Red Mist 32 - End Game booking thread.

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Red Mist 32 - End Game booking thread.

Post by Target » Thu Sep 24, 2020 1:52 pm

Hi guys, this is the booking list for the last Italy camping operation and what a journey. We end our story fighting amongst the ruins of Pompeii and bring this chapter to its end. Who knows where we are going next;). We will sort out the units very soon with a poll on Facebook to help locate the units but for now this is a basic list.

OC.Captain Smith
2IC. Ben Manicum

Rob Searle
Joel Heals-Taylor
Dave Goodwin
Martin Rapier
Marc Fogerty
Clinton Beale
Rob Corke
Frank Corke
Tom Christie
Ian Taylor
George Stone
William Stone
Stephen Lancaster
Kris Green
Chris Winstanley
Spencer Dobson
Matthew Baldwin
James Caddy

Sat only
Tim Thompson
Matt Raven
Andy Barnett
Nick Kops

2IC. Matt Buckley

Andrew Crowley
Lewis Skinner
Adam Kerr
Daniel Stafforrd
Andy Kneale
Howard Reynolds
Jack Dow
Dave Morrell
Ryan Scales
Dominic Drew
William Wallace
Damien Patel
Lee Gooden
Sammy Patel
Lee Covall

Sat only
Michael Cox

Ill add guys as the tickets are sold on every Wednesday

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