guys, what are people's thoughts on North Africa/ Tunisia games. As josh uses the sandpit. Andthe sand pit looks so much like Tunisia, it got me wondering would there be any takers for an afrika korp/ desert rat game. No of course the big put off would be the kit. But what allowances could be made? With Tunisia the US were there under Patton, it would also allow US paratroopers as the 509th were there as were the 1st infantry. So scope for a big event. So give us your thought. Is it viable. Would you be interested. Yeah or nay.
My take on it is, it would be more than doable. Plus it's an opertunity to use an excellent site. It's a opertunity to use desert kit which some people have and let's face it never really gets used.
Gives us your views troops.