Newsletter - Week 37 2019

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Newsletter - Week 37 2019

Post by GunmanAirsoft » Wed Sep 11, 2019 1:44 pm

Huge thanks to everyone who joined us for a skirmish weekend at Eversley Camp Bravo, as well as an Okto Eight MilSim at Alpha site. Both events were awesome!

This weekend we are at Tuddenham for another FilmSim airsoft open weekend. Featuring class-based loadouts with limited ammo, bandages to get you back in the game, multiple objectives spread over two 2-hour sessions per day and the focus on teamwork and a bit of role-play, these open weekends are different to the norm.

Next weekend, we will be taking the FilmSim experience to Eversley Alpha site – these monthly open weekends are immensely popular, so come along and join in. You are most welcome to camp over as well, so why not make a weekend out of it and enjoy a discount off your second day’s game?

If you have enjoyed a FilmSim open event, check out the themed events on our website – these full weekends offer a more immersive experience, a slower pace, and plenty of character role-play. We offer everything from WW1 experiences right up to a solid 24hr MilSim.