Bookings for Hamburger Hill 2020

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Bookings for Hamburger Hill 2020

Post by Target » Thu Aug 06, 2020 8:49 am

Hi all, here is the booking list for Septembers Namsoft Hamburger Hill.
Platoons and unit for PAVN will be sorted out on the day but everyone will be with their mates and long time players can fall into their usual platoons. 1st, 2nd and 3rd with a command platoon.

OC.Cpt Smith

Harry Woodward
Charles Barry
Mervin Rose
Chris Heslin
Lee Steerment
Haydn Chatwin
Nathan Sydney
Dexter Child
Matt Dodds
Jack dow
Alfie Abel
Tom Brooker
Gary Barton
Trevor court
Ben Corps
Tim Haines
Sarah skates
Adrian Lucas
Blain Craig
Kieran Gaynor
Che Leman
Rob Searle
Tom Ingram
Olly Piper
Tristan Dowrick
Matt Edwards
Jack Wray
Jack Wray
Jack butler
James Butler
Gary Pearce
Micheal Jellicoe
Joel Moniz
Alex Jones
Matt Glover
Andrew Remnant
James Hearn
Sam Eagan
Peter Bowers
Damien Patel
Lee Godden

Sat only
Darran Petty
Dave Jackson
Dean Canning
Tim Thompson
Chris Bradley
Tom Legg
Niel Sinclair
Chris Lockwood
James Hopkins
Paul Heslin
Jason Butler
James Butler
Jack Butler
Mike Clotz
Gary Plummer
Steve Applegate
Andy MAC

OC.Shane Bray
2IC. Shane+1

Stuart Barker
Peter Zamduni
Mike Durrant
Marcus Gates
Matt Dellow
Mike Cox
Luke Wallis
Andrew Crowley
Joe Crowley
peter austin
sam austin
Vic Cooper
Richard Mann
Andy Kneale
Che Leman
Darren Pamplin
Ashley Cooper
Matt Bloomer
Mark Brown
Sam Ballentine
James Trot
Lee Covall
Tom Woolcote
John Woolcote
Lewis Parry
Howard Reynolds
Mat Ways
Sam Ways
Jordan Beer

Guys will get added every Thursday.

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