Newsletter - Week 49 2019

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Newsletter - Week 49 2019

Post by GunmanAirsoft » Fri Dec 06, 2019 1:51 pm

Welcome to a slightly belated newsletter, easing you into the end of the year slowly…

Last weekend’s skirmish at Tuddenham was really well attended, thank you everyone for another great weekend!

This weekend is the first of the month’s airsoft at Eversley, kicking off with a skirmish at Camp Bravo. There are still spaces available, so feel free to turn up in the morning and we’ll squeeze you in.

Next weekend we have a second skirmish weekend at Camp Bravo as well as the usual mid-month FilmSim weekend at Tuddenham. We say normal, but it’s the time of year that we like to dress up in silly outfits and play SANTA vs ELF. Make the effort and at least wear a silly hat – red for SANTA team, green for ELF.

The following weekend we’re doing the same thing at Eversley Alpha with a bit of a social on Saturday night!

After that we have the annual “Who Ate all the Pies” skirmish at both main sites – that’s your chance to work off the extra calories you may have ingested over the previous week, but more importantly, show off any new shiny things which you may have acquired!

Ticket sales are also open for the next Cold War weekend – Red Mist 31: Danger Close which will be at Eversley Alpha at the end of February. Places are limited so get your deposits in if you know you’re coming.