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North Africa games

15 August 2013 - 07:25 PM

Hi guys, what are people's thoughts on North Africa/ Tunisia games. As josh uses the sandpit. Andthe sand pit looks so much like Tunisia, it got me wondering would there be any takers for an afrika korp/ desert rat game. No of course the big put off would be the kit. But what allowances could be made? With Tunisia the US were there under Patton, it would also allow US paratroopers as the 509th were there as were the 1st infantry. So scope for a big event. So give us your thought. Is it viable. Would you be interested. Yeah or nay.
My take on it is, it would be more than doable. Plus it's an opertunity to use an excellent site. It's a opertunity to use desert kit which some people have and let's face it never really gets used.
Gives us your views troops.

Guns, new guns and really cool new guns

09 July 2013 - 09:50 PM

Check this out. This has just been posted on arnies
MG42 if its true I'm selling a kidney. Not necessarily my kidney of course.
ACM garand and M1 carbines
Hog heaven.

ICS M1 Garand

14 February 2013 - 05:32 PM

First this gun has been upgraded to 350 fps and haas new mauri hop rubber in it so fingers crossed it should have no issues with firing burst or full auto. As discussed before the spring was too weak.
So this is my first review so be gentle.
It was bought from firesupport and arrived in good time. The box is a box. The goodies with in are to first sight rather nice. Full wood with that nice Lindseed oil smell. It's not as heavy As I expected and the wood is god knows what. It is slightly bigger than the real steel garand around the grip. Now this is not a problem for me as I prefer it to last a while rather than snap first outing it gets.
A real steel bayonet will not fit, why?, well this leads me to my first and main gripe why, oh why is there a 3 mm gap between the barrel and the gas return. Have you not seen a real garand ICS. Because of this the bayonet won't fit. The lug is the right size but the 3 mm makes it impossible to slot the retaining ring over the barrel. BOO, is what I say.
So cosmetically it's kinda a garand. The mags fit into a cartridge belt but you can't lose the flaps. The fit into a bandoleer, so at least you have a method of carriage.
The woodwork is a very nice rich brown. With some more applications of oil, it should darken very nicely indeed.
The trigger guard is post war, so not a lot I can do about that. Again a pity a bit more time wasn't spent on research. So the fact it's got ww2 on the box is actually wrong. It Korean War but again I can live with that.
It's well balanced and the action on the cocking handle is very smooth.
It is fully traded on the rear, with us rifle, Springfield armouries cal .30 M1 and a unique serial number. No stupid chinglish mistakes which really would have annoyed me.
The swivels for the sling are bigger than they should be but not so much as they look out of place.
Battery space, well a large battery may be a squeeze but mini or lipo batteries will be fine. Oh the MOSFET is very close to the mouth of the battery compartment so take care when placing or removing a battery.
Magazines, well what can I say. No prizes for astethics but they fit and are secure. Releasing the is via the button on the side. This button also locks the faux bolt in place so you can access the hop up dial. Which is huge BTW.
The wood fit is ok. Mine has got a 2 mm gap between the front swivel and the rear wood. I may be able to fix this with a damn good whack.
So to make this a very good representation of the M1 the following things need to be fixed.
1. Find a way to fit a new gas tube
2. Change the sling swivels
3. Find away to replace the Korean War trigger guard.
Once these are done its a very fine gun indeed. Is it worth 385?
I don't know, I've not been left with that oh my god feeling, in fact I'm left a little cold about it. So going out on a limb, I'm going to say no its not worth the money. It's good but it should have been so,so much better.
Now I wait for the G&G M1.
Now I know I should be thankful but I'm going to play my last remaining slightly ungrateful card and say ICS take two hundred lines, I must do better.

A&K M 60 and other nam bits for sale inc Erdl uniform.

25 January 2013 - 11:44 AM

Pm me for anynam kit and webbing. I have a full set I'm splitting. So I have canteen covers, m56 ammo pouches, ect

Also have a full set of dated erdl size medium and dated jungle fatigues also medium. Looking £45 for each set. No rips or tears.

I'm also selling my a&k M60. This is fully boxed and used once at my stag do. So is in perfect condition. Looking for £280 posted. Comes with a period sling.

I also have 100 rounds of linked 7.62 ammo. £60 posted. And I'll throw in a M60 ammo holder.

I' ll post up other bit as I have a clear out, pm me with questions as I have a lot of kit, so I may have some thing you want.

CA MP5 and sports line CA MP5 Kurtz

14 January 2013 - 03:49 PM

Hi all, I have for sale these two guns. First is a CA MP5a4, this is the full stock, lighted fore grip version. Full metal and trade marked. Nice gun, just never got used. Now this has an issue. First the single shot is temperamental. Full auto is no problem and when you switch back its fine. There rest of the gun is perfect. A new selector plate fixes the single shot issue. So due to that I'm looking 110 posted.

The second gun is a sports line CA MP5 Kurtz. So it's all plastic. Bought when I was pissed. Fully boxed and a free single point sling. Looking 60 posted.

Will haggle on prices and will split the mp 5 mags some are high cap and some mids. I think I have about 8, so four with each gun.
Pm for pics, as they are too big to attach.
Cheers pat.

No defence no sale. Sorry troops.