Newsletter - Week 12 2020

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Newsletter - Week 12 2020

Post by GunmanAirsoft » Wed Mar 18, 2020 2:40 pm

Welcome to this week’s update from Gunman. Brace yourselves – it’s going to be a long one this time. We’ll get the usual stuff out of the way first, then follow it with an update regarding the COVID-19 situation and how it’s currently looking at affecting our activities.

For the most up-to-date information, visit our website at

For the next couple of months we have removed the option for you to pay in advance for open day events. We recommend that you take advantage of the “Pay on arrival” option to let us know you are planning on coming so we can plan for numbers without any obligation for you to attend. Any pre-paid tickets already purchased will of course be valid as usual.

We have also added an option to register for rental equipment without advance payment for the time being. If you have booked rental equipment in this way and change your mind, please let us know, as we can free your kit up for someone else.

First of all, huge thanks to everyone who supported our FilmSim open weekend at Tuddenham at the weekend. We had great numbers and some good gameplay. We’re starting to see a few more players getting involved with the theme and dressing up for it – keep it up!

This weekend we will be at Eversley Alpha as usual, although we may need to make some changes to gameplay if we have a much lower attendance than normal.

Next weekend we will be at both Tuddenham and Camp Bravo for the usual end of month skirmish events.

OK, so now for the COVID-19 bit…

I’ll just copy and paste the official post as of the current time for you:

“Gunman Announcement - Rules for your outdoor exercise.

Dear all
Thank you so much for the support we have had so far. As we are now all aware of the global crisis that has been unfolding the last few weeks and the daily changes to the governments recommendations, we have produced our official statement.
Gunman has the advantage that it is an outdoor business and therefore can effectively continue to operate at this time. We will be able to keep each other safe and well as long as we all stick to the guidelines as follows;
A huge thanks to the guys at Spec Ops for this simple on site guideline that follow;

***Important Announcement**
Due to current circumstances surrounding COVID-19, the following will apply to all games until we determine otherwise. We expect numbers to take a hit (as you would expect) but will continue to run as best we can with the following changes:
• If you are feeling unwell, with even a light cold, stay away until you are better
• If you have an underlying condition and/or are usually given the flu shot, stay away as per medical advice
• If you are in contact with someone in the above 2 points, then please stay away
• Bring hand sanitizer and use often. We will provide hand sanitizer/wipes where we can, but supplies are limited so please bring your own if you can
• Keep kit to bare minimum. Only bring what you need and leave it in your car where possible
• Before and after every game
• No more than 2 people in the sign in hut at any time (staff included)
• No more than 2 people in the chrono hut at any 1 time (staff included)
• No contact via hand shakes or hugs.
• Keep a minimum of 2m distances between each other.

If the situation changes, and we’re required to update these rules or even close, then an additional announcement will be made.
Any questions please drop us a message or ask here. Stay safe and be sensible. Don’t risk your health/the health of loved ones unnecessarily.
We will be doing our utmost to accommodate all these guidelines to keep us safe.

There will be hand-washing facilities provided.

ALL Rental equipment will be washed down, sterilized and not used again until the following week to make sure any contamination is properly cleared.

We will NOT be attending ourselves if for any reason we show symptoms. If this happens we will endeavour to give as much notice as possible.

We will be adapting our games to avoid close contact (Airsoft is a non contact game anyway) and ask all to respect the rules for social gatherings in the evening (of which will be adding to our safety brief in the morning) if your staying over. Please make sure you have private sleeping quarters!

If we have had to reschedule an event and you are unable to attend on the new date, you are entitled to a refund as pr our terms & conditions. We would ask you to consider whether you can sell the ticket on before asking for one however, as we are a very small business and currently have no indication of any government help.

We will, as per our T&Cs offer a full refund if we have to cancel an event.

All our open days will remain open unless we are forced to close.

Descent has been moved from 28-29 March to Sept 26-27. It will still be held at Gunman Eversley Alpha.

All this is true at the time of writing. Obviously we will be monitoring the situation constantly and will update when needed.”

From Josh:

“A huge thanks to our wonderful community for this continued support of our business and weekend adventures.
Obviously I have every faith in our ability to look after each other and ourselves. Hopefully we can carry on running on as long as possible during these unprecedented circumstances and to continue to offer some escape from these crazy times.”

From Doug:

“Please don’t jump on the ignorance panic-wagon! Most people who contract COVID-19 will suffer minimal symptoms (basically cold-virus symptoms) and will make a full recovery within a week or so without any medical assistance other than cold & flu relief medicines. For the majority of us, it’s less of an issue than catching the annual seasonal flu and will pass quicker.
Make sure you keep those most at risk safe, but don’t get carried away by the hype.

Look forward to seeing you all soon”